Thursday, August 6, 2009

Viva La Revolution!

Ernesto "Che" Guevara.

Revolutionary hero or war-mongering murderer?

If you want to have a closer look at the life of this infamous icon of armed struggle, do check out yer friendly pirated DVD emporium near you fer this 2-disc set. Running over 4-hours & directed by Steve Sodernberg (Ocean's 11, Traffic) & starring Benicio Del Toro as the enigmatic lead, this biopic is no walk in the park.

Heavy going at times, it does offer an insight into the life of a committed revolutionary. This film is based on Che's diaries & has been met with mixed responses. It has bombed spectacularly in the US but have garnered standing ovations in Latin America markets.

It has been snubbed at the Oscars, much to the dismay of Best Actor winner, Sean Penn (fer his performance in Milk), who believed it to be one the most important films of the year but Benicio did get the Best Actor gong at the infinitely cooler Cannes festival.

Me strongly urges you to check this out. Love or loathe Che's politics, ye'd still be fooking inspired by his dedication to the cause.

For a thorough analysis of the film, artistically as well as commercially, click here:


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

boleh pinjam bro? hehehe...

a little known fact about Che, he was born in Argentina. but ask the kids around and they'll give Cuba as an answer.

Praxi said...

I don't know where to get pirated CDs here :(


anfield devotee said...

Kerp: Me knows he is Argie. Not a little known fact, especially after the earlier film on his pre-revolutionary days - Motorcycle Diaries. In fact disc 1 of this Sodernberg production is entitled 'The Argentinian' & second part 'The Revolutionary'.

Also ye can see such luminaries such as Maradona & . . . ahem . . . Juan Sebastian Veron wearing tattoos of Che's image.

Kids these days? Me asked the kids in the college & they just had a fooking blank look on their faces la. Me tells ye, the levels of ignorance is pretty scary round here.

Sure. Will pass to ye next time we meet.

Praxi: Pigs on a wing?

Jon-C said...

How we need his fighting spirit here and now to clear this Bolehland and purge all those corrupt buggers outta here.

anfield devotee said...

JonC: Me thinks Bolehland would be beyond even Che's abilities la. Rotten to the core . . .

Tinesh said...

I dunno why people wear t shirts with Che's image and be ignorant of who he is. Or they would say he was a rebel and I am too.

And he was a medical doctor so Leah take notice!! :P Btw, you can stream or download la

Anba said...

Che Guevara or Che Det...
which one would u chose..

....from che goo...

anfield devotee said...

tinesh: But he was most definitely a rebel WITH a cause.

Anba: Sorry, Che Det way too rad fer me la. Me'll take the Marxist anytime over that other racist / facist dictator anytime.

Anba said...

Che Guevara... a Rebel with a Cause
Che Det...a Rebel with a wholesale cause
Che goo.. likes to discipline rebels..heheheh

Tinesh said...

haha nice one Anba!

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

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Tinesh said...

Moz, let them censor all they want. We always know how to get around it. Proxy ftw!! hahaha

premo said...

Yep saw pt 1... still have pt 2 at home - haven't watched it yet. It can get a bit long and taxing to watch at times since its filmed docu drama style but I feel director Soderbergh did a great job capturing the character and man behind the icon.