Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fer Pandi Lovers only PtII - Rum Bones

Would like to share with all budding amateur chefs out there one of me fave things to do on the weekend - RUM BONES! Inevitably, it involves the wonderful oink. Easy-peasy roast & fooking delicious. Trust me!

1) BBQ sauce (just buy la, no need to make yer own)
2) HP classic sauce
3) Worcester sauce
4) Bay leafs
5) Rum (lots of it - preferably Bacardi gold; you could also use Jack Daniels or Southern Comfort)
6) Olive oil (extra virgin if possible)
7) Homemade spice & pepper mix * (see below)
8) Pork ribs (cut whole rib into half & apportion three 'half' ribs fer an adult)
9) Honey (optional)
10) 1 large onion

Homemade Spice & Pepper Mix
1) 50gm paprika powder
2) 50gm cheyenne powder
3) 50gm nutmeg powder
4) Whole black pepper corns (about 40 seeds)
5) Cloves (about 30 seeds)
6) 7-8 sticks of cinnamon
7) Salt (about 2 tablespoons)
8) 5 whole bay leafs

Dry roast all spices in oven @ 180 degrees Celsius fer about 15-20 minutes or until fragrant. You could also use a wok but I find an oven easier to avoid burning. Place all the spices along with the powders & salt in a food processor & blend into a fine powder. Conversely you can use a pestle & mortar but the final product would not be as finely ground but this shouldn't matter too much as a marinade. Believe me, this process of making yer own spice & pepper mix is well worth it as it imbues a real flavour & aroma to yer chops. Plus this one blend should give you a whole jam jar's worth & you can use it for future BBQs & roasts.

Rum Bones -Method: (recipe measurements is based on preparation fer 2kg of meat or 8-10 'half ribs')
Do ask yer towkay babi fer the meatier portions of the ribs & chop each rib into half pieces. Wash & place ribs into a large container fer marinating. First add the homemade spice & pepper mix along with some additional salt (to taste). Rub into ribs & then add a large splash of olive oil, followed by generous lashings of RUM. Add about 5-7 tablespoons of Worcester sauce & mix well. Squeeze plenty of BBQ & HP sauces (& honey if you so wish) onto the ribs & make sure each rib is well covered in the marinade. Chop onion in half or quarters but leave skin on & place in with the ribs (plus the bay leafs as well). Cover & leave in fridge fer a few hours (preferably overnight).

Heat oven at 200 degrees Celsius & place ribs (& onion & bay leaf) onto a roasting tray (do add some olive oil onto tray to avoid ribs sticking onto it or better still use banana leaf as foil). Use remainder marinade 'juice' fer basting. Roast ribs fer 1 hour then turn the ribs over & roast at 250 degrees Celsius fer another 15 minutes to get it slightly charred on one side.

Serve as snack with some very cold beer or as main course with a salad/coleslaw/mashed potato. Enjoy & have a good weekend!!!


senorita.. said...

the 'oink oink' seems delicious... if only u can include pictures....

i'm lazy to try. =/

anfield devotee said...

senorita: u can't eat pictures! Besides pix of some bare bones & discarded toothpicks don't really cut it . . . ha ha . . . (burp!) . . . oops, xcuse me. . .

How did yer exams go? Sudah habis plenty of free time to have a go in the kitchen la

Bernard said...

& this is the kinda food that'll kill you, sum more got copious amount of alcohol. Give up la dey...time for a carrot & celery stick with thousand island dressing. Leave the babi eating to us & Baiya!

anfield devotee said...

Bernard: How dare you even suggest it. Eating oink is a man's inalienable right! Am slightly disgusted you would even countenance the very idea.