Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Greatest Comic Ever?

Fresh from the laffs of Carlos Mendias from the last posting, me though me post a couple of classic clips of the late, great Bill Hicks.

Many consider him the greatest comic to ever ply the trade. Better than Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy et al. The fact he passed on at the age of just 32 meant that his legacy is unsullied by shit sit-coms or movies.

Thing about him is that so often his monologues make complete sense & ye finds yerself nodding in agreement at the complete absurdity of things.

Fer those of ye unfamiliar with his work, me hopes these clips will spur ye to look further. The word 'genius' is often misused but not so in the case of Bill Hicks.

Have a good laugh this Merdeka weekend! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Anba said...

saw some of the clips have heard of bill hicks b4 the clips were ok but maybe i need to explore..but i feel a similarity with George Carlin's act...
but i think me being an indian i seem to LOL to russelsimmons jokes..

anfield devotee said...

Visit away Hapi.

Anba: Do check the rest out. Pretty fooking sussed. Brilliant. Me thinks ye will laugh even louder when ye hear Bill's take on boy bands & Vanilla Ice!!!

Achilles said...

AD: as usual, must go home to check out the vids. Will leave comment after that.

BTW, check out latest posting on me blog and also take a moment to vote on the new poll.

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...


this fella is...
funnneeee with a CAPITAL farkin F mon.

good shit. to be latex on skintight, never heard of this fella until yer posting, goes to show yet explicably ignorance is never
farkin bliss.

ma idea on the pinnacle of cuttin' edge commedy ranged from billy connolly, russell peters (whom i have to thank for the bushy words of poo-na-nee to add to the vocab) to this yank of hispanic heritage...which for the life of my modric lovin' arse..can't no not senor mencia..this other i got it..
pablo francisco. (no main main wiki here ah)
funnneee in his own right.
am also a sucker for
bill cosby. dun ask why, mainstream fare in a manner of speaking but the dude just cracks up. he probably started out in indie circuits as well (read: dingy pubs like ol dinty's across the now gentrified brickfields...ooops sorry..sentral la beb)

thanks for this gem. he's got this belushi thing goin on except more refined. loves the rambling glint he's rambler to another..mwahhahahhaha. me nowhere near.


p.s.1 how's this for a one-liner ..."luka telah dilukakan"...think carlos mencia would be able to pull of a laugh usin that one? twainttty forrrr..mwahhahahhahhahahha

p.s. 2 been tryin to pronounce bocciaa..bocchiia..boccia..
shonen knife beckons!!!

anfield devotee said...

Achilles: Hope ye checks it out coz it'll be worth the time.

Moz: Glad ye liked it. There's tons of Bill Hicks on youtube, so please do check it out.
Pls check yer email, me will send a fooking gem of a audio clip to you so ye can share with yer mates.

Achilles said...

AD: I checked it out and his comedy is pretty cool.... but i dunno... i thought Uncle Tito from the previous posting was funnier stuff. maybe being a skit, uncle tito had more stuff to play around with... compared to stand up... where its just you... more difficult.

anfield devotee said...

We laughed at Uncle Tito coz we macha mah, achilles. Tickled our Indian funny bone so to speak (as Anba has also pointed out).

Do try to check out the legendary live shows in London where Bill Hicks really solidified his position as one of the all time greats.

Never has sermonising sounded so hysterically funny.

Achilles said...

AD: are right. Uncle Tito really was fooking hilarious-lah.

anyway will try to check out his other stuff.

premo said...

Ah... Bill Hicks. Legend.

anfield devotee said...

Yo premo, do you have any of his live recordings?

premo said...

AD: Yep. Here's the list on mp3:

Great Times On Drugs
Drugs Have Done Good Things
Confession Time [COPS]
Marketing & Advertising
LA Falls
Goodbye You Lizard Scum

anfield devotee said...

premo: Any chance ye could send these mp3 files to me via email?

Would really appreciate it.

ps: Have ye & Rajan discussed when ye guys wanna go fer comedy court?

john bill said...

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