Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Soundtrack fer the drive to work Pt1

The daily journey to me new work place is surprisingly jam (& thus stress) free & I actually look forward to the 40km journey. With the wide open highways fer me to flex the Monster's muscles; I'm able to indulge in a bit of tarmac action on the nicely undulating (& slightly winding) stretches of road (especially in the evening when I can pop the hood down!).

These last two days, the drive has been soundtracked by one of the great unsung musical heroes of our times - The Beautiful South & their magnificent opus "Blue Is The Colour". This record is just one that will somehow put you in a fooking fantastic mood, even if it was raining cats & dogs like it was on Monday morning. Make no mistake, this is pure finger-tapping, whistle-blowing & singalong-type of an album. Fooking magic!

This Hull (Bernard's hometown) outfit was famous fer its sandpaper dry wit which they married to some seriously wonderful melodies. Even the most morose & depressing lyrics would sound positively bouncy within their self-depreciating genius tunes.

Just a shame that this incredibly gifted band's success was largely limited to the UK. Why great music like this never seem to translate into worldwide success is truly a fooking mystery to me.
Trust me, if you having a typically shit day, stick on the Beautiful South & watch the gloom lift. Fer yer enjoyment, here are two of their videos. Hope it brightens up yer day, it certainly has mine . . .


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