Friday, December 19, 2008

More fine tunes from The Misfits - Earth AD!

This is a request by our resident rambler, Moz. And me thought why the fook not. After all, this album above is the perfect companion to the earlier Walk Among Us LP as it almost a complete contrast to the rockabilly punk of that album. Earth AD is where the Misfits let rip like they've just swallowed a carton of amphetines & & then let loose in a studio.

This seminal album is pretty much responsible fer the whole THRASH METAL thingy with its furious amalgamation of poonk, noise & metal. Just see Metallica's Green Hell/Last Carress cover on the Garage Days EP fer proof.

Fast, furious & pretty fooking fantastic even by today's standards. Not bad at all fer an album that celebrates its silver jubilee this year. Enjoy!

To download The Misfits' Earth AD (1983), please click here:

01. Earth A.D
02. Queen Wasp
03. Devilock
04. Death Comes Ripping
05 Green Hell
06. Wolfsblood
07. Demonomania
08. Bloodfeast
09. Hellhound
10. Die Die My Darling
11. We Bite


premo said...


anfield devotee said...

premo: Got yer devilock? he he

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...


back to some sanity. if there is one thing that is truly blessed about the east coast, its the freshness of the air around these here parts; fresh and crisp particularly at the fringe ends of heavy downpour. oh that and the freakin absence of godawful jams. well, there are jams per say. in the city centres and major intersections of big towns, but that's about it. now, KayHell, geez. i still wonder to do this day, how they hell i managed gettin up before daylight, one and half kilo walk, two bus exchanges (and later on komuter to bus exchanges) and another 500m walk to and fro work, every single day. and it was six day working week. then again, we did have swervy minibuses back then. oh yeah, that and i was much younger.

which leads to this awesome work of noise you have put up. to put it simply but not mildly, THANKS A BUNCH chief. appreciate it like hell (GREen hell?) :)))

you're right, practically stapled the testicles to the notice board. add a bottle of tequila, neat to concoction of speedy ampethamines..and voila...i'm a-stapled to the board. definitely a perfect match to tubesqueeze the differences.

LINK: one of the few tracks that seem to thread off from "walk among us" into this LP is probably "mommy, can i go.." being the link to this LP. and from this lP, probably die, die, my darling may take us back to the "walk among us LP.

that being said, with all elements bein' upped and pulsated..and hardcored, the "BLACK elvis" retains his trademark - etched and carved in buffalohyde; a wholly underrated individual whose vocal charm belies the seemingly nonsensical cacophony that surrounds it.

heck, you may as well give him a track as "heaven knows i'm miserable now" and see what level he takes it to. might be suprised, might even put the moz to shame eh?

later dude. again, thanks.

fav tracks:
almost all - particularyl death comes rippin', DE-MO-NO-MA-NIA, DE-MO-NO-MA-NIA, DE-MO-NO-MA-NIA, devilock, wasp sumaaa jugak la...


mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

oh yes, one more thing,
for those of you about to punch yer boss in yer face;
for those of you about to punch your clients square in the jaw; OR
for those of you about to bash yer head into your sterengsss;

plug in this. and play.

tell them "i'll be seeinggg ya in heLLLLLL".

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

there you have it boss- mr Mozz at his finest!

anfield devotee said...

Moz: The least me expected from you given that this was a special request by yer goodself!

Kerp: Did you expect any diff? He he.

Anba said...

dunno why i strangely wrote

DEMONOMANIA as DEMONOMANIAM in my dub cassette...

Thank god i ddint write Devillock as devil cock....

anfield devotee said...

Anba: DEMONMANIAM!!! HA ha ha. Real macha la you. You can take the Indian out of etc etc.