Thursday, December 10, 2009

Perfect Cure fer Hangover (Grateful Dead: American beauty)

Fer the upcoming weekend, me would like to share with you what me considers to be the perfect Sunday morning / post-hangover music.

Ladies & gents, me presents to ye - American Beauty by the Grateful Dead. This was when these San Fran Hippies abandoned the spaced-out jam sessions & took their music down a beautiful country lane. Recorded in a space of a couple of months (instead of years), the Dead followed the lead that had been laid down by Gram Parsons & The Byrds by taking a still infant rock scene to visit its Cowboy counterparts.

Me will admit me is nay Deadhead but this is one fooking soothing LP. Bursting with feel good & life affirming vibes, this is one album me strongly recommends to everyone. If ye digs The Eagles, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young et al, this a bona fide classic which will put ye in a fab mood no matter what or when.

And as the classic invitation goes - Turn on, tune in & chill out!!!

To download this classic from 1970, kindly click here:


As usual, me hopes ye will take the time to download this classic & look forward to reading yer comments on this album.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Me no granola head either la bro. But our dear Karen may learn a thing or two about being a hippie by listening to the Deads. She wanted to be one, and i suggested she keep her legs hairy.

anfield devotee said...

Ah ha ha Kerpie! Typical.

Anyway, wiith yer new laptop, ye should have enough memory power to start downloading . . .

Or are ye just a lazy bastard?

Achilles said...

AD: Me not too familiar with the sounds of the Grateful Dead, but will check it out at home... since opis cannot.

anfield devotee said...

Pls do Achilles. This one chill out LP. The download took less than 30 mins.

Will be well worth the effort.

senorita.. said...

oh my! me and my hippie dream! LOL

err, no lar not my cuppa

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

chief, thought of tryin' to be too smart...and do it at night when there is no sun....and when i heard rumours abound that download speed would be superconvexically fast. fact is, similar to the mighty achilles have been banned from downloading from the office. no, not due to the obtuse infinite yet subdued interest in unique them oriented porn...(read: like findin' an au pairs/flipper/scratch acid/talkin heads/THE DEAD GRATEFULS lp in a dingy lil' record shop in smalltowns de'malaysiana...)

not that i did, of which if i had, would have resulted in pure

but, yet again, veering from pungent h-lines between the crotch lines to pure natural tendencies
of doin' the straight
and obligatory manner
of the left-hand iritating errantly circum-citial point being..

i tried downloadin at night, hopin the shittiest of speeds would have a diarhoeaa, like misfits danzig et al gone hyperbolic...would in effect speed up. thanks to our beloved broadybanded investments in the technology of broadbanding, didn't; moronically,
limp. flaccid.

its either that..or the link got blocked.

my bad, waited too long and became too bland. oh work comes first they say. so do women and the grateful dead? again, my bad.

chief, if yu have a downloaded copy - anyway to zip it up and haul it over the whitewashed cemetery of a wall between us?

or anyone. anyone who has downloaded care to spare a change? premo k. boderek? please do. gimme a holla.h-o-l-l-a farkabillygwenstefanianime style...argghhh yeah.

moral of the story: i need a copy. pay no attention to the crap the be-heeds it.


p.s. thanks for the plug. essential.

dyeve said...

I'm glad that I met this blog where I found many interesting information in your posts. Congratulations! .. you made it! smiles

dyeve said...

I'm glad that I met this blog where I found many interesting information in your posts. Congratulations! .. you made it! smiles

Tinesh said...

Chill out music!! Tho I'd pick Bob Marley. Especially when high :P

anfield devotee said...

tinesh: Macha, if there ever was another outfit that could challenge Uncle Bob fer sure bliss-out vibes, it is surely the Grateful Dead. Have ye heard this LP? In terms of sheer relaxation & foot-tapping good vibes, me would put on par as Rastaman Vibration. Seriously good stuff dude.

senorita: Janji cuba.

moz: Ok, will try to do so.

dyeve: Yer welcome.

anfield devotee said...

Mozzer: Try this - . See if its any better.

senorita.. said...

any end of year gathering? =)

Achilles said...

AD: Thanks for the email. Very kind of you to take the trouble.

As for the tunes, its what i like to call beach music... sets you in the mood immediately.

premo said...

A bit too draggy for me leh... dunno. Still prefer CSNY, Gram Parsons, The Band etc

anfield devotee said...

Achilles: Don't mention it. Reason why me sent it to ye is coz me thought ye'd dig this. Beach bum like ye fer sure will jive to this 'beach music' as ye puts it. Did ye get track 5? Kept bouncing back?

premo: Hmmmm. Ok. Thought if ye liked the aforementioned acts, ye'd certainly like this particular LP. Nevermind, at least now yer privy to it & know what the fuss was all about.

senorita: Not at the moment. Me is not organising anything as me has me hands full with Master Seth & all. Maybe ye'd like to pitch the idea to LLT or Kerp?

premo said...

AD: Maybe its a grower. Been listening to lot of Earache back catalogue recently... Napalm, Entombed, Carcass, Meathook, Death, Morbid Angel so ears need readjustments :)

Btw have been tryin to catch up with ex-Napalm/Scorn Mick Harris's numerous bands and side projects. He is truly a prolific and adventurous musician. Do check out

anfield devotee said...

Thanx fer link, Premo.

Much appreciated.

BTW, wot was the title of that book ye recommended on death/grind scene? Author?

premo said...

The book's titled 'Choosing Death' by Albert Mudrian. Better try ordering it online la

Review from Terrorizer mag:

9 out of 10

First of all, if you’re reading Terrorizer, you need a copy of this book on your shelves, because it’s far and away the most informed and comprehensive document on death metal and grind that you’ll ever see. Hundreds of interviews have been conducted and tons of rare photos located to give you what is surely the ultimate overview of heavy metal’s ugliest, most obnoxious, bastard offspring.

Mudrian weaves his intriguing tale chronologically, highlighting the birth of grind not only in the UK (the Midlands, to be precise, where Napalm Death and Earache Records quickly came to the fore of the emerging genre), but also in the US and Europe. His detailed account traces the stories of such legendary acts as Repulsion, Siege, Morbid Angel, Death, Obituary, Nihilist, Carnage, Deicide, and Carcass (to name but a few), during the glory years of the late ‘80s/early ‘90s. Then he tackles the genre’s ill-advised flirtation with major labels such as Columbia and Warner, takes us through the lean mid-‘90s during the inevitable backlash against over-saturation by sub-standard bands, right up to present day and the likes of Arch Enemy, Nile, Akercocke, and Slipknot. Revealing interviews with the labels responsible for such groundbreaking releases lend an additional, welcome perspective.

Complemented by a (slightly brief) illustrated discography and forewords from both John Peel and former Terrorizer editor Nick Terry, Choosing Death has “definitive” written all over it. It’s beautifully presented, wonderfully realized and should be avidly consumed by all fans of extreme music.


anfield devotee said...

NO lar premo.

There's batch of books (probably a whole print run) which has 50-odd pages missing.

That's wot happened to me copy (from Kino).

If buy online, payah mau return.

Katy said...

Doods. I just listened to this album for the first time this month. It's so epicly awesome. So glad you blogged about it!