Friday, November 7, 2008

Fooking Awesome Grind! (Neuropathia: Satan is a cunt)

Not quite sure if any of you took the trouble to check out this awesome Polish grind n roll outfit's latest album in the earlier posting, but here is one of the earlier LPs fer yer weekend's listening pleasure anyway.

Funky, heavy & fooking demented are the best adjectives me can rustle up to describe this manic trio. If you didn't download their latest album Satan Owns Your Stereo (see below), me fooking urges you to give these guys a chance. me is pretty fooking sure you'll be blown away by this whirlwind of noise.

To download Neuropathia's Satan Is A Cunt, please go to:

Fer a sample, here's a short & sub-2 minute vid to tempt yer senses!

Have a fooking great weekend & do let me know what you think of this album!


mozisgod said...

awesome cover art chief :))). will check it out in due course over the weekend. sounds highly palatable. thanks.


anfield devotee said...

moz: Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

L said...

Awesome shit!

senorita.. said...

thx for the bday wish, both in me blog n facebook!

re:awesome grind.
will take a listen tomorrow. have awful lotsa shit to do today. :)


Achilles said...

AD: Crazy ass video man... hahahaha... what can i say....gets your blood pumping for sure. The music itself... wee bit too heavy for me liking... but fooking goes well with the video though.

anfield devotee said...

leah: Glad you liked this. More where that came from, just keep watching this space.
Hope you downloaded the album (unlike lazy ass Tinesh - "unker, can burn fer me, ah?").

senorita: Hope you had a good one! And do try this out, will be a real test fer yer eardrums!

achilles: Me thinks this is the perfect fer yer fitness centre! Ha ha, sure to get the adrenalim pumping!

L said...

Haha... Defs gunna, in Penang tho.

senorita.. said...

re:head banging music.

if i am having hangover, confirm puke if listen to this on earphone. TOO heavy

anfield devotee said...

senorita: Its called pushing the envelope, dear madam. Extreme to the fooking MAX!!!

leah: Pls note their latest album is on an earlier posting. Hope you enjoy the albums.

Achilles said...

AD: Either it will get adrenalin pumping or people will start throwing weights at each other... just like the video, where the macha goes berzerk. hehehehehehehe