Thursday, August 2, 2007

Uncle Bernard & other smug man u fans

In case, you hadn't read Zorro Unmasked's comments, he complained about being lectured about footie at a partisan Liverpool hangout. Just to set the record straight, Zorro aka Uncle Bernard, was also present at said pub (Broadwalk Bistro) during Charlton v mu a good few years ago. He was making all sorts of cheeky remarks about poor old Charlton especially when his "mighty" man u were 2-0 up.
"Like playing against school kids la, boring la . . ." and he downed his beer and left. What a shame coz the Addicks came back with two goals.

Now I admit there are always some punters who will challenge yer comments and I can't control that. But let's face it, Uncle Bernard, you were allowed to speak yer mind on more than one occasion & you never let the chance slip to belittle the opposition. You had no problems rubbing in the salt into my open festering Liverpool wounds after one of my team's shambolic displays under Houllier!

Sorry, to say la, Uncle Bernard, I think you are a really nice guy & all, but on many occasions you were the arch-typical smug, conceited man u fan hiding behind the veneer of old age!
Pubs, being sacred & all, should also be free of that smirking, lookin'-down-on-others attitude, right?


Kopite78 said...

My friend, I can't believe you are wasting your time on a scum supporter. It is like flogging a dead horse.

They have and always will be arrogant and idiotic. They will never match Liverpool's record so they just talk and make noise. Empty vessels make the most noise.

nick m said...

LOL!!! This gets more effin' hilarious with each post. 2 things. First, if it's not already obvious, this is a partisan blog. Second, it's a common affliction of Johnnies-come-lately with respect to footballing silverware.