Friday, August 31, 2007

Be there or be fookin square!

The big (& certainly most noteworthy) event of the Merdeka festivities is NOT the fireworks, the parades or even the shocking victory of M'sia U-23 footie team over Myanmar. It's the much awaited return of seminal grindcore band Napalm Death who will be performing at Ruums Club, Jln Sultan Ismail, 5pm Sat, Sep1, 2007. (Tickets - RM50 from Tower Records)

This very noisy & extreme outfit are not yer typical satan-worshipping, virgin sacrificing heavy metallers. Rather their music/noise tackles issues of capitalism gone mad, global warfare & various other content of non-sulphuric origin.

Napalm Death is one of the most extreme bands out there & have been in existence since 1988. Expand yer mind & bleed them eardrums!

PS: For more info, please watch the short films above on the band & grindcore scene.

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Bernard said...

Ai Say...forgot to take the tix back from office. Have to go get it sometime between now & tomorrow. Mr. Mun, if you're reading this, what time can we expect your presence?? We're headed down to Bierkeller abt 3pm, R. "Gout/Muscular Ache" Bala is getting a lift from me about 2.30, so call me if you want a lift too.

& I promise not to insult the press this time round, though they do deserve it. Same venue if I recall....