Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Acute Myopia

Ok, me knows this is gonna sound fooking biased but me canna help but think majority of man yew fans are myopic wankers. Their complete lack of perspective is fooking shocking.

What is me talking about?

Ok, we've all heard Fergie's latest rant against the ref fer the supposed blunder in the Community Shield last Sunday. Go to any newspaper football site & ye'll have man yew fans foaming at the mouth in similar fashion.

Now, someone explain this to me. After Evra was body checked by Ballack, where the did the ball end up? If ye just read the papers or listened to the pundits, ye'll have thought that Chelsea broke away with the ball & scored immediately.

In fact, ball landed at the feet of Rooney who continued playing & the ref played advantage. Rooney didn't kick the ball out. None of his scum compatriots signalled fer him to kick the ball out. Several passes were exchanged before Chelsea finally got the ball & broke forward to score.

So what gives?

Another example where me was forced to respond.

A man yew fan commented on article (in Malaysian Insider) about Stevie G's court case fer affray by claiming that our capt is a THUG! Like the rest of the team who go round maiming opponents on the pitch. S/he apparently canna understand how such thuggery can be applauded as passionate play. Went on to call fer Stevie G to be hung, drawn & quartered fer crimes against humanity.

So when me brought up the names of Eric "Kung Fu" Cantona, Roy Keane & Alfe Inge Haaland, there was no response.

Lest we forget, how commentators always seem to laugh at Paul Scholes two-footed lunges as some sort of trivial joke. "The lad is a damn fine midfielder but he canna tackle." Why is that even funny?

And then another man yew plonker says that at least those players owned up to their mistakes & duly paid the price unlike Stevie G. (!!??!!)

Hmmmm . . . so premeditating GBH on a fellow pro & then profiting from it in a ghost-written biography is "owning up"? Being caught on live telly lashing out at an abusive fan is allrite? Imagine everyone reacted similarly to abusive fans.

Fooking hell. Its like LFC fans trying to justify Heysel as a bit of fun that got out of hand.

Me admits people tend to get all hot under the collar & extremely illogical when it comes to their fave teams but please try to engage the brain before posting / speaking.

Ok, rant over fer the day.

ps: Before anyone decides to roll out that all-too familiar speech about it being just a game & that its a money-making franchise . . . blah blah . . . players & teams don't care bout us . . . blah blah . . . ye obviously don't get it & worse yer PATRONISING AS FOOK!


Mohan said...

AD Dude: ala..the passion of footballlah!. Suur Alex to his best intimidating self as always. Reminds me of a LAT cartoon that depicts a fan chasing a referee with the corner flag! ANd of course we'll always think that ManU(TM) supporters are total tossers!M.

anfield devotee said...

Mohan: Like me said, passion gua memang understand but pls don't go shooting yer mouth off like its the gospel truth la.

Like the Stevie G attack. That tosser was so DELUDED that s/he said even Rooney doesn't behave like that. He only REACTS to bad tackles . . .

Fooking hell!

Mark said...

Dude, like their manager, mancs have always found something/someone to blame when things don't go their way. When they lose, it's because they played like crap, not because the opposition out-played them or out-thought them.

Thugery? Yeah short memory they have. Poor old Alfie Haaland nearly had his leg taken off by their deranged captain no less.

What about Ronaldo the rapist?

Geeze we could go on and on. Anyone keeping score?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

it wouldnt be fair for me to comment the incidents involving michelle/eva. but who cares about fairness anyway, right? so coming from both players, their thuggish antics didnt really come as a surprise.

Kopite78 said...

Honestly, would any logical person expect anything less from Manure scum? Manager, players and supporters alike are bunch of morons who think they can do no wrong and that everyone else is out to get them. Sad. Sad. Sad.

Tinesh said...

haiz here we go again. I dint get to watch the match due to some unforseen circumstances (lol) so when i watch the replays ill drop my bit here.

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

mmwhahahhahahhaa. nish one.

quite aptly put, myopic wankers. mwahhahahhaha.

i personally know 1 or 2and they are gloating myopic wankers who happen to be my payslip signing man *sigh*.

i get less shite when we lose a game to the kop, as compared to losing a game at utd. go figure. plus the latest gloat this mr.payslip's got going on is the rumour of the special one punting for bossman's pole position once he quits....
"...that's the way la utd...another 20 years of glory..."


tinesh, no offence intended. at least yu dun gloat (to a certain extent). thanks for lettin' me rip off "fergie ferg".


p.s. dude, rmember that red car with white linings on the sidebody in starsky and hutch? what model is that ah and how much cc does it carry between the groins? thanks.

Jon-C said...

Mate, and they say we're whiners and cry babies. Look who talking eh? Wahahahaha. The ol' geezer never fails to crack me up.

anfield devotee said...
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anfield devotee said...

Mark: Yup. Just like some of them (actually just the one) who think just because he is a customer, he can fooking mouth off bout our team in MY pub & is fooking SHOCKED when me gives him an EARFUL. Take it like ye dish it? Evidently not.

kerp: Dunno bout ye but their fans just seem to piss everyone off with their illogical, ignorant & arrogant crap.

Tinesh: To be fair, yer not like the rest, though ye did display some alarming tendencies in the beginning (remember the "if not fer Heysel, man yew would have more european cups than LFC" quip?).
However, will give ye the benefit of the doubt. But me thinks ye can see why yer lot are so fooking unliked.

JonC: When are refs gonna grow some hairy ones & tell him to eff off!!??!! Bad news is that his BESTEST PAL Ole Mother Riley is now Head of Ref Assoc, so fergie must think he's got carte fooking blanche to do whatever the fook he wishes.

Kopite78: We must be careful we don't become like them.

Moz: Macha, pls remind yer gloating boss man to explain the 20-plus year gaps in between league titles & european cups . . . the man yew way it seems. Selective memories or what? Unless of course he is a typical man yew fan who started supporting them when he fell in love with Becks . . . (as in yet another Johnny-come-latelys)
ps: Sorry, me is pretty ignorant of Yank wheels.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

lets start afresh bro. and run-up to this ocming season so far i have yet to get any sticks from them OT wankers BUT ALREADY A BUNDLE from Chelski fans. I mean, apa lancau weh? even the yids (Moz!) have yet to fire any salvo.


unforeseen circumstances? like what, prom night? muahhahhaahaha...

anfield devotee said...

Ah ha ha, good one Kerp! Prom nite!

Chelsea? Pls la. Tell them we only talk to REAL fans. Budak baru can go mingle among the other budak baru ie mostly man yew fans . . .

Anba said...

Moz: the car is a Ford Gran Torino
250 cu in (4.1 L) I6 engine maybe 4100cc i guess...

REgarding Bola biasalah bro same old shite from Unkel Fergie...what else...

anfield devotee said...

Anba: Oh, sama la as the car in Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino! Looks way diff without dem trademark stripes dwn the side.

Reagrding yer gooners, me thinks ye'll do well with the 4-3-3 which wenger will be deploying.

Jon-C said...

According to the demented logic of the ol' geezer we're already screwed and the season over before we even kick a ball. Wahahahahaha! No pressure on us lah, since we underdogs.

Let's see who has the last laugh by next May.:0P

j or ji said...

phew! dah lama tak baca post pasal bola from FFS.

nway..i dun have anything to say about the incident.its futball.totally.
body contact and such.the usual fergie,ballack,evra,rooney and their antics...and afkos,the usual stupid comments from a few man u fans.

chances for both team this season,i think 50-50.both losing their best players.

i love 'heat arguments' between both fans. its fun! i mean, thats all we can do la kat malaysia ni..

anfield devotee said...

JonC: Actually me don't mind him dismissing us coz it'll fire the players up.

j or ji: Well said.

Anba said...

the Gran in Clint Eastwood is the 72 model while starkie's one is the 74 punya model got difference in the looks...

Regarding Man U them fans and all and all...
You have Ppl like my Older brother who was a Man U fan (Notice the Past tense ...starting in the early 80's let me see something like an FA cup won in 83( i was 5 yrs then)...was a Big Bryan robson fan..use to boast that he had more broken bones then any other players and was the only dude who wore New Balance Boots when it was all Adidas n Pumas..note no Nike shoes...but
80's no doubt belonged to Liverpool...
so being a Man U fan was not a popular thing in those era's and
For Man u
But staring from 1990 when they won the FA Cup, 91 Cup winners cup and all unkel fergie developed the team with solid youngsters (Giggs,Scholes,Butt Brothers and all with good and cheap buys Like Cantona, Schiemicheal,Kanchalskis..
the team in 92-95 was without the hoo haa was a good and solid team..with Irwin,Bruce,Ince,hughes,Neil Webb..
note many English and other british players..
After the Cantona ERa...
and in came
The circus...

Queen Becky,Keane(Drama Quuen,, etc the Yhpe ,hyper buys and all..i guess this is where
Man U and Their Fans were starting too cabut the Pubic Hairs of the Footies Fans..

Kopite78 said...

Are we getting together to watch LFC take on the mighty Spurs this Sunday 11pm kick off???

Biren said...

couldn agree with you more and was wondering when ur ranting was gonna start about the scum.....

give u another one.....no lah we not gonna miss ronaldo.....

hmm thats the world footballer of the year whatever u say man...:)

Biren said...

couldn agree with you more and was wondering when ur ranting was gonna start about the scum.....

give u another one.....no lah we not gonna miss ronaldo.....

hmm thats the world footballer of the year whatever u say man...:)

Tinesh said...

Moz: Anytime macha haha

Kerp: Hahahaha I wish la! Too bad the mamak went to had their astro disconnected because they were using smart card from home. Apparently the price is diff when it comes to business and its about 250 bucks ONLY for the sports package. And the rest of the mamaks were too crowded.

Like J or Ji said, the only thing that keeps the passion up for us is always the cock talking. We gonna gloat, you gonna gloat but in the end it's overrated players who take 150k per week back home lolz

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

anba: thanks for the info, looks like i'll have to get circumsized, dip manhood insignia AND leftover foreskin (..we don't want to waste that) in petrol to soak it all up for a engine that size. mwahahah. thanks again.

kopite78: ..the "mighty" spurs? mwahhahahhaa...thanks again appreciate the tolerance and sikap berhemah tinggi. hee hee


god no. oh no. fark no. TELL ME HE DIDN'T SAY THAT.

*sigh* the oracle has spoken, the curse unleashed and an A-BOMination looms
at the foot of the
so it shall be written,
so it shall be done.

arghghghghg. he aslo predicted amongst other unfortunate things: (depending on the poison of your choice)
a) utd/chelsea to head the pack of wolves; and
b) reds to be out of top .

but fret not, we're talkin' about predictorextraordinaire here, maybe it may work in reverse..

as in the case of....&%^$&#*


Bernard said...

MOZ : this is all I have to say about his predictions..."Ahhhh!! Fook the bhai!!!!"

Bernard said...

Re gathering to watch the "Mighty Spurs" game. Will keep an eye out on what the lads at MyRawk have got planned & give a "heads up" here.

anfield devotee said...

Moz: Don't be modest. Ye've got the perfect strike force - beanpole + small quick striker + hardworking Irishman.
Not looking forward to this me tells ye.
ps: Have got a heads up on a Yank muscle car fer sale in JB. Give me a buzz!

Biren: Of course they aren't gonna miss him . . . but they'll be wondering what to do with their No7 Ronaldo jerseys now.

Tinesh: But ye do get me point rite?

Kopite78 / Bernard: Ok. See how.

Bernard said...

MyRawk watching @ The George & Dragon, Bangsar Shopping Complex from 10pm.

Who's in??

Jon-C said...

I'm in as i am the one who sent out the invite in fb. Hehehehe.