Friday, January 18, 2008

Question time

Firstly, to the non-footie fans who take the time to visit me blog, thousand apologies fer all the latest postings being bout LFC. But the crisis @ Anfield has left me (& many other Kopites) with plenty to say. So please endure fer awhile longer.

So on with business.

Latest rumour has the DIC preparing a deal worth 350m sterling pounds. Some reports suggests that the Yanks are also under fire from the board fer zee German PR disaster.

Another article in the UK papers say the Yanks refinancing plans have little to do with the so-called credit crunch but rather opposition from within the club to be saddled with such a huge fooking debt.

This raises a few issues which I have listed below. Please leave yer answers in the comments box as I'd love to hear what other Kopites (& other genuine footie fans) think:

1) Will DIC be a better option than the fooking Yanks?
a) No, DIC is a business too
b) Yes, the Sheik is filthy fooking rich & can take us to the next level
c) They canna be worse than the Yanks
d) Uncomfortable that LFC is in foreign (ie non-Scouse) hands

2) Whoever the owners are, should Rafa stay?
a) Yes, he is integral to our future
b) No, he is fooking lost the plot
c) Yes, coz there are no suitable candidates in the market
d) Should be given another season

3) Ideal replacement?
a) Bruce Fooking Arena
b) Jose
c) Lippi
d) Toshack

4) Do we really need a new stadium & all its attendant financial implications?
a) Yes, look at the dividends Arsenal are getting
b) No, Anfield is irreplaceable
c) Absolutely, too few seats, too many fans
d) Not worth the fooking hassle

Me own answers are 1) b, 2) b, 2) d (surprise, surprise!) & 4) b. Look forward to hearing yer comments.


@dam said...

1. b - based on the interest shown by DIC before the Yanks came around. It all seemed pretty genuine to me and at least, the Prince claims he knows football and love Liverpool.

2. d - I said it earlier, there's little risk in giving him another year to do justice given the fact this season was such a screw up outside the field. If I am right, Ferguson had a really bad year in his beginning years at M*n U*d only to gain a year or two's trust to reach today's height.

3. b/d - Jose because Liverpool can do with a little bit of meanness and ruthlessness in them. Besides, isn't it rumoured this fella moaned so much about Liverpool because Rafa was picked ahead of him? Toshack purely because he is an experienced manager and is a former Red. Like Shearer/Keegan for Newcastle, they will gain the predisposed biases fans give them which enables a head start.

4. a - We need the money, period. If we do it by winning trophies, we will have more fans, which means needing a bigger stadium to satisfy more. If we fail to do it via trophies, we need the money to add in quality players. Having said that, Anfield will never be replaced and will forever stand out as THE Anfield. Moving to a new stadium can't be avoided but I think Anfield should remain as it is. No need to tear it down.

Afif said...

1. b - Right now, anybody is better than the yanks.

2. a - You betcha, he's the man to bring us to the next level.

3. Nobody that I can think of :P

4. Yeah look at Arsenal. Make the old stadium a museum or something?

mozisgod said...

mr.bals - probably this is not my place. it probaly isn't it.
just wanted to put my 10 kupang in.

1) c - can't be worse i feel...i think. at least...they would be able to relate to or have a mere inkling on what it really feels like to be at a proper "football" game on matchday - particularly due the significance football has in the middle east region..they would probaly understand the signficance of a local know; the atmosphere; the entertainment; the fervour of the fans - it's spirituralized football bro.
it would require

2) b - a bit reticent though on this..
but based on what 'DON' juan de'ramos has done - i.e. insofar as actually gettin the players to C-O-N-N-E-C-T farkin passes...what little.. of my crygonenically frozen faith that i had...has been ironically seeping up back at

3) can't remember which selection it is - but jose dude. definitely.
why? because he's got that killer instinct bro. that ruthlessness that adam was talkin about.
see..the way i figure is this. reds and the demands weighing on them can't afford the decent 2 to 3years build-up..which by all means i think if quite fair enough request by any manager in his right mind. but..the unfortunate thing's the reds dude; the name is an institution.
and mourinho has the balls to do this; to tell of cunts to lay-off & bugger on with whatever best they know do with - he can shapeshift and maintain fort while concurrently balancing that delicate
pints of newton
on his head
and still walk the line

sadly i really H-A-T-E to admit this..and reds and even farkin spurs fans would ostracize me for this..but you know need someone in the mould of whinging wenger - all said and done. he knows what the fark he's doing - i.e. he's already got a second side built up and hungry at the wings...he must be at least a year or two ahead dude?
as i said earlier..give him a farkin 7E outlet...and he will perform enough to subsist if not outshine. mind you i mentioned wenger & not fergie. (allo allo KERPOV PLS DUN kembang ah..there's a reason for that. think about it).
mourinho has the balls to do this; to tell of cunts to lay-off & bugger on with whatever best they know do with - he can shapeshit and maintain fort with that pint of newton pressin on his skull
toshack? - mate no offence, i realise he's no calang-calang manager as well..but somehow legends who come back to their alma just doesn't seem to work..i fear it would function to his detriment.


mozisgod said...

sorry the taip-menaip is damn tunggang-langgang.
still peering at the screen with
half-slit eyes.
biasala bro.
malam jumaat apa lagak
mabuk sokmo.

Mark said...

1) Will DIC be a better option than the fooking Yanks?
b) Yes, the Sheik is filthy fooking rich & can take us to the next level
d) Uncomfortable that LFC is in foreign (ie non-Scouse) hands

For sentimental reasons I would prefer that the club be in the hands of some local gazillionaire, for the same reasons I think local lads like Carra and Stevie are integral to the squad. Passion cannot be bought. Sentiments aside though, we do need a large injection of cash if we are to compete with top clubs today who have themselves, already sold their souls :(

2) Whoever the owners are, should Rafa stay?
b) No, he is fooking lost the plot
d) Should be given another season

I am torn between the two. I have a feeling that most Rafa supporters are behind him purely for sentimental reasons. We are after all Liverpool Football Club and a big reason most of us support the club is because of sentimental reasons (Hillsbrough, Heysel, Shankly, JFT 96, the list goes on). I can't at this point for the life of me think of a logical reason why Rafa is the man to bring us forward. Of late his tactical decisions have left me baffled and speechless. The team is playing it's crappiest football for some time now. What is happening? Rafa found a winning formula in Spain but he did also inherit a strong Valencia side. Firstly, what is applicable in Spain may not apply in the Premiership (e.g. Morientes) and secondly, has Rafa actually ever built a team from scratch. How many players from 2005 remain at the club? How many new faces have come and gone? Why the constant activity? Are we rotating transfer lists as well now?

In any case, I like Rafa and I hope he comes to his senses soon.

3) Ideal replacement?
b) Jose

I really really hate to say this but I do think Mourinho can bring us forward. He doesn't play beautiful football but he certainly plays effective football. If anything he is a good man manager and his players adore him. When he left Chelsea you could see the impact he made on players like Terry and Drogba who were clearly distraught after his dismissal. Jose or at least someone like him is what our dressing room needs at the moment what with Rafa not willing to touch our players with a 10 foot pole let alone talk to them.

4) Do we really need a new stadium & all its attendant financial implications?
a) Yes, look at the dividends Arsenal are getting
c) Absolutely, too few seats, too many fans

I do not want to move from Anfield, too much history but we cannot look at it from a sentimental standpoint alone. Fact is that for financial reasons, we need to get in more seats. I may have only been to Anfield once but I did notice a huge number of people looking for tickets outside the ground. We clearly have more support than the stadium can accommodate.

kevo said...

1. (C) and (B)
After the yanks hopefully fook off, i would still be sceptical of the prospect of LFC handled by some foreign business. But i would luv it if it works out.

2. (C) and (D)
It would be ideal to give the man a chance. Given the cash to spend, i sincerely think he'll make it happen. Rafa deserves another season at least.

3. (B)
Jose's the best bet fer me. He's a winner and i like his no nonsense attitude. As much as i just can't see him in the red he'd be a good one. Lippi, Prandelli are quite reliable thoughts as well me thinks. I would luv it though if we go back the scouse way and get one of the old boys in again. Not many of the ex's qualified are enough really to this massive challenge and this goes for Tosh as well. Then again, only Kenny would have me vote definitely.

4. (B)
Anfield is Anfield lah thats that. If my brother who's a true Manc can tell me Anfield is just 'different' then there isn't anything more i could say lah. Like one or two other 'good' Manc mates have told me, they just felt a presence like nothing they've ever felt at old trafford. A new stadium though would definitely mean financial improvement and that can't be bad.

SLACKER said...

1) Will DIC be a better option than the fooking Yanks?

b) Yes, the Sheik is filthy fooking rich & can take us to the next level

As long as the Sheik doesnt start having bright ROMAN ideas and let the gaffer do his work

2) Whoever the owners are, should Rafa stay?

d) Should be given another season

Though i think he has lost the plot, in his defense, he has achieved things during his stint at Anfield. Furthermore, our point tally in the league has improved year on year since his arrival.... We feel the pinch because of the poor performances and dropped points... But lets give him 1 more season and maybe the team can gel and work in his system.....

3) Ideal replacement?
a) Bruce Fooking Arena (no more yanks)
b) Jose (will work - but i hate him)
c) Lippi (why bother)
d) Toshack (not good enough)

I would love to see King Kenny back at anfield... however, i think, though i hate to say this, we need someone like wenger... his ability to spot talents is amazing... dont get me wrong.. torres is a great buy.. but with that kind of money, wenger would've bought a group of totally unknowns, and within a season or 2.. they become great!... and he does play beautiful flowing footbal.. i mean, i hate arseteam.. but they do play beautiful football.. look at the tall togonese dude... how far differnt is his built as compared to our beanpole... but that black adabayor dude has scored some fantastic goals this season....

4) Do we really need a new stadium & all its attendant financial implications?

I'm a sentimental fool and Anfield is anfield... but i do work in the financial line... as such... we need a new stadium.... we need the money... we need to house more fans... anfield is no longer a fortress... lets be frank... people probably fear going to goodison park these days.... perhaps a new stadium... = a new fortress.... it might just work!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

1.not sure how t answer this. Anything but the fucking Kroenke. Cant we just have the traditional Englishmen at the helm? To answer this q, C would be my answer I guess.

2.D. I tell you, he’s not bad a manager and should be given another shot.

3. Fat Sam...NOT! D is my answer. It was actually between Johnny and Lippi. But whats the point having someone like Torres upfront when tactically Italians are known to be very very defensive.

4.A. initially we thought Highbury was irreplaceable but our fears were unfounded. We moved on but Highbury will never be forgotten.

Anba said...

1.c -
frm Candy-to Carlsberg to Mecca Cola @ Qibla Cola @ Zam Zam Cola anyone?

2.d - Euro is still on..and if he manages to take em to the final again...he deserves a final adam said earlier Ferguson took 7 yrs and a helluva of a luck to win the premiership ..

"Three years of excuses and it's still crap. Ta ra Fergie." was displayed at Old Trafford, and many journalists and supporters called for Ferguson to be sacked. United went on a run of six defeats and two draws in eight games and Ferguson later described December 1989 as "the darkest period [he had] ever suffered in the game."
They also reached the final of the European Cup Winners' Cup, beating that season's Spanish champions Barcelona in the final. After the match, Ferguson announced to journalists that United would win the league the following season. It was a brave prediction, considering that the club had failed to do so since 1967. Ryan Giggs, who had made his United debut in March 1991 delivered rave performances, alongside new signings Andrei Kanchelskis, Paul Parker and Peter Schmeichel, arguably Ferguson's most important purchase.

The 1991-92 season started brightly but faltered after a 1–4 home defeat to QPR. The rest of the season did not live up to Ferguson's expectations and in Ferguson's words, "many in the media felt that [his] mistakes had contributed to the misery".[32] They won the League Cup for the first time but lost out on the league title to Leeds United after leading the table for much of the season. Ferguson felt that his failure to sign Mick Harford from Luton Town had cost United the league, and that he needed "an extra dimension" to the team if they were to win the league the following season

took it frmWikipedia

3.b - It should be great combination..given that twice LFC denied him the chance to go the Euro Finals...

4. its a hard choice but i guess for the survival of the club c has to be it..

senorita.. said...

this poll u mean?
well..... for the inexperience me...

3.honestly...i dunno
4.a (can help in some ways..but of course,Anfield is irreplaceable)

cheers all..!

Jon-C said...

1) B, looks like the lesser of 2 evils at the moment. Later down the line, who knows?

2) D, only till the end of the season, if he does get his act right

3) None of my choices are there, I'd choose Anceloti or Martin O'Neill

4) A, we need $$$ and there's no way to improve nor expand Anfield further. To move forward, we need to let go, sentiments is the MAIN reason, we're so fooking behind the other top 4 teams.

theALBERTUS said...

My answers and responses below:

1) B and D because even if I trust DIC but we'll be in good marketable hands. The Arabs are shrewd businessmen and have better financial backing

2) A and C. Who's bigger than Rafa? We gave Houllier 5 years, what's wrong with giving Rafa 5?

3) There should be another person for this category. The inventor of total football: Johan Cruyff. Sorry laa Bala as for Thosai, I don't think he's up to it. He said no when we needed him and instead went with Wales..some choice...what a Thosai!

4) a) Bigger stadium, more revenues and more fans. Heck before Man UTD there was Liverpool FC. How the hell did we lose out to them in terms of marketing??

OFF with Rick Parry's head. If he can negotiate a better deal for the FA with the networks and other things marketing, why can't the 6ft idiot do anything better at LFC? This one clearly worse then the Thosai!

JonW said...

1) Will DIC be a better option than the fooking Yanks?
b) Yes, the Sheik is filthy fooking rich & can take us to the next level

I feel that the Sheikh can take us forward with the much needed $ injection. Roman was a good example and I don't see why not with DIC. For some who feel that a local should come in and take control either now or in the long run, I don't see why a foreigner cannot love Liverpool FC as much as a Scouser. After all, we are all foreign supporters and who is to say that we love LFC less or support them less?

2) Whoever the owners are, should Rafa stay?
d) Should be given another season

+ 1 more year. 5 yrs is the minimum I feel. If DIC succeeds in taking hold of LFC, Rafa would spend to replace some much need personnel. Unless they're all like Momo, Torres and Xabi, they'd need another season to gel and play to their full potential.

3) Ideal replacement?
b) Jose

Out of the list, I'd hate to say but Moaninho would be best suited. His man management is excellent and I think Rafa lacks that. Tactical-wise maybe left wanting sometimes but in the long run I think he will bring success. At least 19 will come first.
Outside the list, King Kenny for sure. No explanation needed.

4) Do we really need a new stadium & all its attendant financial implications?
a) Yes, look at the dividends Arsenal are getting
b) No, Anfield is irreplaceable
c) Absolutely, too few seats, too many fans

Having a new stadia and more seats will reap its fruits financially. But what would be most ideal is if the moeny can be put to better use, re-designing Anfield to fit iin more seats. From an architectural point of view I don't know if it's possible but would be for the best. Then again, building or expanding stadias in UK may also require a lot of planning that involves potential traffic and crowd logistics.

Mr D said...

Man, life being a scouser is damm depressing at the moment. It looks like the doodles will not give us the $$$ we want to buy players. Agree we need not go Roman but some cash to buy players would be good.

We see now that the Americanos could not be taken on their word. They have lied to us and threatn the very fabric that makes us special.

so to answer:
1 - b and c. Can't be worse right.
2 - a
3 - b
4 - a and c

Prison Br8ker said...

1) d) i love to see liverpool own by their fans

2) d) if rafa dont stay, there maybe many talented liverpool players will move out

3) b) he will suits pretty well with liverpool. haha

4) b) historical place is better