Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bedtime fer democracy

Jeff Ooi
Called in fer questioning by police. Screenshots blog down.

Leaders re-arrested & charged fer sedition.

Bar Council
Members arrested fer participating in walk without permit.

Bersih reps stopped from presenting memorandum to MPs.

The list of recent debacles & fiasco in this "democratic" country of ours goes on & fooking on. And the list above is just fer the last few fooking days! But yet most Malaysians encountered are still nonchalant & non-partisan on the many issues that plague us. "I'm not into politics" is a common excuse given by many. Another is the usual "We are ok, we are not as bad as Thailand or Pakistan".

With regards to the former, the erosion of basic democratic rights such as the freedom to express oneself & to gather peacefully are NOT political issues. Whether you agree or disagree with the likes of Mr Ooi or even Hindraf does not detract from the simple fact that they have a right to voice their opinions. THESE ARE YOUR FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS AS A CITIZEN IN A DEMOCRATIC NATION.

As fer the second statement, are we really going to wait till it is too fooking late before we do shit? A coup perhaps? Even then am sure many M'sians will feel it is just politics & does NOT concern them. As long as can cari makan, ok lar . . .

Am not asking people to throw down their tools & start a riot (or even march fer that matter). Just simply register themselves to vote. That's all. A surge in registration at the post office will be enough to send a shiver down the BN's spine.

And, of course, care enough to inform themselves of what is going on in this country of ours . . .

ps: Header is the title of an album by legendary hardcore punk dissidents Dead Kennedy's.


senorita.. said...

it's very sad........

nick m said...

bedtime? it's fuckin' comatose already under the "leadership" we're having.

mozisgod said...

am totally disillussioned.
(the other time..i was probably somewhere near this disillusionment..was seeing hoddle get sacked..mwahhaa..)
but seriously..
i really am.
one half of me is cringing in apathy.
one half of me is reeking of self-guilt for not being "there". for anybody.for putting up a lying front to all and sundry as an excuse for survival in a partisan work environment. with clients.
with boss.
*sigh*. sorry to depress you and the fellas.. didn't meant to mate. just a silent scream dude. no worries.
just went and applied/renewed my passport. instinct told me to.
instinct thats constantly worrying me about my family. my folks. god bless them. see they're the only two people who ever gave a fark about me..and if anything..happens to them.....

peace out.

p.s. biafra couldn't have said it better mate..only difference is he could still scream those songs-a-la-vibrato on stage..ever wondered whether he could have done the same here?
maybe can kot...

theALBERTUS said...

aaah! fook politics. let everyone else do what they want to do. besides who care bout government these days, anyways.

So who cares if we lose our rights day by day and then one slowly we end with DATUK SERI DIKTATOR!


oi bala! you inviting your Ms. Camera Whoe for the LFC v ManUTD game MyRAWK event at M Bar? Bet you the boys would be very very happy and all smileys!...

me cannot laa.....wifey is back!

anfield devotee said...

moz: we all feel it, brudder.

senorita: we should turn our sadness into anger at the injustice of it all.

nick: That album was actually a response to the Reagan administartion. Whatever said done, at least the yanks can point to unprecendented economic growth during that era. What can we point at? "Be thankful that ethnic cleansing does not exist in this country," says PM. Oh how lucky we all are.

albertus: eh, nopt everyone so lucky like you to get a visa to NZ. Some of us are stuck in this internment camp.

And yes, I did ask Miss Siew Pau to go fer Sun game & see how many Kopites recognise her. He he, suffice to say she was not amused at the suggestion.

JonC said...

Unker, tell her there's more cameras she can whore! Wahahahahahaha!

You joining us for the big clash?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Rambozo the Clown!

hihi...nothing political there.

Biafra for the PM job and East Bay Ray his deputy...and we'll have even more chaotic Malaysia.

ok, its 230am and admittedly i dont have anything better to write.

Bernard said...

Attended a fund raising dinner last nite at Serdang for Jeff Ooi's candidacy for Serdang Parliamentary seat. Well attended by about 1000 odd people. I was there courtesy of Tony "I Don't Bet On Liverpool Anymore, honest!!" Yew. Food was good, company excellent & alcohol was in copious amounts.

Suffice for me to say here that during Jeff's speech, he drove home a very pertinent point especially those with a lackadaisical attitude when it comes to exercising the right to vote.

Don't blame Badawi for the ills plaguing the nation. Instead, ask yourself, what would you be doing with your right to vote during election time??

Exercise your right - deny BN a 2/3 majority!!!

On a lighter note, Bala, get Ms Siew Pau to come for the game on Sunday & put her under my care. I'll show her there's a better world out there than just being a camera an alcoholic beverage researcher.

Bernard said...
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anfield devotee said...

Woi! Bernard, put Miss Siew Pau under yer care? Doris will then burn down me workplace lar!

My goodness, didn't realise the impact she would make. Her's was three postings ago & still commenst popping up (in addition to the 43 she got at the post itself. Tsk tsk . . .

RE: Jeff Ooi's speech. Yes, precisely. In fact, if everyone just bloody registered to vote, that alone would send out a signal to BN.

Very very fooked up . . .

Bernard said...

Ai Yah, why you so worried? Ms Bailey's herself can also teach her a thing or two...

Mandeep Gill said...


Quite bad eh? I can't see the point in saying i can't understand anymore. the is a fed-up-ing situation. :(


Marsha M said...

I dont want to get myself or my blog into trouble again for saying something HONEST TO GOODNESS and TRUE TO THE T because Bolehland punya rule is damn no-sense! As BS as they are, it's a tricky situation, I admit but putting sticky tape over people's mouth don't work lah. make people very angeri rite?

if people tok to them nicely, ask for permission, CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT. that means cannot tok, rite? cannot tok but, what to do?

bolehland kings and queens shud just let dem sit down and chit-chat nicely lah. sticky tape treatment dont work because we not 3 year old lor.....