Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Magnificent Seven

Me has always lamented the utter lack of sophistication & fun amongst Malaysia's backward car-buying public. As South East Asia's largest car market, Malaysians (save fer small minority) are decidedly mundane when it comes to their choice of wheels.

The obsession fer mini-tanks &/or Japanese saloons with zero character has meant we are deprived of choice. Many marques & models never make their way here (eg Ford Ka).

Only the other day, me was showing the wifey a copy of Octane magazine & the report on the latest incarnation of the Caterham Seven, saying how nice it'd be if we had a choice of buying something like that.

And today, me wipes me blinkers in disbelief as news filters through that Dato' Tony Fernandes has bought 100% stake in the lil' sports car manufacturer.

YES!!!! And double fooking YES!!!

There is now a chance that the magnificent sevens will find their way onto our shores & may even be within reach of an average salaryman. These are truly incredible machinery which have largely remained unchanged since Colin Chapman designed them as the Lotus 7 half a century ago!

"Lightness = Speed" was Chapman's mantra & we may just be able to sample one of the fastest track & road cars ever made fer ourselves.

To start drooling, click here:

ps: Please excuse the rather obvious header . . . But blimey, me is as excited as 7-year old on a trip to the fooking toy store. To Dato' Tony, me says "Caya La, Macha!"


Tinesh said...

HOLY MOTHER! That looks damn gorgeous! And good on Uncle Tony for buying over :D

anfield devotee said...

Tinesh: Me is fooking excited & imagine, its over a 50 year old model!!!

Material Girl said...

Cool stuff. There'll be interesting cars to see on the roads in Malaysia soon.

anfield devotee said...

Buying one, material girl?