Monday, December 24, 2007

Weekly footie digest

Its the beginning of the hectic X'mas programme & we'll soon know if its a winter of discontent. Already 10 fooking points of the pace, it looks like another season of scrapping fer fourth fooking place. And this year it won't be as straightforward as previous campaigns with Man City, Pompey & the Blueshites looking decent bets on making it into the Champion's League.

Sorry, but let's face it, our title hopes were over once we fooking drew with Birmingham & Spurs at home; nevermind other results. The Arse & Scum have built up too big a gap fer us to chase down whilst Chelsea has been resoundingly solid & should hold onto third spot. Truth hurts, I know.

As fer the European Cup, what can I say, like last year we drew the one team everyone wanted to avoid. But Inter & Zlatan in particular are on fire & will be just too much fer us especially having to play the 2nd leg away. So no league cup, no European Cup & definitely no Premiership title means Rafa's tenure is more than likely to end up like Jose's tenure at CSKA London . . .

Sad but true. Well, a quick round up of weekend action:

Liverpool 4 v Pompey 1
Pompey were dreadful even though our Djimi "Bambi Legs" Traore wasn't in the squad. We were ok but Pompey were shite. Fer a team that has held us to two scoreless draws since August, they never looked like containing Benayoun nevermind Torres. Good to have a decent result after three domestic reversals in a fooking row.

Arsenal 2 v Spurs 1
What can I say? Keane bangs one against the bar from 5 yards out & missing a pen as well. Wha tha fook? Fer the sake of me Spurs friends sanity, me sincerely hope you lot can beat their under-15 side in the League Cup semis.

Scum 2 v Blueshites 1
This is getting too predictable. Everton play with great gusto only to be undone by one moment of madness. Don't believe me? Two season ago, Yobo "back passes" ball to Rooney fer winner. Last season, Keeper inexplicable fumble & Neville own goal sparked scum revival in a game Blushites were leading 2-0 & in complete control. Dodgy? You fooking bet . . .

Newcastle 2 v Derby 2
If we are not careful, we could well end up like the laughing stock that is the Toon. To think some M'sians were interested in buying this club. Gila ka?

Blackburn 0 v Chelsea 1
Normal service has resumed. Sexy football? Yeah right, more like androgynous humping more like it.

We'll see on Boxing Day whether we are to remain a Top Four team or our slide into mid-table anonymity (ala Souness reign) begins here. Until then, here's wishing all of you a very Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

season in season out, them spurs scum love bragging about beating their mighty neighbour.

they spent a ridiculous amount of money on a lazy forward and a bench-warmer. this season they thought they had the best chance of beating us with henry gone and shits like that. i say, go ahead, brag and spend somemore, we gooners did a double on them. hah!

come 7th jan, you get to see the berbatovs, keanes, bents, lennons and shits up against Wenger's grandkids. they can take the worthless cup for all i care. bcos again,

...their millions of pounds spent only worth a turd!

anfield devotee said...

ok, moz & all other spurs fans, calm down, calm down . . .

Kerp, u bastard lar. Admit it lar, u were fooking lucky.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


yeaa, admittedly we were abit lucky but you needed that sometimes. what matters is we didnt lose a point against them at all this season.

ok my apology to the spurs fan who may have read my comment bala, but seriously, how did you manage to get shebby to read fer fook's sake? haaahhh!!

mozisgod said...

Dear kerpov ph.dov,

onlyov abitov luckyov?? farkov.
moz-ov notov goingov to commentov longov todayov.

in light of the passing of the dude's father..

have decided to abstain no..more like restrain..with S&M like apparatus.. from any acidic pure HcL drenched banter.. drenched banter..albeit, always..done with good intentions.. in the good name of footy camaradrie amidst drunken mugs of beer..burpp...spilt hop and crushed stout cans.
always in a friendly manner.

yeah right. again AS i said earlier. farkov.:)

have only this to say. come the semis...have a gut feeling wenger might just decide
to field his full side - after watching the aforementioned match &
the game at potties-MAUTH.

Mr.Bernard: my condolences from the gut within dude...its on very rare occassions.. and with great difficulty..i actually say and mean this in one breath but here goes..YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE DUDE. he sounds like a gem.

see ya fellas.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ok moz, obviously you're pissed. and if i had known there are spurs fan reading bala's blog, i would not shoot my mouth off. my apology.

BUT, what was so lucky abt the penalty save? if manuel had dived to the other side, it wld hv been a well-taken kick frm robbie but NO, that wasnt the case. Gunners were 'lucky' keane didnt take it well. no credits to almunia. boohoo..

oh, and we were 'lucky' the ball accidentally hit bendtner's head and ricocheted past robinson.

yes,yes...lucky gunners.