Monday, July 11, 2011

In Awe of Madam Liberty

“Why do we have to feel so scared in our own home land . . . and by own countrymen,” says Madam Ooi dubbed "Lady Liberty of Malaysia".

Well said.

Unlike some people me knows who still buy BN's propaganda, is this the pix of a "terrorist / Indian thug / troublemaker" ?


MadCat said...

Yup, read about this in the Malaysian Insider. Way to go. The US has a statue, but Bolehland's got da real thang. =D

anfield devotee said...

MadCat: Did ye read that there were Bersih rallies (or mini versions of it) in London, Melbourne & Doha?

Ye should have had one on yer campus.

senorita.. said...

my boss brought up a good point. why are there so many perfect shots of this lady surfacing so much? like so well planned.

not to speculate, she is inspiring, no question. but then again, cannot deny also tht oppositions are having a good time riding on the boat la u knw..

DorisL said...

For those skeptics out there ...the pictures of Aunty Anne was actually taken by the Rally participants who were inspired & awed by her bravery & courage ...and not by the Opposition photographers or journalist. We were really inspired & we salute her for being there despite her old age ..and just in case it crossed your mind that she may have been paid you think people especially a lady of her age who was once a teacher will be willing to stand in the way of the water cannon & tear gas for money or just to get some publicity ???

senorita.. said...

woah. wait a minute. i was merely pointing out wat my boss said. i didn't accuse her of being paid. we all want fair and clean election. my point was that kenot escape power play whenever politics is concern, it will either be the G or the opposition.

anfield devotee said...

senorita: Doris's message is aimed at yer cynical boss.

Funny how people seem to become so cynical yet swallow all the rubbish BN feeds em.

There are also plenty of perfect shots of police brutality & tear gas being fired into a hospital even when the IGP denied this.

Did said boss check or bring up these facts or are they deemed unimportant?

Please note this is in no way an attack on yer goodself. (we knows ye is one fo the good guys)

Share this with yer boss:

Tell yer boss, now everyone got DSLR or Iphones la . . . As fer opposition milking the event, of course la.

Opposition backs Bersih. Of course they are gonna ride on it. Or only BN allowed (blanket) publicity?

Sorry. Yer boss does not make a good point. In fact, its symptomatic of people who try to rubbish the Bersih movement &/or opposition.

Perhaps ye might like to bring up these pertinent questions with yer boss?

S/he is invited to make a comment here.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

A towering figure!

She actually came alone by bus I heard.

senorita.. said...
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senorita.. said...

i'm sorry for not thinking through before posting. wasn't meant to invite attack. my boss just very absent mindedly raised a question without even being passionately disturbed by the pictures/articles on Auntie Annie. he was in support of bersih. me too.

i'm trying to raise this question from an objective point of view and not jus drink in whatever i see/read. police and tear gas incidents, obviously people will be taking pictures of them. rally participants/ppl who were there just to witness/whoever there will of course look out for men in uniform for fear of their lives. Auntie Annie on the other hand is a normal citizen, unheard of before Bersih. coincidence that so many people took shots of her on Rally Day? was she the only outstanding senior citizen there?

again, i bring out these questions not to challenge anybody in specific. nor is this an invitation for more bashing. but this girl here just has too much time on her hand and refuse to just swallow.

anfield devotee said...

senorita: Agin, please note that NO ONE is BASHING ye.

Like ye said, ye was just repeating wot yer boss said. Good to know that yer boss is in support of Bersih.

Now, lately I've heard so much nonsense from people NOT getting the point.

Fer instance - "why hold a rally just to pass a memo to the King? In the end, that also tak jadi."

Another - "this is just opposition propaganda."

In response to the first, people who say that seem oblivious to the fact that the govt (using the police) were HELL BENT on not allowing the memo to be passed.

As it is, it has been reported that more than a few ministers were non-plussed that the King had even met Ambiga prior to the rally.

Govt will NEVER legitimise Bersih's claims coz it would mean admiting to corrupt practices.

Its just like Sepp Blatter saying FIFA is fine in the face of overwhelming evidence. And we saw how he dealt woth dissenters. BN are no different.

As fer opposition propaganda. YES. So wot? The whole RALLY was to awaken the usually apathetic & tidak apo Malaysian public to the systematic abuse of process by the govt fer DECADES!

Propaganda? Wot does one call the continuing flow of bullshit from TV3, The Star, Utusan etc etc?

This is how to fight back.

As far as raising awareness of the issues, Bersih was a resounding success (apart from the fatality).

As fer the many shots of Aunty Ooi, its a GREAT pix. And obviously gonna be used.

A poor old harmless lady was doused by water canons & tear gas. Wot better way to show a govt that doesn't not care & wants to rule with an iron fist?

Am sorry. But cannae help to think too many sceptics seem to appear with regards to opposition propaganda but seem strangely silent when it comes to BN brainwashing.

Yes, propaganda & pro-opposition it is. So wot?

Did anyone seriously think a rally would have been a success if it was non-partisan or truly neutral?

Accept that Bersih is an opposition tactic. But its agenda is one that will benefit ALL Malaysians.

nanda666 said...

I was at the rally in Perth, Australia (Photos on my Facebook la...) and it was a good turnout of about 150 people...young, old, indian, chinese, malay, aussies...felt good to be Malaysian that day!!
That auntie's story is on the Malaysian Insider and really touching....So AD..what was your experience at the rally??? story la...

anfield devotee said...

nanda: link please to the pix.

Me story? people who cannae run away fast from tear gas not advised to go . . . he he.

We all do our part in some way or another.

On me case, its getting students to go register as voters.

nanda666 said...

Do try it and let me know if it works...(never posted link before!!)

Bernard said...

The issue of having to run away from tear gas & cops didn't crop up in our experience. Just need to be street smart... :)

In our minds, we were there purely to support a BERSIH as opposed to an "Opposition" rally. But so what if one thinks that the cause of BERSIH has been hijacked by the opposition for their ends? If one has eyes to see & judge from the numerous reports, personal accounts, pix & videos, it is clear that the government is not only not in favour of a free & fair election but will go to any lengths to supress dissent.

The lies that they spew after the event is just totally unbelievable but if the majority still believe that crap, I really fear - no, petrified, for the future of my kids.

Our participation was for our kids future and am glad we did it. There was no issue or talk of one's ethnic background..only Malaysians from all walks of life sharing a common cause. It was like being at a footie match, M'sia v Singapore to be exact. The experience showed me that there is still hope for Malaysia, but only if more people got off their collective arses and do something rather than have the attitude of, "Oh! Since you're doing it, shout for me also OK. I've got to catch up on my GLEE...etc."

We have walked the talk & hope there'll be far fewer armchair analysts next time...

senorita.. said...

guys check this out :

so funny :)

nanda666 said...

Am honestly suprised you didn't go AD? Thought you would be the first few to be there....(Kicking and punching your way thru!!)...Although some were telling me not to do so in Perth based on the work Visa I had, etc, etc,...I really wanted to and did. Would have surely done so if I was in KL too!!! (Especially since I had Dayabumi parking!!! hehehe!!!)

anfield devotee said...

Bernard: Apologies fer being an armchair analyst . . .

Nanda: Though me wanted to, me feared me crocked knees wouldnae stand up to test.

Not excuse, just state of me knees.