Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mat Bulat's curse!

Once upon a fooking time under the previous administration, there was a fooking moron known to all & sundry as Mat Bulat. In fact, that was probably one of the kinder names attached to the stain on humanity legally known as Dato Mohd Rahmat.

If you ever wanted to hear the most inane & moronic statements, he was the go-to-guy. If you ever want to cringe in embarrassment, you just had to listen to him licking the Mighty Tun's arse clean in the Dewan or just about anywhere sound travels.

The fact that he held the important position of Minister of Information did NOT fooking help. It was he who slapped all sorts of "no kissing, no fondling, basically no fooking touching between the sexes on screen" rules fer us. He treated the media with disdain & his morale crusade included getting the band members of Search to cut their hair or face a fooking blanket ban over the airwaves as well as concerts. Man, did the sight of this retard make me blood fooking boil. Oh, how we Malaysians celebrated when he retreated from our political landscape. It was as though the long broken sewer pipe had been fixed & the air was fresh & clean fer once.

But our joy was short lived. After a brief hiatus, the curse of Mat Bulat is back to haunt us. This time in the form of Dato Seri Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz - the de facto law minister & Minister in the PM's dept. He has been attacking our neurological senses with various well-timed bullshit bombs over the past few years.

One of the more recent & memorable "statements" was when he quipped that the whistle-blowers in the judge-fer-sale fiasco would be safe under Malaysia's "witness protection programme"!!! Ok, Dato Seri, we know you love the fooking movies but don't you even know that no such thing fooking exists given that you are the fooking law minister!?!

In case you missed his very latest gem, do read Tuesdays headlines. Sultan Azlan Shah was commenting on the many problems facing the judiciary & the Bar Council in these uncertain times. The learned ex-Lord President said,"Sadly, I must acknowledge there has been some disquiet about our judiciary over the past few years and in the more recent past.

"Nothing destroys more the confidence of the general public, or the business community, has in the judiciary than the belief that the judge was biased when he decided the case, or that the judge would not be independent where powerful individuals or corporations are the litigants before him. Judges in Malaysia must be ever mindful that they are appointed judges for ALL Malaysians. They must be sensitive to the feelings of all parties, irrespective of race, religion or creed, and be careful not to bring a predisposed mind to an issue before them that is capable of being misconstrued by the watching public or segments of them," he continued.

Wise words indeed from the Sultan of Perak who is very highly regarded in the legal fraternity.

Dato Seri Nazri who was also at the 14th Malaysian Law Conference where Sultan Azlan Shah's damning words reverberated with astounding alacrity, had this to say:
"We respect the opinions (he had no choice but to say that in deference to royalty). . . But what is the public? The public means a thousand people or a whole nation?"

Is it just me or can you also feel yer senses blacking out? I have a niggling suspicion that when faced with certain intelligentsia such as the legal & press fraternities, the govt has learned that the best weapon is to bamboozle us with a Moron of inverse Einstein proportions. Thus we will not be able to engage in fruitful dialogue nevermind any sort of debate, challenge or question over govt policy.

They know these groups have highly tuned bullshit detectors, so why try to outsmart them when they can fooking flood us with the stuff & muffle our dissenting voices under an avalanche of the brown stuff.

Just how much shit can you take, people . . .?

PS: Nazri was also heard commenting on the recent 'march for justice' by lawyers demanding a probe into the judge-fer-sale video controversy. He said only 2000-odd lawyers turned up when there are over 13,000 lawyers in the country. "These lawyers are just a minority," he quipped. Fooking hell!!!

PSS: Sultan Azlan Shah's background in law - In 1965, at the age of only thirty-seven years, Raja Azlan was elevated to the Bench of the High Court of Malaya being the youngest judge to be appointed in the Commonwealth. In 1973, he was made a Federal Court judge and six years later in 1979, Chief Justice of Malaya, an office which he held until his appointment as the youngest-ever Lord President of the Federal Court of Malaysia on 12 November 1982.


SLACKER said...

Sorry can't comment... still laughing at the 'these lawyers are just minorities'... muahahahah

anfield devotee said...

slacker: bro, it gets better. When asked if all 37,000 lawyers turned up, would it then be considered a serious matter.

El Brainiac replied, "there are 22 million people in this country, so they would still be a minority". (!!!)

Ladies & Gentlemen, I present yer duly elected leaders . . .

Mark said...

That is bloody hilarious. Unfortunately for us, dumb arses are the majority.

ISA said...

37,000 lawyers??? where got? but then again, if it came from nazri..totally justified. The clown getting his facts right? that will be the day...the fact that the joker has a law degree is fooking embarrassing...he reminds of the joke that was once circulating around in the 90s..

a prominent m'sian politician was once diagnosed with brain tumour. had to go for surgery..when the docs operated on him, they found the tumour but couldnt locate the brain...!!

cat scans anyone?

anfield devotee said...

Quite a few people actually believe these fooker's days are numbered. Why?

The NST of all papers did an 3 page interview with this wanker in all his moronic majesty on sunday.

Many contend that it was surely to make him look like an idiot & remove him from office considering who owns the NST.

We can only wait with bated breath . . .

anfield devotee said...

sory, sorry, my bad, typo error on me part. Total number of lawyers is 13000 & he said even if 7000 turned up it would still be a minority of the population.

I urge you to dig up sunday's NST & have a good old laugh . . .

weiyin69 said...

country run by morons and ninnies. what else can i say? by the way, what happened to the original mat bulat? gosh, i hated that bugger. i seldom make passing comments about people's physical appearance but shite, he is damn ugly, in and out.

as for his "successor", well nothing much can be said of him.

k_saegaran said...

very sad that this beautiful country is being ruined by idiots and corrupted greedy f*****S. Soon malaysia will be like our most populous close neighbour.

premo said...

This is clearly a case of "Sepandai-pandai kangaroo melompat dia tarak jugak boleh jadi tupai!"- as our dear Semi-value (Samy) so eloquently put it (or not).

senorita.. said...

"It was he who slapped all sorts of "no kissing, no fondling, basically no fooking touching between the sexes on screen" rules fer us." - this does not get implemented is it? coz i still see so many shows (Malay ones especially)having all these scenes

senorita.. said...

and oh,do not underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups =P

anfield devotee said...

senorita: Them rules were most definitely put in place by that wanker Mat Bulat (ie Mohd Rahmat), not Nazri.

It would however appear that with this administration being stupid is the BEST way to get into the cabinet.