Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Should he stay or should he go?

To paraphrase The Clash, the burning question on the lips of Kopites everywhere is bout whether the Capt of Ireland should stay @ Anfield or should he fooking bugger off?

All the hullabaloo surrounding his future is down to the fact that certain UK tabloids have reported a rumour that ole Harry wants him back at The Lane. And he's willing to offer Aaron Lennon in exchange.

Me fer one was sceptical of Keane's ability to fit into Benitez's system given that the gaffer favours a 4-2-3-1 system. And Keane was a touch too pricey fer me. Now that he is quite obviously struggling to adapt to life at Anfield, the question is should we cut our losses now or persevere in the belief that Keane's undoubted talent will shine through sooner or later?

Me thinks we should take the Lennon offer if it really is on the table. Why? We need a pacey winger down the right plus can you imagine the threat a forward line comprising Torres, Babel & Lennon will pose? Offside traps, man-marking & high defensive lines will surely put to the sword with such Speedy Gonzales forwards.

Besides, Liverpool had already given birth to one great Lennon, who's to say an adopted Lennon won't have a similar impact?

ps: Me looks forward to the view of all genuine footie fans on this conundrum facing Liverpool FC at the moment.


Ridzzy said...

Yes!! Keane is OLD. How long more are we going to wait for him to shine? 20mil for a 28 yr old was way too pricey to begin with..who the hell was responsible for that?! I belief that he peaked at 26. Those weekly cartwheel celebrations are a thing of the past. . and it aint comin back again.

I said it before right here in this blog, the man is dead weight. I knew that Anfield would never recover the $ spent, so they might as well cut the loses and grab young Aaron in return.

anfield devotee said...

Ridzzy: Razor Ruddock, John Scales, Oyvind Leornardhsen . . . Robbie Keane?

A continuation of a fine tradition of buying duds from Spurs?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

lets hope mozz wont be reading this; Keane, Berb, chimp, Malbranque they're all damp squibs. muahahahhaaaa...

Ridzzy said...

LOL @ Neil Ruddock..the man should have been a boxer :D

eh but both John Scales & Leonhardsen we sold to Spurs.. Roy Evans bought them both from Wimbledon.. remember?

Life's Like That said...

Maybe we shd give Keane a little more time. Not everyone adapts to a new team as well as Torres does. We wld be singing the same song abt Torres if he had not scored all those goals last year. Let's hope Keane does not turn out to be another Morientes.

As for Lennon, I m not in favour of him joining us. He is pacey, no doubt. But he is a little too inconsistent for me. A player with his skill and pace shd have been a regular for the England team and a target for the big clubs long ago. I don think Rafa would fancy him either.

anfield devotee said...

kerp: at least u fookers got something out of Sol.

Ridzzy: Now me is confused. Nevermind. Just watched this morning's delayed telecast v PSV. Still no answer to the conundrum. Keane was isolated & ineffective in 1st half. But had more space as game opened up in 2nd half & played a great assist fer Ngog's second goal. Commentators were saying whilst Keane was happy to make runs & passes fer his team mates, he wasn't getting the same service. But me still thinks his predatory instincts have left him fer now.
Me supposes we canna really afford to let him go with kuyt & torres carrying injuries as there aren't that many top class marksman available fer sale in Jan.

Sega Blues said...

I thought Rafa should have gone by now.

anfield devotee said...

Segar: To be replaced by . . . David Moyes!!?!