Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Musical Interlude

Count Grishnackh @ Varg Vikernes. Older longhairs may remember this name. Back in the early 90s the hysteria surrounding the Norwegian black metal scene was at its peak after the Count murdered fellow black metal scenester Oystein "Euronymous" Aarseth (from the band Mayhem) & was also convicted of burning down several churches. It catapaulted the Count's band Burzum & the entire fooking black metal scene into the limelight.

Given that this fookers were also neo-Nazis, me didn't want to have anything to do with their music back then. No way was me gonna fuel their deluded Aryan madness by buying their product.

But a few months back, me came across the downloads to Burzum's entire discography. And me thought why the fook not? This was one case of piracy that wasn't gonna hurt anyone, the fooker is still in jail, rite. And lo & behold, me was kinda blown away by the ambient black metal this guy was producing, in particular the album above. Long, drawn out pieces which stretched the buzzsaw guitars with looping keyboards & steady double bass drum assault.

Fer those who like their tunes to sit on the precipice of Mount Extreme, please do take the time out to check this demented arsonist & murderer's output. Me thinks you'll be pleasantly surprised.

To download Burzum's Filosofem, please click here: http://rapidshare.com/files/24725229/Burzum_-_Filosofem__1996_.rar

ps: This posting in no way endorses the views of Burzum nor does it think it okay to commit murder or arson. Its a free fooking download la, fer fook's sake. (Fer sample, check out the amateur vid below).

pps: Story has it the Count managed to escape from prison at one point & was re-arrested with a cache of guns & explosives with which he was planning to start "the end of days" . . . Gila babi . . .


Anba said...

Bro...link ada problem...no file found...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

the legendary Burzum!

muahaha...no la boss, i've never had any of their original stuff. but i remember back then -as a result for hanging out with a Fenriz-wannabe- when i actually bought their Filosofem on dubbed tape that came together with a photostated sleeve. and guess from where la; Accoustic music store @pertama, owned by 2 business-minded chinamen, they ripped the kids off real good la i tell ya.


you got our numbers already or not?

anfield devotee said...

anba: Ok, will post the rapidshare link as well. Good luck!

kerp: Oi, give us yer take on what you think of the album la since you had an original dubbed copy (& if me is not mistaken me burned a copy fer you recently).

Anba said...

yup got ready...thnx bro...
sorry didn't reply earlier
Regarding the acoustic music store...i know they are still around..expanded their shops...sudah kaya lor...hehehehe

anfield devotee said...

kerp & anba: yeah dude, regarding Acoustic Music Store, these fookers are charging between RM80 & RM110 fer ori CDs these days. If anything just to push you into buying the pirated shite where there's a bigger profit.

Thank fook fer free downloads.

anba, pls note me has changed download link to rapidshare.

theALBERTUS said...

I dunno about you metalheads but I am sticking to my Stevie Ray Vaughn and Kenny Wayne Sheppard blues head.

At least SRV died into the blaze of glory of blues folklore.

Achilles said...

AD: Norwegian black metal bands take it to whole new level lah. These fookers don't just play the music... they live it. Did you see Metal: A Headbanger's Journey?

Scary to watch how some of these bands were defending their fans who burnt down churches which were considered to be historical relics.

Will check out the link at home tonight. Hope i don't scare the neighbours. hehehehehe

mozisgod said...

heya chief,

re: burzum
heard the name, familiar with its sound, but the dubbed lp i heard didn't have that atmospheric ambience yu mentioned, probably i heard one of their early stuff, or i may have been..er..slightly less than sober.mwahhaha. oh..oo..i remember reading about

re: euronymous
that "euro"nymous dude as well..in an old cut-and-past local zine, but completely forgot it was this fella who played reaper. fuh..dasat giler siot; talk about livin the belief, and appeasing that belief. so much for glen-ny benton.mwahhahahhah

dudes, just to letcha fellas know, YU FARKIN RAWK-EDD LAST SUNDAY. straight up, pants down and 2-fingers in the air mon. again, talk about livin' the belief. and no, i'm not JUST saying that. for what is worth of my black spurs arse, yu best believe i'm not just saying that. mwahhahahah
they were by far, the most sporting, ..er..welll behaved..hehe..in a delightfully cheery rowdy way la, yellin up ruckus, the way any football should be played. good stuff, and awesome fans. bala, cheers dude, really. same goes to one mr.tony q, albertus and mark tan for drivin over to me sleepy hollow of a town. hope yu understand the extent of appreciativeness, considering our diff affliations and my stupid pride here :)

re: neuropathia - satan is a cunt;
still grindin my arse to it. awesome stuff they've got goin on there. pure silly grindcore siap with cookie monster vocals in between. makes one almost candy-eyed and longing for the grind that has gone; dissipated and spent.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yea, neuropathia says it all; satan and his worshippers are cunts. Mr Vikernes may be idolised by many in the Viking metal scene but in truth, he's a psychopath. what else is there to say about Burzum except that their stuffs are rather boring. personally i'd prefer Darkthrone anytime. more melodic and listenable.

Azer Mantessa said...


just composed a song titled "Anfield Devotee" and is dedicated to you at


the mp3 file is at


hope you like it :-)

anfield devotee said...

albertus: This ain't a comparison la dude. And pls note, many of us here are pretty well versed in the dark arts of Robert Johnson. SO pls . . .

moz: The ambient stuff came later. Do check it out, FREE what? As fer europathia, please click on tags to find the latest album 'Satan Owns Yer Stereo'. Fooking awesome as fook.

kerp: Pls do not mistake this posting as attempting to glorify Burzum or any of teh Count's antics. Just a story worth retelling.
Having said that, this album is pretty darn cool. But have to concur that Dark Throne are much more accomplished outfit.

achilles: Do download just to check it out. Tak suka tak pe, janji try.

azer: Wow! Diude! Thanx a million! Am honoured & will check ot out soon!

Life's Like That said...

AD : Gosh I feel like I am on another planet with these funny names everytime you blog abt this "Stuff!"

anfield devotee said...

LLT: Burzum, Boney M . . . all start with 'B' what? hee hee.

But do check this out.

Fooking creepy atmospherics. Me is listening to it now (again) on me headphones as me writes this.