Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Laughter the best medicine

Am quite a fan of Scott Adam's Dilbert comic strip. The observations on cubicle-dwelling office characters are almost always fooking spot-on. Plus I love the strip's dry sarcastic wit. So I was well chuffed when I came across a DVD box-set of the animated series (which ran on CNBC) at me neighbourhood pirated-DVD emporium recently. Who says Puchong is the boondocks, eh?!?

Wifey & meself couldn't contain our glee when we watched the first couple of episodes. Adam really captures the zeitgeist of life in a large, faceless organisation run by idiotic morons disguised as upper management. And like I said, you'll definitely see people you know from yer office portrayed in the cartoon's endless list of idiosyncratic characters.

If you do come across this box set in yer local DVD mart, do get it as it is fooking hilarious! Also included a recent gem (print version) fer yer amusement. Hope you all have a nice day @ work.

PS: Sorry, sparsity of postings lately due to busy work schedule.

PSS: I only paid RM25 fer me 4 disc box set, so don't get fleeced or come down Puchong way!


Afif said...

You're rather quiet about The Reds' recent plucking brilliant form. Any comments?

In Rafa we trust :D

nick m said...

LOL!!! so true that it's not only funny, but scary at times. there are really some arseholes high up the corporate ladder.

Mandeep Gill said...

I always found the comic a little on the monotonous side for some reason.

But i just realized it IS in fact funny. :D

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

dilbert, the animated-version of drew carey!

*ya la...nothing on liverpool's thumping win against bolton. that baarger missed a sitter. should go down as the miss of the season!

anfield devotee said...

Afif: Brudder, I don't want to jinx it. Plus with Marseille & the Scum coming up next week, well, you know.

Me feelings bout Rafa v Yanks is that obviously it would be very bad to sack him. But he still should NOT have aired our dirty laundry. Plus it makes me worry that his days are numbered. Few gaffers survive an outburst of that sort.

Funnily enuff, this crisis has actually had a galvanising effect on the team with everybody (meself included) backing Rafa.

re: Bolton, we were very lucky Aberloa & Anelka did NOT score, otherwise very different story, bro. . .

And let's not get ahead of ourselves. We still haven't qualified fer CL 2nd round & still 6 pts behind the arse.

And I have always maintained that I would LOVE to be proven WRONG regarding Rafa, ok?

nick: Don't we just know it . . .

mandeep: Wait till you start work. Then you will find the accuracy of Dilbert unnerving.

Kerp: brudder, Dilbert is soooooo much funnier than Drew Carey la.

Ya la, you fookers have been installed as the faves to win the league by the UK bookies after yer win v villa.

Sigh, all we can hope fer is the League Cup. And even then we've got Chelsea away . . .

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


i need your fsvour la bro. if you dont mind, do check my blog leave some comment or two. and if possible bring all your readers too and do drop some comments. that wld be much appreciated. i really need some support. thanks you and all in advance.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i'm sorry again la bro. didnt even read ur response. am so not in the right frame of mind at the mo. again my sincrest apology. a fucking shithead has bombed my blog with shitty comments.

Kopite78 said...


Pinjam your Dilbert DVD after you are done!!


JonC said...

I am living the Dilbert life now. Will laugh at it once i'm done with me current job. :0P

anfield devotee said...

kopite78: Its RM24 lar, worth it bro. Just beli lar, yo.

jonC: Be a Wally! They will have to fire you & give you nice fat severance package.