Thursday, August 13, 2009

Noise fer A New World Order! (Ministry: Adios . . . Puta Madres)

Me was introduced to Ministry by me metal-in-arms buddy Dato' Pure during our uni days. That album - The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste - fooking blew me away. With a constantly revolving line up that included two vocalists, three guitarists, two bassists & two drummers, the sound produced was akin to a . . . nay, make that two . . . power drills to yer fooking cranium.

We were fortunate enough to have caught this industrial terrorists live during their Psalm 69 tour. With Pavement & Helmet in support, the gig left us with whiplashed necks in worse shape than Mickey Schumacher's musculus sternocleidomastoideus!

Anyways, Ministry weren't able to keep up the momentum created by those two LPs & soon slipped into mediocrity. LPs such as Filth Pig & Dark Side of The Spoon were abrasive without the vision & hooks that drove those earlier masterpieces. Worse, they highlighted main man's Al Jourgensen's all-consuming drug habit & he even complained that he was forced to buy crack from the streets as the record company refused to pay him in narcotics!!!

Anyways, after two decades of noise, chaos & some truly paralysing industrial metal, Ministry has decided to call it a day by releasing this live opus - Adios . . . Puta Mandres.

To download Ministry's noisy-as-fook farewell, please go to: .

Happy retirement & thanks fer the memories!

ps: Even the classically-inclined intern in me dept was fooking blown away by Ministry. He now tortures his Cinapek blockmates with it! Take a bow Matthew Ong.

pps: Famous social blogger Muststopthis ran out of me bar when we were having a Ministry party! Suffice to say, this is not fer the faint-hearted or those with cotton-candy ears.


Anba said...

Balaji today as me was drivin to work me suddenly was thinking what was your top 10 metal album in 96' that was published in Sun's PerFect Pitch ...
Correct me if me was wrong...
but i could only think of these.

Sepultura's Roots
Pantera's The Great Southern Trendkill...
and ...
was wanderin was Ministry's Filth Pig in the list together with Carcass Swansong...
Suddenly you post something about Ministry..some hidden forces at work....hmmmm
me really like NWO and Jesus Built my hotroad...from Psalm69
and i bought Filth Pig based on your recommendation back in came around Jan or Feb 96...hehehe

MadCat said...

Regular verbal exclamations when I blast Napalm Death or Ministry in my hostel:

"Why you listen to this kind of music one?"
"You are Chinese, learn how to appreciate cultural music more."
"Woi! Bising la! You call that music?"
"You're destroying your surround sound system..."
"That sounds like a choir of screaming bass cats."
"I thought you're a musician."
"I though you're a Christian."
"Where are your roots?"
List never ends. etc.

Or the more subtle:

*doors slamming*
*hears immediate retaliation in next few rooms in the form of Rihanna & Miley Cyrus & MJ & Jay Chou*
*stares from people passing room*

And the all time award-winning lecture from my Christian John Mayer-loving guitarist elder:

"Sad to see bands like this disgracing the guitar and using it to worship evil spirits. God created music, musicians, & instruments for a purpose - to praise & worship His beauty & glory. You should not listen to drugged music - drugs are a product of Satan. Hence the Satanic lyrics and warped playing."

"God bless us, bro," I answer.

MadCat said...
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anfield devotee said...

Anba: Wow! Yer right! Thanx fer remembering!

Filth Pig was defo one of the highlights of that year. But me suppose now ye could see things beginning to unravel.

Filth Pig was a worthy mention back in 96 but in the overall scheme of things, me is sure ye'll concur, that is pales significantly against the previous two releases.

Madcat: Welcome to FFS! And ladies & gents, this is the intern me was telling ye about.

Ha ha! Fook em!

Keep it up & turn the volume knob all the way to MAX!

premo said...

I had the opportunity catch NIN live @ Fort Canning Park Singapore and it was pretty damn good. But it cannot compare to a live Ministry gig me thinks. And yeAH those fuckers are noisy.

Long live Al!!

anfield devotee said...

Wow! Ye went fer that ah Premo! Must have been some gig. And special too as that was part of NIN's farewell tour.

Did ye get any merchandise?

premo said...

Yep it was pretty awesome:

Didn't get any merchandise la but I think I was the sole person there wearing the white reverse N shirt from the Broken Ep which elicited some crazy reactions from the peeps! Hehe!!

In comparison to the previous NIN tours like the recent Fragility tour, it lacked the menacing and dark atmosphere. But hey at least I got to see Trent live :)

Oh yeah Gene Simmons was there too. No really - kickin with the crowd in the VIP rows!

Mohan said...

AD Dude: Ministry..canggih benar!! Can never forget 'Just One Fix'..with Burroughs eternal advice..'Never Trust a Junkie'. Absolutely envious of you ppl. who've watched them or even NIN live...lucky bastards!!!
Kind Regards, M.
p/s: looking for a copy of a recording of 'They called him the Priest'..a narration by Burroughs with K.Kobain playing background music. Am currently pissed off that I loss my CD of Dead City Radio ..bummer!

anfield devotee said...

premo: Hmmmm . . . Gene Simmons? Wonder what he was doing at a NIN gig?

Mohan: Wait & it will surely surface on one of the planned posthumous releases.
Read in a mag that Burroughs said "that kid is troubled over nothing" or something to taht effect after meeting Kurt.

Mohan said...

AD Dude: Gather an article/orbituary/comment on Les Paul is to follow!(don't know much about the only Karapu SutuVelakaran..with little music knowledge...rock habis aje). Enlighten us!!

anfield devotee said...

Aiyo Mohan, gua pun sama la. though me remebers seeing cartoon in Guitar Player magazine depicting Les gathering wood from a magical forest fer his instruments . . .

Anba said...


Just remembered one of the top 10 in 96'... RATM Evil Empire...
and i do agree Filth Pig compared to Psalm and Land is a notch below...

By the way just found out what Puta Madre means...hehehe..
So nxt time i can use it ...

anfield devotee said...

Oh yeah, RATM was the fooking bomb!

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