Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Dirty Dozen (The Smiths 7" singles box set)

If like me, the words 'Limited Edition' or 'rare collector's item' stamped on the side of a CD or LP sends ye into a frothy-mouthed frenzy, then check this out me pedigree chums.

Found this at Rock Corner (KLCC) last week. Containing the first 12 seven inchers (in CD format) by The Smiths at a mere RM120, this is a grand way to transport yerself back to the mid-80s. Ye may already own all the tunes but there's nothing like having it repackaged in something a wee bit special & looks good in a display cabinet. Top it all off, the songs on these discs ain't half bad either though me wifey begs to differ.

To some, The Smiths is the singular most important thing to have happened to British music. To others, Morrissey is just a whiny vegan twat. Ye be the judge.

Also includes two rare singles & poster. Hurry whilst stocks lasts!

If yer NOT a record collector & just wanna sample the tunes on offer, please click here to download this box set: http://www.mediafire.com/?jr15jbecmzm

ps: The Mozzer himself dropped by me humble abode yesterday & the sight of this box set had him salivating like a rabid mongrel . . . BUT a mongrel with a quiff though.

pps: This is also specially fer El Premo - Many Happy Returns!

ppps: Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone & me leaves ye with this classic TOTP performance. Enjoy!!!


MadCat said...

Wot a buy! That's something I certainly wouldn't mind spending on. Me friends here don't dig the Smiths, unfortunately.

anfield devotee said...

The Smiths were almost anonymous in the States.

premo said...

Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want... hehe thx Balz!

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

and like a horny mongrel..salivate i did..mwmahahhahhahahhahaha

chieff...NIshhhh ONEEE!!!

at first, the thought of a boxed set with a full-on comp of all their gem-filled releases quivered me a wee bit...whoa ada lagik ka? upon further sighting ahhhh...a boxed compilation of their singles...the suprise got even more pleasant when i realised there are a number of tracks which were singles-only release i.e. not on any of their LPs. perfect for the avid punter of never-heard-of tracks.

i may have on countless ocassions er...inadvertently rambled on about..the effect their stuff has one the sould..particularly the words..and the trademark smithsian jangle, but..see
here's the thing...

plop in a first CD, and sighh..
the effect never wore off
not one
just makes yu wanna
zone out
spaced out, X yourself flat on the tiles..and
yu start hearing even
newer sounds, that bass
bunga yu didn't hear before
and substitute
words which yu initially took
for granted to mean something else.
in short
that soul-lathering
quiver is
still there. 15-20 years on
its still there.
moz (and marr)..and the smiths
are still godz.

ironically..the 1st track
that came on.. was.."the bhoy with the thorn in his siddeee.."..mwahhahahhahaa

the thing that still remains unique about them is i suppose is this..they may decide to compose one of the blandest sound track yu can imagine, think elevator hums entwined with happy-hour lounge music..
but the moment the jangle gets into gear
and those caustic words
smacks you with a few
tight slaps..
yu start grinnin
however morose that is possible
yu start grinning.

also, the night led on to a further pursuit of burpous
enlightenment, minus the bodhi tree.

celtic frost and a pre-plan crash lynrd skynrd live lp. on turntables. complete with hiss, crackle and pop. how more
natural can yu get? with band playing as if they were entertaining a number of their closest buddies at their back yard...i.e. they made it seem deceivingly effortless. the frost turned out to be pleasant suprise. uptill then, made the carnal sin of assuming they were ulimate growlers/shrikers of deathmetallian proportions...but..whoa..mengasyikkkannn..lekatt..

the eeriness of blessed are the sick, messiah's opus and metal church (1st time - proper listening)and all out thud-thud-thuding of reek of putrefication...was enough to paint a frozen guffaw on ma face.
just goes to show..

it was a good education.
and for that
i thank you.
very much so.
and also
most importantly
the ear.

difficult to get/find one in these dizzy times.

have been guilty of dodgin maself the few
odd occasions due to locational / occupational hazards..travelling up and down.

good stuff. a good night. and good muzak. will keep ya posted.
thanks for puttin up with
the many burps.


anfield devotee said...

premo: Yer most welcome!

Mozzer: Did ye manage to find a copy of the box set?

kevo said...

Brilliant stuff AD!

anfield devotee said...

Me knew ye'd be pleased with this, kevo!

All together now - "AD, AD, take a bow . . ."