Monday, October 4, 2010

Subversive Punk, Where Art Thou?

There is something very wrong with the youth of today when:

a) Punk is a mere fashion statement. ("Spiky hair with dye").

b) They cannae name a single song which has an anti-war message (even though they live in an age of televised conflicts 24/7).

c) Michael Jackson is deified but the kids don't know either Billie Jean or Beat It.

d) Jazz is defined as 'easy listening'.

Anyone else care to add to the list?


Tinesh said...

e) insist that justin bieber and lady gaga are the best singers of all time ever.

f)say that heavy metal is crap music and ask how I actually listen to it when there are so many better bands playing on the radio

g)say that kim kardashian is one of the hottest babes ever. Wait I agree with that bit :P

anfield devotee said...

Another ciku had the temerity to complain loudly how she hates it when her mum listens to Lite & Easy on the wireless.

"The stuff is soooo boring, one or two songs ok la"

So me asked wot one or two she considered ok?

"Celine Dion . . ."

(The uproarious laughter from all at the table made it quite clear she wasn't as cutting edge as she thought she was . . .)

Anba said...

bro..we have become obsolete.
b'coz the sub species of humans(teenagers etc..) u mentioned will soon become the majority and we will be pushed to the sidelines...
to become a sidenote..
i can't open the radio nowdays...without throwing tantrums or become angry... cant enjoy anything that's played on MTV or any music channel.. majority the albums that i have was released almost a minimum 10 yrs ago...
fook i've become a cultural dino/relic from their point of view of course...
baaji wait till ur son grows the way he's gonna be one rite on the 7th..happy birthday seth

Bernard said...

Must have some faith in the kids-la. If our mutual friend, Karen Ho - bastion of all things staid & sterile, could tell me one time upon hearing Morphine that its way cool, then there is hope yet....

anfield devotee said...

Anba: Obselete . . . Ain't that the title of a Fear Factory LP? He he.

And yes, master Seth turns one this Thurs. Not to worry, he is being fed a rich & varied musical diet. (punk + metal + jazz = three square meals a day!)

Bernard: Not saying all, of course. But ye'd think in a university, there'd be at least some glimmer of a rabble rouser or two f;ying the might punk/metal/alternative flag.

In fact, the rare occassion me has spotted a T-shirt denoting a cool band, the wearer had nay fooking idea wot me was on about . . .

ps: The last 2 interns me had from indonesia seem quite clued in. Both new & old music. Same cannae be said bout the local specimens me has encountered.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

You know you've aged when you dont even know who the hell Katy Perry is! muahahhahahahaa...

Btw, incidentally DK's GMCOGMD comp CD has been my choice of the week. Been digging for old stuff lately and DK's definitely one of those classics you can never get tired of.

j or ji said...

we r old!

sekali tu aku beli tiket ke singapore untuk satu gig, then ada satu remaja tanya aku,

"bang, pegi tengok The Killers ke?"

aku rasa terhina.

ini music generasi mereka dan kita memang dah tua.


anfield devotee said...

kerp: Give me convenience . . . is awesome collection. Have quite a few of their LPs & they cam with these satirical "newspapers" called 'Fuck Facts'. Don't ye just love em.

j or ji: Long time no see ye round these parts!

Nay disputing our dotage. Wot me is pointing out is the fact that there is nothing radical at all about all the students on me campus.

This me finds rather disconcerting. Ye would have thought from the few thousand youngsters, there'd be a handful of music fans who didnae go fer the lowest common denominator.

The Killers? Tu dah kira ok, at least its not yer boyband / high school musical / mainstream crap.

anfield devotee said...
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anfield devotee said...

Oh one more thing, Bernard, regarding yer example.

Its easy enough fer someone to proclaim 'Its ok' when presented on a silver platter.

But do they go out & search fer it or dig fer more?

Given youngsters these days can download shit fer free & sample stuff on youtube, its quite a sad state of affairs . . .

premo said...

Aiya guys...

Let the young ones be young and foolish... young and ignorant... as we once were too ourselves.

Far be it from me to chastize someone regardless of age/creed/gender for their taste in music - to each his/her own i say. As long as they dont scoff at my itunes play list its fine with me.

I remember *goin into otai mode* when i was a wee punk and me older hair farmin, leather jacket wearin, whitesnake worshippin rock bros used to give me a hard time when i hung out at those dodgy, smoky music shops in Komtar, JB cos i was discovering/listening 'new' music. 'New' back then meant Soundgarden, RATM, NIN etc... hahaha!

They sneered and accused me of betraying my metal/hardcore roots by following 'trends'. These guys really believed that! Then again these are the same ppl that thought Van Halen's F.U.C.K was a great album.

So yeah... i guess its normal for the youth of today to disagree or make fun of what we older guys used to or still listen too. But its their loss for not keeping an open mind! I never would have discovered the joys of listening to Beefheart or CSNY if I all i cared about was MTV and whatever was the flavour of the month.

anfield devotee said...

Premo, me thinks yer MISSING THE POINT.

Wot me is trying to point out is that virtually all the teems me meet are UNABLE to tell me anything about TODAY's alternative scene. ie . THEIR music.

Its like all of em have been conditioned to like mainstream crap.

Know wot I mean? Where are the radicals?

Am not saying EVERYONE must have same taste like me. That's NOT the point.

Just that it seems there's NO ONE flying the flag these days . . . not even fer newer bands in a college of 3000-plus students.

No long hairs, no punks, just tennyboppers . . . everywhere . . . (*cue creepy zombie music*)

premo said...

Haha ok noted bro. Guess ur right la but its like that in most colleges nowadays. Its like the pressure to conform and be what is considered 'cool' or 'in' seems to be much more these days. And the scary part is that it even starts from the age of 8!

But the underground is still alive bro. There seem to be kids everywhere who are into everything from emo to grindcore to crust... they even organize their own gigs and what not. They maybe the minority but all hope is not lost :)

anfield devotee said...

Me certainly hopes so Premo . . . But it does seem bleak.