Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bend over, taxpayer . . .

Read the following article (from yesterday's papers) & tell me what you think:

Authorities Bust 'Sex Parties' in Malaysia, 70 Arrested

Malaysia's The Star reports: "Police busted four male sex parties in progress on Saturday, rounding up more than 70 customers and male sex workers. Some of them could not put on their clothing in time when police stormed the various premises during the 5.30pm incident. (the party had a 'towel' theme as the revellers were only clad in a micro small towel) Used condoms were found strewn all over the floor of the premises. Police also seized some pornography DVDs, gay magazines, lubrication jelly and boxes of condoms at the scene. A team from the anti-vice, gaming and secret societies division (D7) conducted the raids at four separate locations -- two on the mainland as well as a traditional massage parlour and a fitness centre on the island. George Town Deputy OCPD Supt Gan Kong Meng said 28 local men and a man from China, in their 20s to 40s, were arrested at the scene. Some of the customers were from Europe and the United States."

FFS says: No matter how distasteful straight people view this story, the homosexual community has the right to lead their lives free from persecution.

And before anyone turns around & say its against the law here & that is against nature, well, me says the antiquated laws should be changed & let God be the judge of their actions. It most certainly isn't any of the authorities concern.

Am sorry, but the police should be looking to reduce the spiralling crime wave - burglary, robberies, kidnappings, snatch theft, rapes, C4 murders. Not busy itself with what gay men are doing at a private party.

Fer fook's sake, the only ones getting bum fooked from all this "useful" police activity is the taxpayer. (The said club has been raided on four previous occasions with scores of personnel involved. Imagine if the cops were as diligent in actual crime prevention . . . sigh).


akuani said...

I was waiting for you to post on this AD, I kinda just gave up on Malaysia after reading this in the news. And personally, I am very worried for my mates who are going to be on the receiving end of this madness.

So much more crime out there and I agree, let God be the judge.

This country is going mad, I feel like I'm forced to walk on broken glass.


anfield devotee said...

akuani: sad . .. very sad. Consensual sex between adults is their own fooking business. Macam polis tak de kerja lain.

Only caveat fer authorities to get involved is when a minor is involved. (But then again, Rahim Thamby Chk will tell you otherwise . . . )

Achilles said...

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Anyway, back to your posting...Actually, the real story is, the cops were at the party also. One of cops was hitting on some other guy, but since that guy "jual Mahal", the police got angry and called his macha's and said "lets arrest these guys and send them to jail. Then we see who jual mahal"


Agree with you that cops should be doing something else with their time... but i dunno about the gay party-lah... me get goose bumps thinking of it.

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Will do. Have already visited yer blog. Counter, just google fer 'Free Hits Counter' la.

As fer the article making you feel queasy, that's fine. But am sure you realise, this is none of our business.

This is just persecution. Something our authorities seem very keen on.

akuani said...

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senorita.. said...

wah... am still shocked. not used to reading things like this in the news.. in Malaysia.

Achilles said...

AD: TQ Bro. will try it and see. Will also try to add FFS in so people can link to your blog.

Akuani: Thanks fer the help. Will try it and see. sorry-lah... me really is a virgin blogger, so not sure how to do this and that.
But please do visit my blog and join to be a follower too. Appreciate it a lot.

is everyone coming for the 22nd gathering?

akuani said...

Achilles: Will help where I can dude ... have added your link to my blogroll.

Virgin blogger - is there such a term eheheheh

22nd: I'm in ... zooming up from S'ban to meet ya all :)) looking forward to it!

Jon-C said...

AD, any particular candidate ya routing for in the US Elections? Hehehehe, i'll gladly proclaim myself to be a Democrat IF i'm a US citizen. Kekekeke ;0)

anfield devotee said...

JonC: Hopefully Obama. Would be far better fer international diplomacy.

Also he at least admits the economy is in tatters unlike McCain who said recently "the economy is still ok". That remark ahs cost McCain quite a few votes in traditionally Republican states.

Jon-C said...

An old war horse with a redneck riding on top. Thats what i think of the McCain and Pallin ticket.

senorita.. said...

oooh,i dun like that Palin woman!

Jon-C said...

Obama wins in what is looking like a land slide! New era for them Yanks!

Life's Like That said...

Hmmmmmm......How come police no raid lesbian parties??????

I'll b there on 22 Nov.

anfield devotee said...

LLT: maybe coz the women are smarter than men & do NOT keep having the parties at the same location despite being raided on four previous occassions?!!?

JonC: We shall see.

senorita: Palin. What a joke.

mozisgod said...

senorita/AD: er..in futherance to nuances concerning palin, there has been new series..uhm...of porn titles aptly titled "nailin' palin" been released...complete with spectacles, beehive hairdos and all..uh...uhm..so yeah, thought you'd might want to know.

soundtracks of choice this afternoon:
a) "are ya goinnnn' to san-francisscooo, be sure to wear some flowersss in yer hairrrrr..."; and
b) california dreamin' - the mamas and papas.

all done, with a twist of lemon of course:)

probably they might be no change for 'em. all the same, positive hope is better than negative skindyes. better than some cunt of manager bending over ya shoulder and say "let's just hope they (the powers that be) don't do an oswald over him". pessimistic turd.



anfield devotee said...

moz: hee hee . . . very uptodate ah you with the porn.
That's where US lags behind us a bit lar. There they have spoof porn to send up their politicians. Here in M'sia we got the real thing!

As fer an Oswald scenario, me sentiments exactly. Got a feeling every skinhead in the country (US) has got a new target to aim fer. The accompanying notority was enough to have spurred two neo-nazi wankers to attempt it a few weeks ago. The FBI managed to thwart their effort.

But me wonders if Obama's name is gonna reside next to Martin Luther King's & Malcom X's in the history books . . . under 'slain black leaders'.

senorita.. said...

adoi. i think i shud update u guys when it comes to porn lar next time. Naylin Paylin quite some time edi ler. leaked porn vid of imitation Paylin on 'gutterpost'.

google it

anfield devotee said...

senorita: yes, master . . .