Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holy Smokin' Bassist, Batman!

Bought a copy of Bass Player mag (I know, I know - gotta look the part) with this Jonas Hellborg dude on the cover. A quick search on youtube yielded plenty of smack me fooking forehead & jaw on ground moments.

Inspired stuff.

Just the stuff to make ye wants to pick up an instrument or pawn it in disgust.

Again, apologies to anyone still reading fer the delay in between posts & hopes ye enjoys the vid.

Am off to put in some much needed practice minutes . . .


Anba said...

The nxt cliff burton in the making...i've heard the names of jonas..i know that he and shawn lane dubbed the fastest guitarist in the world once a upon atime made a carnatic album..nvr got to litened to bro bila mau jamming?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Batman? Who needs Batman when you've got ROBIN? hehehe...sorry cant help, he was on a hot goal-scoring streak somebody actually came up with such phrase.

Back to this duo, they reminded me so much of the Flight of the Conchords, amazes the crowd with their guitar skills, acoustically.

Anyway no disrespect to the late Burton but since his days we've seen a great number of bassists burning the stage worldwide. I would still regard Flea (of RHCP) as the best there is, at least in the world of rock. Ofcos its debatable but still cant think of anyone better so far.

mozhasturnedintoaMartain said...


fretboard dreams and lucid picturesque depictions of interesting bass "chords", while you're at the wheel and in between traffic stops; having the odd fag around the staircase railings or simply while rollin around with master seth.


to tell yu the truth chief, the only residue of a jonas that is left in the head is the faint recollection of them hanson reincarnations of 3 brothers-the jonas brothers. oh wow. oh wee. wow wee.


jonas hellborg eh? the name sounds entomBISH. but the playing, yes, good stuff. the kind that are made for bass-induced wet dreams. will sniff up on lead. thanks.

kerp, anba

got 2 more hugely underrated and unique bassist to add on the list.

a) one mark sandman of that shortlived gem of a 3 piece - morphine. from "baaaarssstonnn".

b)mr.jimbo the dude that plays the upright bass in reverend horton heat - "galaxxxxyyyyy five hundreedddddddd".

yours apppreciatively,

anfield devotee said...

anba: Jam session must wait till me has at least gotten past the basics.

kerp: Flea is good. But wot about Senor Claypool?

Mozzer: Ohyeah Morphine. Their first LP Good is one of me all time faves . . . noirish in the extremis . . .