Thursday, January 3, 2008

Another season gone . . .

It ain't over till the fat lady sings? Well, after this morning's turgid 1-1 home draw v the mighty fooking Wigan, she not only sang, but burped, farted & picked her teeth as well. After the busy festive fixtures where our "big squad" was supposed to come in handy, we're not only are 12 points adrift of the leaders but outside the top four as well.

Yes, I admit I am a hugely pessimistic fooker when it comes to me beloved Reds. This is due to two incidents which has scarred me fer life - Micheal Thomas & Lawrie Fooking Sanchez. Those two shocking winners (which denied us a double on both occasions) not only conditioned me to expect the worse but to look fer cracks in everything. To say I take nothing fer granted is putting it mildly! And I hate it when me dire fooking predictions are rite. It pains me no end!

Just like I was opposed to the Yank's takeover, I was shouted down as a short-sighted traditionalist. Now that our new stadium plans are in jeopardy & with a rift between them & Rafa growing, most fans are having second thoughts as well.

Yes, I can fully understand supporters wanting to be optimistic & dream a little. After all, our song says to "walk with hope in yer hearts". But I just want to underline the fact that I am not going to blindly cheer me team when its all fooked up. Many again had dismissed me suggestions at the start of this campaign that we were gonna be scrapping fer fourth despite the arrival of Torres & others. I just felt we were short of quality in too many positions; in particular out wide. Plus Rafa's mind-boggling tactics & team selections were also contributing factors (see v Reading, v Birmingham etc).

Come on people, every fooking season there's talk of a title challenge. Yet again after X'mas, we are a gazillion points of the pace & struggling fer champion's league qualification. You know how we laugh at the continued misfortune that engulfs Newcastle at every turn; among the so-called Big Four, we are turning into a similar caricature of a Football Club. Cruel joke & a fooking farce, mate.

How is this is even remotely acceptable? As usual, I look forward to hearing from all serious footie lovers on the current gloom surrounding Anfield. Wankers with nothing but cheap shots to fling, please fook off . . .

ps: The tattoo on me arm is indication of how intrinsically my life is linked to LFC. But again, it does not render me a blind follower . . .

pps: 18 years is a fooking long time fer a league title. We are in danger of emulating the Scum who took fooking 25!!!


ISA said...

despite me being one of the more optimistic fanatical, loyal, hard core supporters, forever with hopes in my heart, I have to sadly agree with Bala that as far as the title is concerned, the season is over. I dont see us overcoming a fooking 12 point deficit...fook the game in hand...I cant see the Scums, Gooners or Chevski doing a Keeganesque Geordie collapse...

lets face it, we are not good enough just yet, not for europe but for the domestic league. We tend to stand our own against technically superior sides from the continent but when it comes to raw power, hustle & bustle of the Premiership, more often than not, we're at sixes and sevens...Rafa just hasnt got a fooking clue on how to deal with blood sweat & tears sort of defending, usually dished out by teams visiting anfield or teams facing us.

Yesterday, the men in red were as intelligent as fooking know how large the brain size of that bird point in saying that the other team parked the team bus in front of the goal or a built a fooking bus terminal there, had another gazillion shots at goal..WE ARE comes with the territory. no point in saying we should have won the match becoz we controlled one gazillion percent of possession, the other team was not interested in winning..blah blah blah...

Possession is akin to masturbation, self gratifying and of no real value to the opposition. SCORING (in whatever field..hehehe) is. lets get that right. Paisley once said if u are not sure of what to do with the ball, just put it in the back of the net and we'll talk about it later...simplistic but fooking deep..

honestly, i have more hopes in going to Moscow than to welcome the coveted Premiership at Anfield come end of May...

Please excuse me as i scurry and bury myself in my tiny hole away from scums, gooners and chavs..the insults are flying in...four horse race for the title? naaah...we never even made it to the starting line..

my parting words...i'm afraid rafa & the yanks have outlived their purpose..thanks for everything, now bugger off..the RED ARMY needs new leadership...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Wow man, nice tat.

so anyway, You heard this from me before but i'm saying it again. its still too early to rule out any teams. Its only January and all the top 6-7 teams are very much in the title race. ok fine, logically we can rule villa or even sven’s boys out but this is football man. it aint over till the final whistle blows.

cheer up, brother.

@dam said...

As I said in my post, it will be extremely difficult now. God willing, with three points from the game in hand, it is a 9 point gap.

Will Liverpool be able to have a run of say 13 matches winning streak and see Arsenal or M*n U*d suffer 3 defeats while Liverpool do that? Not likely. However, The year just got started and there's still a lot of matches left.

For one, I did not put any expectation on Liverpool to win the title. However, I do expect them to close in on the leader. When 38 games are played, I do expect Liverpool to be not more than 10 points behind.

Then, I will reflect back and say Liverpool could have easily won a least four games which they failed due to misfortune in front of goals.

All these while, I do not think Liverpool lack behind the others in quality. They have good enough players. Again, the difference I see is the personality of LFC and its players. Opponents just do not fear them as much as they fear M*n U*d and Arsenal.

Media has played a big part in intimidating the opponents for them. How many intimidating titles do we see reported about C. Ronaldo? How many intimidating titles do we see reported about Arsenal's style of football?

Defenders just do not go against the likes of Rooney and C. Ronaldo like they do against Alonso and Kuyt. They simply fear their names. Same with Arsenal, their style is just allowed by opponents who run back aimlessly instead of trying to stop them once they got the ball!

The season looks over for the Reds. However, prayers are all I can offer and I will continue to do so!

theALBERTUS said...

From my take, I would have to go with the optimist. Its not over until the fat lady sings. On the other hand, I do agree that we are currently stuttering again. Last season it was our pathetic away form. Now its our home or rather closely, X'mas form.

William from MyRAWK was saying that the fear now is that we are becoming a championship cup team only. Shheeesh! My thoughts on the situation is LFC needs new players from defense, wingbacks and to backup strikers.

It used to be us relying on Gerrard and Owen. Its becoming now of Gerrard and Torres. My fears are this apart from my optimist self is that:
1) LFC does not win anything this season
2) LFC is not even UCL spot
3) Rafa has been told no money to spend unless sell or buying becomes a pain

I would not be surprised of another blinking shakeup.

SHITE! We should have gone with DIC. Atleast we would have gotten 4to 5 good quality players(10-30Million pounds worth) to work alongside Gerrad and Torres.

Oh woan!

Pride in the Past, Hope in the Future....for that is all we have.

JonC said...

We're crap when push come to shove and not good enough. That's the brutal truth. I am gonna take a back sit for the rest of the season and go bury my head like Isa in a corner. I really got no eye to see use churn out draws in matches we CAN win anymore. I'm never an optimist nor a pessimist, but this time i'm jumping into AD's pessimist bandwagon. EPL 07/08 season a write off - checked. Now all our eggs are in the cup competition basket. My rants and thought on the 1st half of the season is up on MyRAWK, so go check it out.

Mandeep Gill said...

I have absolutely NO IDEA what exactly you're going on about. i blame my giving up on joining my boys to watch games (psst, they got astro, i don't so instead of going to mcds or our cafes in the town they stay home)

But you TATTOO!!!!
i really am *makes face*

and i didn't puke! it wasn't meeeeeee!!!

yeah, i can hold my liquor like a PRO! :D

Mandeep Gill said...

sorry bout that.

Afif said...

I say blame it on the yanks and viva la Rafalution!

While Fergie, Wenger and Moaningho (now Avram) got the big fat turkey, what does Rafa gets? breadcrumbs? I say the yanks must now walk the talk and give the boss the backing he deserves.

I think Rafa is one hell of a manager and nobody came close to what he'd achieved in such a short time. If he could get us into 3 Champions League final, 2 third place finishes, one FA and a few other pieces of silverware and finals on a shoestring budget, I shudder to think what he could deliver if he get the proper backing from the owners. If anybody deserves the boot, it's Uncle Tom and Georgie Scrooge and definitely not Rafa Benitez.

No, I'm not burying my head in any rat hole , hell I'm gonna keep on walking with my head up high (and hope in my heart). I'm still praying for a miracle to happen (or some divine intervention of sort) come the end of the season.

Keep the faith, COME ON YOU REDS!

kevo said...

Time and time again this is happening no matter what the situation. New manager, new players, new owners, new tactics, new hope and what have you lah but its still same old same old. Part of me likes to succumb to the consolation that we’re just terribly unfortunate. Then again, might as well be cursed eh! Yeah, 18 agonizing seasons is a mighty long time. Yet again, our reds are simply not good enough. Like you mate, and most LFC fans alike who were pampered from the glory years, I am exhausted.

Sadly, that special quality and mentality of grinding a result and winning-games-you-don’t-have-a-fookin-right-to-win has eluded the red of Merseyside since the 80s.
I am not one to condemn the management or the players when things are going wrong but I agree there must be swift calculated solutions when things are. Every time that happens our adaptability and so called strength-in-depth are usually not equal to the task.

We could say sack Rafa but it’ll only lead us back to point zero again. I think the role of the Gaffer is so bloody insecure these days than it has ever been. If its anyone you need to blame, it’s truly the players. The manager should be given a realistic time to build a proper team and getting players to tick. In all fairness, I’d give Rafa another 2 years at least to complete his jigsaw. As far as I am concerned, strengthening in just a few positions is very much needed at present though. Kuyt (bless him for his workrate), Pennant, Kewell (ok so he needs more games) and Sissoko (given up on him) sudah tak boleh lah. Crouchy's very iffy too. I’d spend money on a pacy, skillful winger, a solid centreback and a crafty goal-scoring partner for Torres up front. We need players who will make a difference, not try anymore!

I’ve walked on with a lot of hope in me heart and a helluva lot of pain as well since the good ol’ red days but I’ll creep into me shell to dodge all them ass-holic taunts fer now and yeah seriously to just recover.

anfield devotee said...

afif: Ok, you say the Yanks are to blame. Agreed, I was vehemently opposed to giving ownership of club to a race who never appreciated the game in the first place.

But who is to blame fer the fooking home draws v Wigan, Birmingham & Spurs?

Please don't tell me Rafa is blameless. He bought the players, he sets the tactics & calls the shots. Aren't we good enough to see off these teams?

What really pisses me off is that we aren't even challenging fer the title. If we at least push the top two hard till the end of the season, I'd be satisfied. But no, we collapse midway.

Even the much maligned Houllier managed to give Arsenal a go in the 2002/03 season.

But TQ fer posting yer comments. The one thing we all share at the moment is the profound sense of pain . . .

nick m said...

the yanks aside, what counts is the ball hitting the net. and this hasn't been happening often enough.
frankly, i'm tired to seeing them win when they have their backs against the wall. i mean how often do they think they can pull it off? fact is, it's pathetic that you have to wait until that happens. yes, the season's gone.

mozisgod said...

dear balaov,

believe me. more than anybody else..i can relate to that.

dear kerpov phov.dov: not angry. not pissed wif yu or anyone la bro. its all in the name of the game. dun perasan ok:)I DO HATE THE TEAM..but how can you hate mesmerizing football being played like the way it should be played?..believe you me if you had been following my previous voiceouts (no no..i one bothers actually)'d know who i'm really pissed with...the elements of nature which make up the spurs.(i dunno who else to call or describe or rant about it)
at least you've got a bloke who knows what he's doing. give him a tesco outlet..and believe yu me, he will perform enough to subsist if not outshine.

at least the reds have a backline that buttplugs when necessary; no lettin' in measly farkin setpieces. everytime a free-kick/corner situation arises, the king-less defence clutches their buttcheeks; and quivers; like a vibrator up their arse.

18 years??..bro..*sigh*
i'd better not compare for wanton need of further salting of the wound.

no mood to comment anything significant chief. (if i have ever that is). dog died. new year's eve.
its just a normal street dog.
a pariah.
but all the same. fella died on me.

Anba said...

Hi Mr Bala, may b this does not belong in this section but im kind of running out of time...friday lunch break endin soon....
i just happened to stumble upon your blogsite...i was a big fan of your metal column in the Sun Newspaper totally forgot the column heading was it blasting concept?...that was like a aeons it was kind of interesting to read your opinions again...r u still doin any music reviews ...must read previous postings of your blog..
yEs i do agree Obituary is one of he best or the best alongside Morbid..Carcass and Napalm...Eventhough im an ArseAnal Fan...since 90 frm 86-89 i was a Liverpool fan until that fateful day in August 89' the charity shield match against liverpool for god knows why i betted on Arsenal and i won i guess...i just wander what would happen to liverpool if Arsene Wenger becomes the manager?

MyRAWK ADMIN said...

Oi Anba, if Liverpool won N.19. and you bet on them to win and you win that makes you back an LFC fan.
Your head is right or what??....

Apa nih ping pong fan???

MyRAWK ADMIN said...

some fan.

Ghost Particle said...

deranged nut shouting at the tv in the early morning death matches. Then the whole week is fcked. It's hard enough defending the team, waiting 18 years was worst. Was fortunate enough to read n follow them when they wont the last ever cup before EPL...but 18 years... :(

The punters are putting a noose around Rafa's neck. There is not a single good thing to happen if he leaves. The opponents are jst defending extra hard when they play with us. But Rafa must have some bloody good reason to play a lone striker.

There are a few things you cant agree with Big Mac when it comes to critics, having the same squad week in week out might not work also. We never know. I dont understand how the whole freakin circus is calculating the number of changes RB made since coming when we bloody won cups. Just that we didnt get the holy grail...bohoo. How Arsenal gel together and how MU manages great escapes from time to time is beyond me. But Liverpool has a momentum called history to make sure we survive. But being out of the top 4 is bad, very bad.

About the gonna say we might still knick it. MU is not all saints, and Chelski n Mancity is not stable either. If they drop enough points this month and next, we might just be there...atleast getting to 2nd. But if we're disapponted, its another long wait for the new season...and maybe one without Rafa...and without a cemented new stadium deal and probably wit the yanks selling LFC all together.

Ghost Particle said...

and yes....Rafa become a crazy nut.

anfield devotee said...

anba: dear sir, welcome to Fer fook's sake0. Yes, Tq fer remembering, I used to have a weekly metal reviews column in The Sun. No, it wasn't Blasting Concept, that was Joe Kidd's (his excellent blog site is Ricecooker & link is on me blog roll).

But dude, BIG FOOKING MISTAKE admitting you lalang la. We don't take kindly to this kind of fickle mindedness la.
As you can see from MYRAWK's response (& probably gooner Kerp's), you have commited THE CARDINAL SIN!!!

ps: Will be doing a review of Celtic Frost's new LP some time soon, so do drop by. But please watch what you say regarding footie, now that everyone here knows you berpaling tadah!

moz: Yes, yes, we all know you spurs fellas have suffered a great deal . . . Admit, you enjoy it rite, you sado-masochists!

ghost particle: Welcome to Fer Fook's Sake. Hope to see you around here more often. As you can see all fans are welcome but GLORY HUNTERS please FOOK OFF!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

michael thomas's last-minute winner could be the reason anba switched camp. but then again, just like that? so easy?

*ok moz, maybe we got off on the wrong foot but football aside, sorry to hear about your dawg. pariah or not, it was a life lost.

anfield devotee said...

kerp & Moz: Ok, ok, calm down, clam down . . . A little tension between arse & spurs fans is only to be expected.

Oh yeah, Moz, sorry bout yer dog. Pedigree or not, it was still yer pet & from another dog lover, I know how you feel. Hope it did not suffer greatly.

Take care.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hey bala, if you think we gooners are smiling at the top you're dead wrong brader. the season is only half gone with another vital half to slug out. counting any of the top teams out is still a no-no at this point of time. with ANC looming, gunners and chelski will be the biggest losers. Kolo especially will be sorely missed and our backline will definitely be put to the test. i dread thinking about it man...

Anba said...

Wow...didnt think that switching camp cause this much trouble...well back in 89 i was still small budak bro..i was 11 yrs..when i was a budak kecik i had affinity towards things that started with A coz my name started with Argentina,Ayrton Senna (R.i.P), Arses?...and in my family in those good old days when we could get to watch sports on TV for free we used to Boris Becker vs Ivan lendl 86 wimbledon, La lakers Vs Boston ( me rumah hijau, me big bro was rumah kuning) and so on it was a family thingy, so that nite in Acha's house me big brother who took liverpool that fateful it was just a stroke of good luck.. so i stuck with Arsenal since...till now but i dont have any animosity towards Liverpool besides me fav band was frm Liverpool ( Carcass anyone..?) I used to have a huge amount of hatred towards MU but not anymore ( dah bertaubat) but i sure hope they dont win anything this year and the year coming...
Bro..since ur into might understand this analogy better
For me the love for Arsenal and liverpool are like Metallica and Slayer i love both bands and i grew up with them and ill die listening to them...its just that i like metallica a we bit more coz they have Orion heheheh just kidding...
Same with arsenal and liverpool...
But nvr Man U heheheh
By the way bro...hope to read more of your reviews...and me was reading the napalm death gig review...i was there it was Superb just that frm where i was standing it just sounded like how it would if you stuck head inside a cement mixer... ..did you go the Kreator, Slayer (the sound system was really superb) and Megadeth ( Forth Canning was hell) gig ? ;

Bro me into these bands know but since you the great Metal probably know them too.. Electric Wizard, Fu Manchu, Ratos De porao,Thulsa Doom ,
... if you already know thousand appologies...

by the way any blog readers here into Wild Boar Meat ?

anfield devotee said...

kerp: How bout we swap places. Fancy hanging out in fifth spot?

anba: Ok, its yer choice.

re: Fu manchu & RDP, yes familiar with these bands but have not bought any of their later materials.

re: Gigs. Sorry, napalm was the only one I attended. Don't go to S'pore fer gigs.

re: reviews. Will be writing bout Cfrost, Obituary & Kings of Leon latest albums soon (I hope). . .

re: wild boar - please go to me older post 'Fer Pandi Lovers Pt1' fer me recipe!!!

Achilles said...

anba: i did check out Dio's Heaven & Hell concert in S'pore... it was f**king awesome man. Megadeth was playing the night before... didn't check them out though. anyway seeing Dio live was like praying in the temple and having one of the deities descend upon you. I am not too fond of travelling to S'pore to check out concerts either, but when i heard Dio was coming down, i just had to check it out. opportunity of a lifetime and it was well worth it. waiting and hoping for AC/DC and Iron Maiden to come down now... if they do come, i am definitely going.