Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Holidays, Misfits Style!

Here we are on the cusp of another glorious long weekend. And what better way to psych ourselves into a fooking great mood than with a dose of classic horror punk courtesy of The Misfits!

Released in 1982, Walk Among Us is loaded to the brim with sing-a-long anthems about invading aliens, zombies & assorted other B-movie faves. Fast, funny & fabulously catchy, The Misfits laid down the blueprint fer a whole generation of poonks, metalheadz (the late Cliff Burton was a hardcore fan) & even emo bands (see My Chemical Romance & other flaccid fringed ones who cite Misfits as an influence).

Funny how decades after the classic Glenn Danzig line-up dissolved, you can now find the death skull logo on all manner of product - from sneakers to skateboards. And whenever me sees some pimply teenaged "punk" sporting Misfits paraphernalia, me wonders whether they are fans of the band or just fooking wearing coz it looks cool (this old unker still carries a Misfits wallet!)

To me Muslim mates, Selamat Hari Raya Haji. To the rest, time to crack open a few cold ones & pogo to The Misfits! Also hope to see some of you at the Masters of Footie tourney on Sunday! Cheers!

1."20 Eyes" – 1:45
2."I Turned into a Martian" – 1:41
3."All Hell Breaks Loose" – 1:47
4."Vampira" – 1:26
5."Nike A Go Go" – 2:16
6."Hatebreeders" – 3:08
7."Mommy Can I Go Out & Kill Tonight?" (live) – 2:01
8."Night of the Living Dead" – 1:57
9."Skulls" – 2:00
10."Violent World" – 1:46
11."Devils Whorehouse" – 1:45
12."Astro Zombies" – 2:14
13."Braineaters" – 0:56


Ridzzy said...

Hey AD!
Sorry , completely unrelated but...
You have been tagged, and your it!

Anba said...

balaji:- downloaded both albums now...very happy to say that no work had been done from 9-12pm hehehhe
just listenin to bot albums dunno how many times...

anfield devotee said...

anba: Glad to be of service & do enjoy yer holidays!

Ridzzy said...

Hey fook,

Bro, i took a listen to it. Hmmm Megadeth more my cup of tea. Better arrangements..way tighter than misfits.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i've got it all in the CDs. Maybe i should get meself the original box-set. i know it is a must-have but for financial reason back then i could only limit purchasing stuffs i dig most.

mozisA_FIEND said...

tuan balknapp, remember you asked me a question once, during one our casual fortuituos moozak discourses concerning a certain band...uhm..which i can't recollect for the good of my own flarin nostril hairs. ok okay moving along crappily, one thing led to another, with me being bereft of ideas, took a swivel and landed face first on "the darkness", and yu asked me a poignant Q that went somethin like:

"would you (moz) walk miles to get copy of a darkness LP?";

hmm...point to ponder. the answer was a resounding no baked in clay. i got your point.

now, if there was an LP (or anything) that would make "WALK" more than 10 miles for, no, let's be realistic, who the fark am i kidding, i couldn't walk five miles to save me own boomboxed arse.

although i would, i believe make 2 laps of the 10 miler for the following:
a) sinister-echoey lowtuned guitars played out brash, unschool and with full amatuerish glee;
b) clashing cymbals all over 1-2,1-2,1-2 bass/snare tradeoffs - pure simplicity;
c) waaiiilllinggggg "wooo-woooo-whoaaaaahhhhhhssss" mwahhahahaha REALLY REALLY LURVE THAT;
d) superpoppy tunes that elephant gums yer head - with the unique charm being that, essentially, they almost 60's singalong cherrylipped black motown numbers (think:SOME kind Hate), naked and stripped withoutout the cymbals, the buzzing bzzzzzz guitars and thud thud thudding drums; and
e) THE MAN'S voice - enough said.

"walk among us" has a special place in my head. it was a gift from a good mate - ORIGINAL COPY some more dun pelirpelir.(premo's mate too), whom i'm didn't see much of that. in fact it was the last i saw of him. the last i heard he was intensively engaged in a lifelong pursuit of chemical self-experimentation in kiwiland. hee hee. it was also amongst one of the last LPs i lent another good mate, making that the last i saw of him too...that dude i was telling yu about fellow record punter. the dude who knows not what a minibus is. lent it before he went one of his operation raleigh expeditions. didn't see him after that. farker died on me.

although i knew his folks well and his brother, didn't bother retrieving the copy after that.

fav tracks: 1) 20 eyesssss in maaaaaa heeadddddddddddddd

2) i turned into a MALAYSIAN "possession of the mind is a dangerousss thingg, with a transformation with a nerve too killlll" mwahhaha..anybody who can write that can't be that bad

3)aSTRO ZOMBIES - this one literally jerks the tears. call me what you what, lovelorn sicko i am one.

4) nike-agogo. non "walk" tracks -
some kinda hate, tv casualty, staticccc and hybrid.

ciao macha. thanks a bunch. made ma day. this i will download to hell and back. next to the smiths and theSPECIALS, this is another bunch of fellas i would give an arm and a leg for. my blashpemous trinity.

mozisadepressedfiend now.

mozisA_FIEND said...

riddzy, i beg to differ. megadeth tighter yes. but no ma cup of team ma man. lacks the soul - know what i mean? mwahahhahaha
later mon.

mozisA_FIEND said...

and waayy wwayyy much lesser blessed "DIRT" in deth too!:)

anfield devotee said...

moz: glad it made yer day. Enjoy!

Ridzzy: Misfits is totally different from megadeth fer sure. Former horror punks, latter thrash/speed. And me hopes you will not base yer judgement on the ultra-raw live video. They sound very much different (polished?) on record. Me still hopes you will download this, as Walk Among Us is wajib in any serious collector's stack.
RE: Quo - sorry la, me not a fan. Anyways, me does not upload stuff here, just look fer the links thru blogs. Just google quo & download & tae it from there la.

kerp: Glad you liked the box set me burned you. Gotta thank 23psi Nick fer that as the box set is his.

::Kakashi:: said...

ade diinvite untuk menulis di

Achilles said...

AD: Me is back... will give it a listen tonight at home. Have not touched my PC in more than a week.

BTW, isn't the skull logo the one that Premo wears all the time? We have dubbed it as Premo's favourite t-shirt as he wears it 4 out of 5 times. hehehehehe

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Good to see you back. Do give it a go - after all they were a huge influence on Metallica (see Last Caress/Green Hell covers on $5.98 Garage Days Re-revisited EP).

Pls note me had also posted a Megadeth download before this (in case you don't own a copy).

And yes, that death skull logo as modelled by Premo is the Misfits logo.

Achilles said...

AD: Yes... me is slowly catching up with everything. Will check it out for sure.

BTW, me would like to give my sincere thanks to all FFS regulars who sent your kind wishes via SMS. I truly and greatly appreciated the gesture and sorry i could not reply all of you. Thanks.

PS: just posted something on me blog. Please take a moment to check out.