Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why Italian car owners are a breed apart . . .

Some time ago, a thread appeared on Italia Auto Malaysia website & apparently, an unfortunate Alfa owner had his Bella stolen.

Car was later found abandoned & stripped of vital parts & ICE.

The bangkai of said Alfa was towed to Subang Jaya police station & left out in front.

Some of the members were wondering whether the car could be bought or taken away to be used for spare parts.

They enquired & were told that it was being held as evidence in a theft case. Car has been written off by insurance company.

So whilst waiting fer the case to go to court, one of the IA members took great pity on seeing such a magnificent car's interior fade due to a broken window.

This is wot he did . . .

Respect la this dude . . .

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