Friday, February 22, 2008

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

During me tea break, I had a quick perusal of a local English daily. Within its pages, there were three reports which highlighted the different aspects of Malaysian society:

The Good
The centrespread feature on a group of samaritans who feed the poor and underprivilige at their Soup Kitchen (2181 Jln Limbang, Jinjamg Utara. For more info, call Angeline at 03-7083 8827).
The story highlights that we have not completely lost that 'caring M'sian ethic' & some decent human beings still exist amongst us.

The Bad
Another example of how disgraced politicians never go away in this country of ours; the story's headline - "Soi Lek's son named to 'defend' Labis". Forced to resign? Tidak apa, just get one of the sons to run as proxy la. What's the fooking problem?

And Last But Not Least, The Plain Fooking Ugly
Article on how the Backstreet Boys will be back in town to vow fans . . . again . . . sigh. Only in M'sia is bad taste so fooking evident. Ever notice how many fooking times Micheal Learns To Rock (& other shite bands) still ply their trade here when their career was effectively over a decade ago?

ps: As usual, look forward to yer comments on what you see as the good, bad & ugly of M'sian life. Have a good weekend!


senorita.. said...

the good - try being an optimist and there'll be lotsa good... the good food... the ever-smiling frenly faces... the diff. cultures and religions living harmoniously together (regardless of how screwed up the 'management' is)

the bad - seriously,i think something ought to be done abt the "cleanliness" of our beloved country... the diminishing politeness amongst the youth..

the ugly - for me,is the screwed up 'management'... and i have not start to picture all the lies and real controversies happening behind the scenes... and more importantly the racist streak that seems to grow with time... oh,how i wish someone would tell me that i m wrong.. i'll b glad

Kopite78 said...

I agree. Angeline from Soup Kitchen is a blessing and an example that we should all follow.

As for politicians and their f****** sons, what more can you say. I received and e-mail from a MAS pilot informing me that the pilot who was arrested in australia for child pornography is the son on the head of ACA who corruptly made an agreement with Idris Jala not to take action against the pilot.

Bloody NKOTB and MLTR can go to hell....why don't they bring Edison Chen and his girls!!!

Jon-C said...

I wan the Edison Chan Circus as well!!! Muahahahaha.

senorita.. said...

haha... pretty boy n pretty girls.. but i guess u guys look forward to the girls more... =P

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

other bad shit- i thought when that fucking zakar-ia was dropped, the smell of sewers in selangor would improve until they appointed his daughter in law.

the other ugly shit- i noticed it too, brother. you're not alone on this. those BSB faggots are no longer making waves like they used to. so what better ways than to sell their shits to malaysian teeny poopheads who were deprived from watching their poofy idols when they were the 'in' thing some millenium ago.

premo said...

The good - Food, food and food! Colloquial jokes and abundance of natural wonders (beaches, jungles etc..)

The bad - Bad driving! Malaysian 'timing' punctuality!! Censorshit!!!

The ugly - Corruption, greed, racism and lies, lies, lies. But then again every counrty has their share of problems with the govt - just in varying degrees of severity.

But nothing can beat MLTR and BSB la... really! Lest we become the haven for pop culture has-beens, local authorities should wise up and promote promote promote instead of hiding behind regressive censorship policies in the name of morality.

anfield devotee said...

senorita: no comment on the backsde boyz? A fan are you?

Kopite78: Child phonography. Fooking lowest form of scum. And people wonder why there are so-called sexual predators roaming amongst our midst. Coz a phone call there, a phone call here & wa lah, yer free o continue with yer "hobbies".

kerp: Shame innit. . .

premo: Bad timing? U refering to last sat ar? C'mon la brudder, me tried me best.

JonC: Edison who?

senorita.. said...

nope,not a fan... i've always liked a certain song but not a certain group/boyband etc.. =)

but no doubt some of their songs are pretty lame

senorita.. said...

oi AD,edison chen.... scandal in HK celeb. world...

anfield devotee said...

senorita: he he . . . I know la. Every fooking DVD seller that approaches you when makan at hawker stall is quick to profer this latest "blockbuster" . . . He he!

premo said...

Hey Bala don la get so sensitive - that one tak kira! Ha ha