Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What a load of Tosh!

" The 'Special One' threw in the towel!" Yup, that's the scathing assessment of John Toshack on Jose's ignominious exit from the Bridge. Writing in his regular column in Spain's best selling sports daily, Marca, Toshack derides the Portuguese coach as a bit of a pooftah.
"When the going gets tough, the tough get going and Mourinho has disappointed me enormously."

"Jose was very brave in front of the cameras when he had the best goalkeeper in the world between the posts and a backbone made up of Terry, Lampard and Drogba, the best in Europe. But without them he wasn't so brave when it came to preparing for games and getting decent results," Toshack opined.

Well said la Tosh! Some of you may be aware that I have been championing this great coach's cause to take over the hot seat at Anfield ever since Dalglish left. He turned down the chance then because he was already contracted to Real Sociedad & his integrity made me admire him even more. Of course, after the Souness/Evans/Houllier debacles. Toshack had already established a name with Real Madrid & when it was time to replace Houllier; Tosh was already in charge of Wales.

This former Anfield legend is a no-nonsense coach with an ability to handle big names & even bigger egos. Wonder what he makes of Rafa's current rotation system?

PS: I am not a Rafa hater but am just a bit disillusioned after he got his tactics spectacularly wrong at last season's European Cup final. Like I said before, if he insists on rotating, make sure the results are there. And please don't tell me to be fooking patient . . . have been waiting fer a league title since 1990!

PSS: May not neccesarily agree with Tosh here (as I think Jose was a damn fine coach & a entertaining orator) but well done fer not shying away from speaking yer mind!

PSSS: Speaking of Chelsea - well fooking done la, Blues fans, fer hurtling anti-Semitic abuse at Avram. Keep it up & that other Yahudi who has been bankrolling yer team might just decide to fook off as well!


theALBERTUS said...

Well as I always said, results matters and if Rafa delivers, he delivers. I got nothing against John Toshack except the fact that when Anfield sent out SOS signals, only turnips showed up. Where we our heroes.

However, we are lucky to get Rafael Benitez and so the rafalution begins. Hail Rafa! Hail Rafa....Rafa Rafael Rafa Rafael Rafael Benitez!

anfield devotee said...

As mentioned in posting, dear albertus, senor Toshack was contracted at various stages to Sociedad, Madrid & Wales when Anfield SOS came. He insists it was not the rite thing to jump ship just to take up the hot seat at Anfield, no matter how tempting.

Besides, the last two times the seat became available, Anfield board didn't even consider him fer the job . . . perhaps knowing the great man would not walk out on his current responsibilites.

He is the LAST connexion we have to SHANKS!!!

SLACKER said...

1. jose is an arrogant bastard
2. chelsea fans are stupid
3. if tosh doesnt want to take over the hot seat at anfield then i say dont force the matter.. just like owen.. if he wants to bugger off... then let him go
4. we cant really get mad with rafa coz afterall, he did get us our 5th european cup. if u remember the game well, we had an interesting line up and substitutions.. however on the bright side, we do have a pretty mean defense.... just pray hope our strikers start playing their part!

@dam said...

I highly respect John Toshack as well!

He has definitely proven himself as a manager in Spain and what a player he was when he play for Liverpool.

To answer to your Q on how Toshack would see Rafa's rotation, here's some quote from the man himself:

"When I first met Rafa there was definitely something about him. I remember when I was at Madrid the second time around and we were in Switzerland pre-season.

"I hear that it’s almost 100 consecutive games when Liverpool have not played the same team, never fielding an unchanged side.

"But he knows the amount of games he has got and the competitions Liverpool are in and he has two players for each position. He likes to move them around.

"He has his chart of how many minutes each one will have played and he tries to work his way through the season that way."


"He was over watching the training and was making notes. He was always a very studious type. I think his Valencia side that played Liverpool a couple of times was very impressive."

Toshack looks up to Benitez a lot. Just look up for "Toshack on Benitez" and you can get those quotes and more.

From that, it can be said that he has no problem with Benitez's rotation policy and looks up to him highly!

Jonathan said...

I can imagined how much Shanks relishes the thought of outwitting and humiliate the "special one" with his one liners and comments. Hehehehe