Monday, January 28, 2008

Same old, same old . . .

Just when the govt was trying to make concessions to the Indian community & try win back some of its vote, along comes a bigot to underline the deep schisms that now run within our society. And am I thankful fer the actions of En Kamaruzaman (below) lest the multitudes of "grateful" Indians forget just how fooking far we have been left behind & what sort abuse we are open to.

What am I talking about? Well, I received these smses over the weekend & I leave it to you to judge fer yerself. As fer the veracity of its contents, again yer call but it doesn't suprise me one iota that this is true. Even if it isn't, we recently had some wakils calling fer the removal of the crosses adorning some missionary schools . . .

1st sms
Indians have been victimised again! SMK Anderson Ipoh teacher, En Kamaruzaman, made some Indian boys cut their religious wrist-strings & ordered them to shave although they protested it was for Thaipusam, with parents letter. He also uttered 'Ini agama syaitan'.

2nd sms
Confirmed with Pengetua just now. Its true, incident in SMK Anderson Ipoh about the teacher Kamaruzaman said to Indian students 'agama syaitan'. Please call to protest to the school management now!

Pengetua : 019-5083883
PK: 012-5763592
PKHem: 012-5137685
Pej: 05-2494900

Pls sms your protests to all!

The smses above were reproduced verbatim. Fer Fook's Sake urges all concerned Malaysians to voice their protest at this display of unbridled racism. Yes, there are racists everywhere but that don't mean we have to fooking tolerate it, especially when he is entrusted with the education of the future generation.

Hope this fooking wanker of an educator meets with an unfortunate accident. As the old adage goes, the only good racist is a dead racists . . .


k_saegaran said...

Embarassing la bro. I'm a product of SMAI and never in my time there were we thought to hate others. I guess this man is simply incapable of teaching kids. Sack him now. I've done my bit by messaging the principal.

kevo said...

Such ignorance! Such stupidity! Fookin wanker racist is just about puttin it politically correct. Its sad to think that we have some more of these fookin S.O.B. educator types lurking out there. Yo Saegs this fooker is incapable of teaching, period la bro!

aarvidi said...

Please read my comment here:

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

this case has already been picked up by mainstream papers and trust me Bala, this jerk will be hauled up soon.

eh, since you're in this subject, maybe i should tag you once i got mine posted. its about muhibbah btw. you game, brother?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ok bala, like it or not, i've tagged ya. come on, be a sport and have your say about muhibbah. check out my latest post.

thanks, chief.

anfield devotee said...

How fooking sad. I wonder whether this prick will be severely dealt with or just trasfered to another school where he can work his evil . . .

mozisgod said...

dear krassimier balakov,

transfer la..apa lagak know how condascending the education authorities are don't you....they would defintely take into account the plight of this gentlemen, his family & his kids have to go the event he got sacked...whats his family gonna eat..religious wrist strings & shaven hair? tsk tsk tsk.after all bebudak keling only ma...aiyah small matter la fren...just a misunderstanding...don't blow it out of proportion..oh oh...lest we forget bro..we have to consider the feelings & emotions of the other parents of other kids for if we sack someone the teacher..other parents may demand why we sacked i said..just a misunderstanding..dun blow it out of calling cops for a parent-teacher meeting concerning disgruntled parents whose kids were given a moral lesson in toilet cleanliness durning moral class....oh hey..did i forget to re-iterate..its all just a whole gamut of misunderstanding..i'm just wondering where is actually being blown out of proportion huh mate?
at initiation;
at implementation;
at lashback/feedback; or
at recourse?


p.s. the wandering mind wonders... in a current somewhat-charged atmosphere we're in now...why would anyone want to keep stirring the hornets nest - regardless of whatever racial denomination you belong to...

do i sound racist? well i am la dude. etch it down on paper now. sorry to farkin say i am. me and 95 percent of the population of the entire farkin country included. although i find it rather inexplicable i don't see the "colour" in question when i'm with my buddies of other races.....especially alco-buddies...the though does not even crop into my what should all this arise?
never mind..what's that?
drink more? yes. yes.
that's probably the best solution
at this point in time.