Monday, January 7, 2008

From Kenilworth with shame . . .

Outfought, outgunned & dare I say it . . . outclassed!

No, it wasn't Inter Milan we were up against but rather Luton Fooking Town. Yes, LFC were held to a 1-1 draw at Kenilworth this morning and after watching the game, me thinks Luton were fooking unlucky not to get anything out of the 3rd round FA Cup tie.

I cringed when hearing fellow Kopites brag about how Xabi was gonna score another from inside his own half; hope these fookers were awake to see the fooking shambolic display. We were CRAP! And this was against a club that is 4th from bottom in the League Championship, in administration & whose players haven't been paid in weeks!

Fooking hell, watching the game you'd be hard pressed to see any sort of Premiership quality from us; nevermind European contenders. Oh, the shame of it all.

Fer Rafa to put out another disjointed squad after being unceremoniously dumped out of the title running, I was fooking speechless. Rotation is fine if you can get the team to function, if not fooking swallow yer pride & fooking accept that the FA Cup may just be our salvation & allow you to keep yer fooking job!

At one point, we had four strikers on the pitch (three FULL internationals & an under-21 protege in the shape of Messrs Voronin, Crouch, Kuyt & Elzhaar) but could not muster a decent attack on the Luton goal. Our goal came courtesy of a defensive fumble & even then we needed several bites of the cherry to put it away.

As Luton gaffer Kevin Blackwell said before the game,"There is something not right at Liverpool . . ." Yes, the signs that Rafa is a dead man walking are ominous; much more than Jose was at CSKA London I would say.

As fer the Rafa loyalists, is this performance against a struggling Luton side what the RAFALUTION all about? And how do you expect the sceptics (like meself) to get behind the man when the footie on display is quite simply fooking shite?


theALBERTUS said...

As a Rafa loyalist, I would have to say I am rather disappointed with the inspid display of football.

However, do we chant for Rafa's head off everytime we fail to win or is this becoming more of a 100% win factor or else?
I shudder to think that if Rafa leaves and another manager comes in, would this be the trend for all new managers to pass through the Shankly Gates?

Mark said...

What a pathetic display of football. Is this the same Dirk Kuyt that scored 20 odd goals a season in the Erevedivisie? Though is work rate is unquestionable, his finishing is appalling. If your strike force can make Titus Bramble look world class, you know you're in for trouble.

Rafa got it totally wrong once again. It's not like we fielded a squad of second string players FFS! We made Luton look like Arsenal and Talbot like a young Freddie Ljunberg. We were caught outwide time and time again leaving the ancient Sami Hyypia exposed. If not for some poor finishing by Luton, we'd be facing our most embarrassing defeat since Burnley!

Who do we blame? The players? The manager? The owners? Heck, they looked like strangers on the field.

anfield devotee said...

albertus: No, this sholdn't be a trend. And no, we are not asking fer a 100% win record; just decent footie & not the shite on show this morning.

As fer managers under pressure, Rafa isn't the only one. Just ask Rijkaard - two league titles & a Champion's league trophy & they are baying fer blood at the Nou Camp. Why? Coz they know the team can do better. And they are NOT FOOKING FIFTH in the league like us!

Mark: What a waste of precious sleep time.

JonC said...

I am thankful my tv is still in one piece and that i couldn't grab anything more destructive other than a pillow to throw at it every time i witness the crap we dished out. I am thankful my neighbours have yet to call the cops with my constant shouting and swearing in the middle of the game night.

@dam said...

Drawing with Luton is unacceptable especially playing with a squad full of internationals and experienced players.

However, is it alright to put so much blame on Rafalution? I don't think so.

The line ups which Rafa put out has been questioned everytime the team drew or lose games. However, it is rarely questioned when they win.

The difference is not with Rafa but with the players scoring and not, defending well and not. It is more of the players' responsibility to perform up to what Benitez and us expect them to.

I am not saying Rafa has no part in it but there's just injustice for him to have his head on the chopper board everytime the team, the players, performed under par.

In those infamous draws, the tactics Rafa put out provided the team a lot of chances to score the second goal and so on for the win. The players were the ones who failed to score.

Playing Luton, a team in administration, players haven't been paid, WITH A DAY BEFORE NEWS THAT LIVERPOOL REFUSED TO DONATE THEM THE GAT EMONEY, if you are a Luton player, would you go all out?

Now with a replay, Luton won't be complaining about Rolls Royce or Mini!

If everytime Liverpool under performed and equal blame is put forward, then it is fine. But when the emphasis is on Rafa, I don't think it is right.

theALBERTUS said...

So there you have it. It goes to show that the gaffer is not totally at fault. I mean he is world class and he knows his job pretty well. I think we have been disappointed with some of the performances dished out by the players. Its as if they just lost the bloody plot. Here's my take on my players who should go:

1) Dirk Kuyt: I used to sing praises but man even his work rate is beginning to annoy me. He's playing like he's Djimi Traore.

2) John Arne Riise: He's losing the plot when he plays. I used to shudder his left foot. Now I shudder if he can pass.

3) Momo Sissoko: Pity the chap! He is really a good defensive midfielder but he needs to learn to pass with vision...oops..just pass.

4) Sami Hyypia: Sorry man! time's up. He's good and trustworthy but man is he getting old. The young uns' are really having a go at the old man.

5) Voronin: Where is he in the picture, again?

Well that's my take but I still firmly support Rafa! Give him the extra STG50 million and see what happens. After all since the fooking yanks have that money for Alex Rodriguez @ NY Yankees for USD 100million what's a STG50 million.

P.S. We should have gone for DIC. At least we would have gotten some petrol dollars to strengthen up the team.....after all that's how Roman got rich, right?

kevo said...

AbsoLuton crapite! There's definitely something not right in the red camp. Hah! We just can't seem to score let alone get a decent move going lah?! Our strikers are simply fook all. Sorrylah but enough is enough. They just don't have 'it' and that's that. Will have to be rid of them three seriously. Extremely disappointed with the rest too. They looked like they didn't have a clue as to what to do with the fookin ball! What... world class? Who ah?

But kudos to lil Luton Town for putting up such a frightening but entertaining display. Brian Stein, Mick Harford, Ricky Hill, Mal Donaghy, David Preece, Raddy Antic and the rest of the plastic-pitch-playing Hatters of glory days gone by would all have been so proud of this performance!

A change has got to come!

anfield devotee said...

kevo: hear, hear! Change is much needed all rite. Toshack fer the hot seat?

albertus & @dam: We were crap. Gaffer's gotta take the blame fer such a lacklustre performance as it was his signings that failed to live up to expectations. Am sorry, you & I know it, Rafa's on borrowed time ever since his outburst. Recent results will only hasten his depature with many Kopites beginning to get fed up with this fooking shite footie.

MyRAWK ADMIN said...

The facts, as it’s so often said, don’t lie.

Fifth place, 12 points behind the leaders, and struggling through the two major cup competitions. Should we have any complaint about the future of Rafa Benitez?

Well, of course we should. Woeful showings against Wigan and Luton ¬– to name but two – have exposed the lack of depth and quality in the side, particularly when Gerrard and Torres are absent from the squad.

Even so, a hearty debate with a fan of The Inventors Of Football (Copyright: Sky Sports 2007) – also known as Arsenal – led me to an interesting point.

It has been, after all, three and a half years since Rafa took control of the Anfield dressing room – three and a half years that have yielded one Champions League trophy, an FA Cup, a European Super Cup and an FA Charity Shield. Not to mention further losing final appearances in the Champions League, Worthington Cup and World Club Championship.

And yet, despite the evident success, I found myself defending Benitez’s record against the evidently far superior Arsene Wenger – a man who, since Rafa’s arrival in 2004, has delivered one FA Cup, a Champions League defeat, a silver medal in the Worthy Cup, and, er, nothing else.

You see, while we may all be raving about Arsenal’s performances this year, we’re talking about a club who have achieved comparatively nothing since Benitez arrived.

Yes, they sit atop the table, and yes, they play some pretty football every now and again, but since when did a successful manager like Rafa have to deal with more crap than the underachieving Wenger? Are we moaning purely about money? Maybe: Rafa’s spent a few quid after all, but let’s not forget that Arsenal’s wonderful young squad didn’t exactly come free.

So what do you think? Why isn’t Rafa being given the time that Wenger has, especially considering their comparative success? Can we learn anything from the idea of giving Rafa time to build his young squad, in a way that Arsene has?

ISA said...

right...have got some spare time on me...LUTON???? no disrespect to them, they fought like their lives depended on it..hang on, their lives did depend on the game...thats what the FA Cup is all about..Yup we're lucky to still be in it and yup, we'll probably smash them in the replay...

true, we shouldnt lay all the blame on rafa's head but he did after all pick the players..players who didnt perform. So, he IS accountable. And is not a knee jerk reaction everytime we dont play well but its quite clear that something is just not right. Close to 4 years and still clueless on the domestic scene..a bit susah lah to excuse, patience running very thin...

dont get me wrong, its not that i hate rafa or belittle what he has done for the club but i just think that he needs to sort out the problems and sort it out fast...or the yanks will go for fresh blood..

perhaps he should come out with the same prophetic premonition when he told reporters years ago that Valencia are gonna win the La Liga...and win they did...

As for Wanker and the gooners..i refuse to even discuss them in the same breath...i rather focus on me own team..

p.s bala, u sure tosh can do the job? u've been raving about him for as far as I can remember...only plus point i see is that he may persuade the spanish armada to stay on if rafa gets the boot...

anfield devotee said...

isa: call me a romantic but Tosh is the last active manager who can give us a link back to Shankly.

Yes, I know the in-house policy was fooked after Evans & Souey; but with Tosh I believe the fans will give cut him some slack coz he's a real legend of a Kopite.

Plus he is a disciplinarian who won't tolerate fools (eg pennant) or under-performing pricks (eg Harry Fooking Kewell).

Yup, he will also know how to handle big egos & may even persuade the espanyol speakers to stay.

His status at Anfield will also mean he should be able to convince Gerrard to stay as well.

He will not be so keen to get rid of local lads who have potential. Ok, I admit Aberloa has been ok so far but is he any better than Warnock who I thought had potential (plus he's Scouse!).

I am not just whinging fer the sake of it. I've been a bit disillusionised since Rafa's fooking bewildering tactics handed the European Cup to Milan last season. He has been doing that too often.

Rafa also seems to turn good players into crap instead of great ones. Eg - Kuyt, Crouch, Morientes, etc.

We haven't sacked a manager efr a very looooong time & I don't want Rafa sacked. He has brought us some silverware, heck, more than Arsene has. But you know what, when yer team plays eye candy footie, yer are forgiven if you take some time winning the prizes as it is worth the wait.

Can't say the same bout Rafa & his current team's performances rite now. Bloody crap la & therein lies the majority of our frustrations.

@dam said...

What if, highly valued and respected Toshack did same "mistakes" as Rafa?

What if, Toshack is similarly rotating the squad like Rafa?

What if, Toshack's winning percentage is lower than that of Rafa?

What if,...

What will the papers write?

What will you say?

We are now talking about him based on assumptions based on his past. We can't see the future and as of current...he is no where near where Rafa is.

And besides, isn't Toshack one of the fellas who stood for Rafa and believe he is a manager who can win Liverpool no.19?

Why can't we just believe in the team and cheer them on?

Why can't we just do that till the end of the season because in all cases we do not want to see any sacking now?

anfield devotee said...

@dam: Of course, there are no guarantees. You best be prepared fer change as Rafa's time is up. His outburst v Yanks has cost him dearly. That's just the reality of the situation.

As to why I can't support unconditionally till the end?



Just to be clear, I do not want to see Rafa sacked, esp fer the wrong reasons.

But four years on he seems no closer to challenging fer the league. I am lost as to why he keeps putting out teams which don't look like drawing v Reading, nevermind beat man u . . .

@dam said...

And there's the difference...

First and foremost, I am a Liverpool fan. Went they win, I am darn happy. When they lose, I go back with my head as down as players. When they don't perform well, I go back filling my head with possible reasons for the dismal performance.

Secondly, Liverpool is more than just football to me and I believe to many others as well. Liverpool is a relationship, is Hillsborough, is Heysel, is Shankly, is Paisley, is "You'll Never Walk Alone" to me and then only football. While Arsenal plays fantastic attacking football, they are purely and solely just about football.

Maybe it's time to change the theme song...YNWA's lyrics ain't right at all for future Champs! It suits fantastically like a jig-saw to LFC now! It's always through storms and what not since EPL is introduced. The end of the storm is still far and the golden sky is beyond Liverpool. It just rain and rain and rain there!

Don't mean to taunt LFC. Just feeling down with all this fellow Reds.

anfield devotee said...

@dam: yup, agreed there brudder. You should know how much this club means to not just me, but all of us. If I didn't care so much, I'll be blogging bout other things.

The road to fanaticsm starts with an intrinsuc love of the game. And it is absolutely heart-wrenching that the club I love plays such shitty football.

But hey, what's the point of the game if we can't have a healthy debate.

Like you, we all share a profound sense of pain.

Again, I don't want to see Rafa sacked but he has got to buck up. No more saving graces fer fookers who don't perform. Like Josemi & Bellamy, the likes of kewell, pennant, (sorry) Kuyt et al have gotta go. And we need a set o players with a stronger sense of urgency.

I have said it many many times before, & you know it - WE NEVER FOOKING WALK ALONE!

But as rational fans, we must be allowed to voice our grievances when the team plays AWFUL footie.

Look forward to more of yer comments after we play Boro.

anfield devotee said...

@dam: And please, you don't need to lecture us on the relationship we have with LFC. We all know what it means - Heysel, Hillsborough were from my time - the shame & the pain.

And you should know from yer visits here we all love this club more than any sane, reasonable person should.

But fer now, let's center the rhethoric at the point at hand - WE ARE FOOKING CRAP!

JonC said...

All i want is some fooking pass and move football. Not gonna be bothered with wining cups too much now, especially with the crap, gutless and spineless non-sense we've been painfully witnessing. I'll be sad if Rafa goes, but then again if he can't bring us forward anymore, it's time for a change. He's got 1/2 season more to improve but who knows, it might be already too late in the eyes of the Yanks.

mozisgod said...

im back. with a shudder.

senor balaov/monsieur kerpov.
just wanted to say my thanks for the consoling words. just punched it and saw it. you know what is
pretty ironic though? i've had so-called friends actually come up to me (upon finding out)..pass remarks like..
"so when's the funeral?"
"have you read his last rites yet ah?"
"call priest oridhi ah/did your pour milk ah? (a hindhu custom)"
and the chart topper
"so no cruisin around with your bitch la now..". with a grin.
funny. yes. but then again.
hey no worries. it's all part of the game. i flip - i'm labelled a senstive biyotch.i figure they don't have one, so probably thats a lame enough excuse to justify it. save for the last "bitchin" fella. just missed a whisker of my
unopened can of blue ice. (can panjang). but man was it worth see that look
on his face..the whaddaaafark look..mwhahaha..truth be told..i'd eat his turd if thats what it takes to make him come back.
(yah la i know la it wont)

enoughla. no point depressing people around me orso what. lets get on wid bid'ness. in jol-like situation now isn't he..except that he has undoubtedly achieved more - superlatively put.
..hmm..can somewhat relate to the "rafa-loyalists" as the sense that..well..i figure..i would fall under that grouping as well.."a marty loyalist"..and it was due to loyalty..due to what he had the last 3 plus seasons..making a top 5 for us. (which as you all may "unanimously" agree was already too good for us). plus i believed strongly in the stability factor; comparing him to the likes of utd, gunners, moyes at everton,senor benitez et al..heck even dario gardi at crewe alexandra farkin 20 years at the helm. the again something irked me..
save for gardi..
the rest kept winning something..know what i mean?
or were afloat somewhere near the top..and most importantly
(coming to the point i'm trying to make)..
playing good football.
the only exception to this success-winning-formulae for job survival is
moyes - almost 6 years with zilch(reds fans rilekk braderr)
but then again..seen the football that they play?
they can make the devils quiver.
spurs cant. or kadang-kadang can.
i even quipped to a hardcore reds buddy of mine..when we were watching the reds/devils game...i said "mike,they're playing like farkin spurs oridhi deiii"..naturally he didn't take it too well.:)

the thing is this..i figure..all of .well at least..i'm damn
sure..the dudes in here all want..
is some
football..the kind that makes your blood paracetomolized..
lubdubbing pure farkin
everytime a winger slides down
box..and the byline;
or the curl of a freekick;
even the..the..okay la okay la..hangon i need to fork my finger
into my throat now...where was i..oh equate the awesome yet deceptively languid passing of the 80's reds/devils mid-90's with the cuntyona factor/late 90's/early 00's gunners
every fan would wish for their team to play like that.
every fan in his right mind will.
no one is gonna complain - if the football is brilliant.
well at least not me;
then again - im washed out complaining.

another exception to the rule - the toons during the 90's. farkin' awesome football. pure magic at times but somehow..that idea thrownabout with moyes and everton doesn't click with the geordies no does it?

just want to see some entertaining footy mate. that's all.

kerpov. north london will erupt today. good luck and all the best mate!!!:)) (the luck is for my side not to get thrashed la bro..mwahhahaa)

mozisgod said...

i'm still waiting though..for some of that good football i was talkin about...for
the waddling on the left;
the hoddling through the middle;
the villa-ing of last minute goals;
the cliving of goals; &
the ossieing of magikal touches.

hope i dun have to wait long.

bala. you were damn right. abt the dangers of being a spurs fan..that part about
the nonsensical yet dim as a frosty lightbulb-iridescent ramblings.. which knows not the meaning
of a farkin
backspace key.