Friday, October 15, 2010

Use yer power!

One state stripping him of his title ain't enough if we are to rid our society of this right-wing scum (see

To everyone who is sick and tired of listening to this basterd spew racist crap & fer the authorities to continously tip toe around him fer fear of upsetting the party warlords, well, you knows wot to do.

Vote. And get everyone else ye knows who has not visited the post office to do so.

Its the dignified & civilised thing to do. Not to mention moral & ethical duty . . .


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

He may still have 2 other datukships to his name but it was from his own state the title was revoked. To me that was a real blow, especially to his ego.

anfield devotee said...

Sorry didnae reply yer sms the other day kerps, sibuk la.

Fact remains, this fook face is proof there exist one set of rules fer one group & another for the rest of us.

Incredible that other royal households have not responded the same given they do not have to deal with political warlords.

So much fer being rulers of all peoples.

In fact, is doing a GREAT job at highlighting the hypocrisy of the BN govt.

Say one thing but do fook all to silence this prock & his rhetoric. Cannae even control their own so-called "newspaper" - Utusan.

Thanks to Ibs here, the opposition is gaining even more sympathisers.

Great Job Ibs

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Nay worries bro.

BTW, it is very unfortunate to learn there are a section of people from the opposition camp actually throwing their support to Perkasa, and you know from which party i'm talking about. Old habit die hard la i guess.

Its really up to the fence-sitters. Their votes will be decisive. Sometimes i wish these people (the non-malays) actually reads Utusan and are fully aware of BN's real stand, which film star Soil Lek doesnt seem to mind apparently.

j or ji said...

they are so many ways to upgrade people standard. our standard, no matter what is yr race and color.

yet, they used the hard ways.

they willing to spend 5 billions to build warisan merdeka.100 flr building.

imagine 5 billions for medical benefits or education for all races.

anfield devotee said...

j or ji: hear hear!