Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hindu temples as wrecking ball targets

Hindu temples as wrecking ball targets As a concerned citizen & a Hindu, I am asking what can be done to stop the wanton destruction of these places of worship? This issue more than anything has got my goat as it reeks of religious zealotry.

Yes, many of these temples are built hapharzardly and sprout up sometimes in inconvenient locales which hinder development. But in many instances, this is not the case. It is just the powers-that-be flexing their political muscle. Are we Hindus being targetted simply because we are a minority? Is it the BN's way of saying, "look at what we can do to you if you do not toe the line"? Is this what the DPM means when he proclaims the country an Islamic nation?

Even the famed Bukit Gasing Sivan temple is facing all sorts of obstacles in trying to complete the long awaited and much needed renovations. It is a world famous site & it is mind-boggling that the leadership of the MIC can't do anything given that they are regular worshippers at this venerated temple.

When will this campaign to destroy Hindu temples end?


alliedmartster said...

I don't know about other temples, but I can tell you the story of the one i n Tambak Jaya. Sad to say, within that community itself, they (devotees) were playing politics between the two temples. When push came to shove, the lawyers, including Haris Ibrahim, asked for sworn affidavits from these people, and yet NONE came forward.
God help those who help themselves, clearly this was not the case.

Just curious to know if there are any suraus built without approval? Or if there was an application, how many was rejected? Wouldn't you want to know too?


When will this campaign to destroy Hindu temple ends?

When will your campaign to save the Hindu temples start, bro?