Thursday, June 18, 2009

Music fer A Bad Hair Day - The Cure: Disintegration

Fer a change, the free download fer the coming weekend will NOT be of the Hammer-Of-Thor variety. Have been listening to quite a bit of Robert Smith lately & thought me'd share this slice of gothic pop with yer.

Me remembers first coming across this outfit when me was but a wee lad watching a Top of The Pops vid & there they were in their full technicolour splendour doing The Love Cats. That was in 1983. Cue forward a decade or so & The Cure had become the UK's biggest musical export alongside Depeche Mode.

Disintegration probably represents the zenith of The Cure's commercial prowess with it reaching numero uno in the UK & second spot in the US album charts. That doesn't mean this is a sell-out effort. Quite the contrary. Full of lengthy mood pieces which has all the frazzled quality of the lead singer's hair as well as the sweetness of his cherry red lipstick, tunes like Lullaby, Pictures of You & Fascination Street simply beg you to dim the lights, put on some incense & chill the fook out.
To download The Cure's Disintegration (1992), please click here: .
Hope ye enjoy this. Look forward to yer comments & do please check out the vid below!


Mohan said...

AD Dude: Thanks for that. Haven't heard them in ages.
cheers, M.
p/s: 'Spiderman is having you for dinner tonight'

Bernard said...

So, would it be politically correct for a Jewish Cure fan to sing out loud "Killing An Arab" at the West Bank??

anfield devotee said...

Mohan: Yer welcome. And Lullaby is just plain bloody genius - tapping into kid's nitemares fer tunes!

Bernard: hmmmm . . . s/he could try & see what happens.

j or ji said...

terharu dapat singalong dgn Robert Smith lagu inbetween days kat singapore tahun 2007.


anfield devotee said...

j or ji: awesome! Shame bout the venue though . . .

Mohan said...

AD Dude: Off topic, really can't believe The Stig is Shumi.!! Amazing! M.

Achilles said...

AD: me not able to view the video-lah... even at home.

anfield devotee said...
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anfield devotee said...

Achilles: Fer some strange reason, the Cure vids on youtibe keep being flagged as unavailable due to copyright restrictions in our country. Weird.

Fook the vid la, just download it fer some seriously chilled vibes.

Mohan: Macha, Schumi is NOT The Stig la . . . was a publicity stunt.(

Achilles said...

AD: mmmmm... ok. will try. currently listening to Jackal (hope i got the right spelling). pretty good stuff... red neck metal at its best.

anfield devotee said...

Achilles: Oh dear. Remember them - Jackyl or some shit like that. Lead singer fond of pants with no bottom.

Sorry. Not me cuppa at all . . .

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

all the sway-ay-ayy-ing;
croonning; and
last but not least rippin' the frayed fringes of a monochromatic midlife age band..

swooning to the cure brings back maybe a tear or two to the droopylids; call me a senti-potbelliedsod, pathetic self-whino who claims the world won't listen...whatever..
it's the freakin'
cure okay.mwahhahahha.

and yes, the yelping, its a yelp that can stand on its own without two feet and no balance. if a dog got hit by an ol' sri jaya bus, multiply a quintupletenfold and it may reach mr.smith's mere compunction to yelp. the yelp that may cure.

ironicially enough, guess what? amongst the many heroes i have enshrined inside, 2 of em hate each other's guts to the hilt..i mean like in a public name calling sorta way..guess who?
robert smith; and
stephen patrick morrisey of "the smiths".

first foray into their sound came about via the likes of premo and this other dude who was big on the cure...during that tenure, it was mostly rewind and replaying the compulsory gemtracks, didn't go all LP on em know what i mean...then by pure chance, while doing some barbaric purge hunting at a small time record shop closing down in ma hometown...came across this old cassete...title of the LP as "faith" by the cure. and it was in that old non-transparent cassette casing...all white.and dusty covers and all..with dubious shaky rollers.

took it back and plugged it in; pure bleakish gloom - extremely pleasurable to say the list. for that time, they had this constantly repetitive riffs, funny drum patterns...i.e. using all the drums..big tom, small tom..all tomtoms..and of course..
that cutting clean cure trademark jangle.
that voice.

again, many have tried to emulate the whiny bastard, but grossly puke their own vomit in.

that having ranted - fav curian tracks of all time:

1. killin' an arab (another fav version is a cover of this gem.. i gratefully managed to hear live once only - by sporean u/ground gods - senor francis frightful and the O.P.)

2. BHOYS DON'T CRY - perfect for those nights yu want to curl into the corner of an plain barren uncarpeted room with your glazed and looped on an alcoholic beverage of your choice. ironically at times, it would make yu cry.

3. primary,drowning, other voices - 3 tracks from the faith lp. goth giler.

4.lullabye,...but of course..

5...and of course...the loveeeecatttttsssss..


NIshhh one chief. later mon. and thanks again fer spreadin the gospel.

yers appreciatively,

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

chief, one more thing..if you do come across any site..or any store...or anyone that still has either one of the following give me a shout alright:

1. pain-stained morning LP by humpback OAK..or any humpback oak tracks..;
2. teenage head LP by the oddfellas or any oddfellas tracks; or
3.any Opposition Party recordings - do let me know.

cheers mate.

anfield devotee said...

Glad to be of servive Mozzer. We continue this discussion sat & please don't be fooking late.

AL said...

ohhh you know they were my top 5 back in the day.