Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Sound of Music

Yawn . . . its about 4am & I just caught the repeat of Later with Jools Holland. But as usual it was well worth it; having been blown away almost every week by some force of nature taking to the stage. Whether its new acts such as Gnarls Barkley or rock aristocracy like John Forgerty, the set up of having 5-6 bands in a small TV studio facing each other does really inspire some out-of-this-stratosphere performances. Talk bout fooking pressure!

Fer those who do not know what I am rambling about, this long-standing institution of great music appears on Astro's ch26 (BBC) every Friday nite at 11pm (repeat Sun 2am); which is fooking shame since most young hipsters who enjoy good music will be out clubbing, getting wasted etc. (The fact that I am in fer both screenings should indicate that I am neither young or a hipster . . . sigh!)

Besides the cool vibe & wide-ranging selection of artistes on the show, the great joy is in discovering a previously unknown act (to me anyway) with a wickedly different take on things. And I have found plenty of reasons to rejoice - the supremely cool Parisian noir sounds of Gotan Project & the electrifying fret work of Raul Midon are just some of the revelations I have encountered on this wonderful program. (You can find all these acts on youtube - so do check em out).

But me fave (thus far) has got to be Gogol Bordello. Described as a bunch of anarchic gypsy punks (!!!) with an almost UN-like line-up, their gigs are like a rowdy pub brawl being sound tracked by BOTH The Clash & The Pogues! Have included video of their performance from Later with Jools Holland (above), please please do take a few minutes to enjoy this fooking awesome band! You will NOT be disappointed.

To paraphrase a certain Julie Andrews, "The (airwaves) are alive with the sooooound of muuuusic . . ."


premo said...

Ehm... yes a rather eccentric bunch this one. Don't mean to sound crude but they DO sound like a bunch of pykies tring to imitate The Fall. Badly. An acquired taste me thinks, don't mean to slander your musical taste... after all everyone has their quirks (none of my friends can comprehend me listening to Gorky's Zygotic Mynci and Beefheart)

anfield devotee said...

Yo Premo - RE: Beefheart - genius. RE: Gorky - anyone who attempts lyrics in welsh deserve a medal.

Did u not like all out chaos of their performance? They are a bunch of Pykies . . .

premo said...

Well maybe they require some repeated listening, at least on my part. I didn't take an immediate liking to The Pogues or The Levellers the first time I listened to 'em.

Or maybe because I'm just can't get over Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours'. What brilliant pop songwriting! It's like being hit on the head with a velvet hammer - and liking it!!

anfield devotee said...

Premo: ha ha!!! Next you'll be falling in love with Stevei Nicks! Never thought u were an AOR type of guy. What next - Boston, REO ?

premo said...

Hehe - been to Boston, done the Speedwagon!