Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Three fer Torres!

Finally, some goals & a bit of entertainment fer the punters. Rafa made nine changes to the squad that started v Birmingham but LFC still boasted six internationals - Finnan (Ire), Carra (ex-Eng), Torres (Spain), Momo (Mali), Yossi (Israel) & Crouchie (Eng).

While the defence (featuring untried pairing of Carra & Aberloa) & keeper were fooking shite, we still managed to stick four past Reading on the nite with our boy Torres bagging a hat trick: 2-4 final score. Well worth staying up fer & certainly hope it instills some confidence ahead of our game v Wigan on Sat.

C'mon lads, let's use this as impetus to get our season really going!

PS: Let's hope we can avoid Cardiff City in the next round; don't fancy facing Fowler & Hasseilbank!


Jonathan said...

uno, dose, tres - That says it all! ;0) Torres won us the tie.

kevo said...

great cup game. just goes to show torres should start every match alongside SG and JC. i was pleasantly reminded of a certain ian rush in the style he finished his hattrick off.

Afif said...

Torres + 10 is all we need to win the title.

If the manager doesn't realize this by now, might as we put Jose Mouninho in charge, bleh.

anfield devotee said...

Yossi had a good game as well.