Thursday, September 6, 2007

Police & Thief

Makes you wonder why the criminals are targeting high-ranking ex-cops. Surely there must be enough rich people (not with the police force) around fer them to burgle. Think about it, if you were a petty criminal who engaged in burglary & general thievery, you would normally have "cased the joint" you are about to break into. Would you have chosen an ex-cop's residence to commit yer crime? What are the chances of him having a gun in the house & you getting fooking shot? Pretty fooking high, me thinks . . .

As reported in papers today, some daredevils broke into former IGP Tun Hanif Omar's residence & stole . . .wait for it . . . a karaoke set! A couple of months ago, another ex-IGP Tan Sri Norian Mai also fell prey to a couple of parang-wielding hoodlums who broke into his house not once . . . but twice! Talk about balls!

Late last year, a former deputy IGP lost some loot to armed robbers while in Feb 06, former Penang police chief Datuk Albert Mah tragically lost his life fighting off five robbers at his home in Jln Gasing.

To many citizens, this is just a clear indication of the spiralling crime rate. To conspiracy theorists, the question is what is it that these ex-cops know that they are being targeted? Were the robbers looking fer something in particular - a safe containing various VIP secrets/skeletons (ala Vijendran's home movie collection)?

Is someone out there sending a message/warning?

Cynics will just say : former high-ranking cop = serious loot. So they become obvious targets. Hmmmm . . . what d'ya think?


weiyin69 said...

maybe the thieves didn't know who they were robbing. they jsut liked the big beautiful house with beautiful cars. That's target enough!

theALBERTUS said...

methinks this will rise to the vigilante called Punisher. right...yeah. This only happens in movies. What we need to do is really get our act together and form the RTs. We are all bothered chasing and hoarding money that we forget to protect ourselves.

Maybe what we need to do is the right to carry arms and protect ourselves?

senorita... said...

maybe the thieves just wanna challenge the law and order?

anfield devotee said...

wei yin: yup, like I said, u echo the cynic's view

albertus: no la brudder, taking the Charlton Heston NRA route is not cool at all.

senorita: Law & order (as u put it), belongs in the pockets of organised crime here. Me thinks they are looking fer something these top cops are holding on to.

premo said...

I kinda have to agree wif albertus. Not suggesting we take the vigilante route - but i think its high time we gear up with some guns and ammo. RTs are all cool and the gang but hey that's just around the neighbourhood. What if your neighbours aren't around to protect you? Or what if it happens on the road, courtesy of the bloody rempits. Just carrying an aluminium baseball bat around in yer car's hood ain't gonna do much against 3 punks high on syabu ridin bikes.

Personally, I couldnt care less about those rich coppers house's they're robbin - its pretty obvious they're after some incriminating evidence. Who'd be nuts enough to even think about robbing any house with a POLIS postbox out front?? Drunk and high - maybe but they woulda tripped up and got caught red handed.

All i'm saying is it's time to stop depending on those 'in charge' of law and order to make a change. It's up to us.

anfield devotee said...

premo: understand yer sentiments but quite frankly, guns are just not cool.
Perhaps we should include NINJA skills in national training!