Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A question of accountability

Many kudos to the good people at The Sun. This free edition daily is fast gaining a reputation fer some serious ball busting reporting. First to break the Istana Idaman story and now giving plenty of attention to our govt's (nearly) five billion Ringgit bailout of the Port Klang Free Zone debacle. (What is it with Port Klang anyways, I know it has a reputation as a bit of a cowboy town but this is fookin ridiculous!!!)

What concerns me is the issue of accountability. FACT: you can get away with murder & more in this country, just by knowing the right people. But now with such seriously damaging headlines & a general election round the corner (it is, isn't it?), you would have thought BN would attempt to save some face by hanging out some carcasses to dry. Yes?

Unfortunately, it is a resounding 'No'. Case in point, just how has King Zakaria been punished fer his illegal structures. He still holds a good number of high positions in various associations & better yet, his palace stills stands tall while the authorities busy themselves with the more pertinent matter of destroying Hindu temples.

With the PKFZ issue, the silence from the corridors of power is deafening. Looks like its the old ostrich trick - bury yer head in the sand until threat goes away. BN are still counting on the infamous apathy among Malaysians to see them thru another general election. The venerated Tun once quipped that "Malaysians have very short memories" and how fookin sad & true is that?

Who is going to answer for this latest scandal. Who are these " interfering politicians with vested interests"? Who from the Transport Ministry is going to answer for the (unauthorised) letter of undertaking? Which persons in their official capacity in the PKA going to fess up to knowingly purchasing land with encumbrances? Such is the culture of NON-accountability in Malaysia, these questions may never be answered & the culprits will just move on to their next swindle.

In this fair land of ours, we all kinda know what's gonna happen next. Issue gets dragged on fer several centuries, committees set up to investigate the matter . . . perpetrators slip away under the giant blanket of 'kisah lama, tidak apa lah'.

The only slim hope is fer ordinary rakyat to turn up in full force at the next polls & show their dissatisfaction. There are enough issues to concern people of every race, religion & strata of society to seriously question the governance of the current administration. BN are so desperate they are resorting to playing the race card at every issue & going after HARDCORE CRIMINALS like Namewee to deflect attention. Meanwhile, those who are guilty of siphoning off public funds go on doing what they do best . . .

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Kopite78 said...

Well what else is new? These corrupted, self centred S.O.Bs will pay for it. Karma! Karma! Karma! Karma! Karma!

Learn from Earl J Hickey!!!!