Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hicks & Gillettte . . . Please fook off!

Well, latest news confirms two bids - one American & one Asian fer our beloved club.

The two hated basterd yanks who are currently squeezing the life out of our club have tried to block a sale by ousting other directors. Legal proceedings are at hand.

On the pitch, we lie in the arse end of the table.

But to whine, moan & groan at this crucial juncture of our club's history would be the wrong fooking thing to do. To repeat a fellow Kopite's rallying cry, its time fer us to stand tall & proud coz its easy to sing when yer fooking winning.

Its at times like these true fans make themselves known. Take nay shite from "others" & sign up fer various online protests campaigns ( to ensure our club survives this hated regime.



Jon-C said...

To the 2 Yanks delusional enough to still think that they can delay the inevitable and continue to ask for illogical sums to relinquished their failed ownership, I've got 2 words for ya - FOOK OFF! Your dirty action of trying to fire 2 Directors that do not toe on to your illogical demands will back fire, you can run but you can;t hide anymore. Now, GET THE FOOK OUT!

senorita.. said...

yes pls fuck the hell off!!

Teng Hock said...

Am not at all surprised by their move, but for once, I support Broughton for this.

Jonno said...

Dear Mr. Hicks,
I have never been to Anfield, yet I understand what it means to be a supporter of this legendary club, this huge family. When both of you first came on board, like many others, I was inpressed by your "passion" and "commitment", your "shovel in the ground within 60 days" speech brought tears to my eyes, because then, we had a great manager and owners that understand how to run a football club. With that great partnership, the glory days will surely once again return to Anfield, the most succesful English club.
However, it all turned out to be a mirage, a dream, a ploy by you two cheating shameless pricks. Now, not only the club is in shambles, but we are fighting just to be in existence.
Now I no longer feel bad when we lose or had a bad result, because there's bigger and more pressing issue that needs addressing, the future of the club, where we are fighting to be in existance. I am thankful just to be able to watch the team play once more, appreciate the fact that we still have world class players in our ranks, because come January, we don't know what would happen to the club.
Like I said, I have never been to Anfield, and when you're done raping our clulb, I don't know if Anfield will still be there, and that we are still around, as a football club. So, on behalf of ALL Liverpool fans around the world, FUCK OFF!


Bernard said...

D-day for the Damned Yankees to get refinancing on their RBS loans is today, & if RBS don't allow further extensions then RBS takes over & the 2 bastards don't get a say in who they sell to. This is at the expense of a possible 9 pt deduction for going into administration but I can live with that if it means seeing the back of them.

anfield devotee said...

Bernard: Isn't deadline fer re-financing 15 Oct?

Read somehwere that 9 pt deduction may be avoided as accounts (debts aside) is in pretty good shape, thanx to Rafa bringing in a profit in the last two transfer windows.

Jonno: Anfield will be there. Which division we will be playing in is open to question if these two fooks remain as owners.

Bernard said...

Breaking News - Club have announced the conditional sale to New England Sports Ventures (another bunch of Yanks!!). NESV owns Boston Red Sox amongst various sports & sports media related businesses. The New York Times Co also have a 16% stake in NESV. Sale is conditional on approval of the Premier League & a legal wrangle involving the 2 cowboys attempted removal of Purslow & Ayre. Are jumping from the pan into the fire???

Jon-C said...

Skeptical as hell with another Yank at the helm. Sigh.

Now, with the spectacle of a prolonged court room battle on the legality of the board vote due to them trying to kick Purslow and Ayre out, it's still a long road. Hope it's not another false dawn.

nanda666 said...

Hang in there guys!! (Take it from the guys who still supports the saints in league 1!!!)

ISA said...

I'M BACK...stupid Hicks & Gillet, please oh please fuck off. Had enough of your rubbish. Nak boardroom fight pulak? I will offer free legal advice and will gladly be on the legal team to fight the bono..

Wanna sell for astronomical profits when the bank is about to recall the loan?Are both of u fucking morons or idiots?

OI! How much is the net value of LFC? As long as it covers the debts, then the value of the purchase is reasonable..try fighting that in court!!! Dont even think of market value coz thats gonna lower the price further..

Now, wanna sack directors? with ulterior motives to scuttle the sale? what the fuck? this aint the fucking wild wild west!! Useless pricks..

Been suffering in silence for many months now...but abandon the Liverbird? NEVER

Tinesh said...

Fuck em Yanks! Both at Liverpool and MU. Bastards are draining the life outta the clubs.

j or ji said...

Manchester United also facing the same issue. Debts, Yanks and no money to buy player.

The only different is MU got Sir Alex.

I blame Rafa for all the mess in Liverpool. Yes, he got the CL, but the players at that time was develop by Houllier five year program. Houllier is far better than Rafa.

Pegi jual pulak Alonso, Riise, benayoun dan beli pornstar main, ntah sapa2.

nway, liverpool is not Leeds United la kot?

Tinesh said...

So will the dudes who own Boston Red Sox be able to turn Liverpool around? I'm sad that the club had to be bought over by another Yank company :/

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

something off-topic

too much of a self-righteous punk?
love him or hate him?
i dunno what to make of it..

however, my love for the havoc of gg's guitars has remained intact.