Thursday, November 18, 2010

RIP - Austin

Ye was a mangy, scrawny dawg when we rescued ye from PAWS.
Ye ate & ate & ate till ye were round enough to show yer displeasure at the menu.
Ye had a BO that was . . . errrmmmm . . . . . 'strong' to say the least.
Ye was wild & couldnae be let off the leash.
But we loved ye & ye loved us back.
We are sorry if ye felt neglected the last few months.
We will always remember ye fer how ye brightened up our little corner of the world.
Austin - passed on today peacefully due to old age . . .


Anba said...

rip...austin a true man's best friend...and the family protector...

anfield devotee said...

(*sigh*) . . . bummed out but was expecting this as he was getting on a bit.

Me other dawg is now all sad & confused.

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

was a good fella. never one to bite/bark at scruffy oversized smelly spurs fans with a penchant for dirt-infused recordings with the exception of the smiths.

truth be told, on personal terms i find them better in character than most humans. (it's either than i'm a sorry-arsed loner.haha).

bro. i feel ya.


fade out : "..go where eagles dare..".


anfield devotee said...

mozzer: TQ . . . Just worried how the other fella is taking it though.

Aileen said...

All dogs go to heaven!

Achilles said...

AD: Me feels yer pain. Me is a fellow dog lover and has lost many "best friends" over the years. Its truly heartbreaking when it happens.

RIP austin. Love what aileen said....