Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The other side of the coin

Contrary to popular belief, I am not a foaming-at-the-mouth, hardcore racist. I know some of you may think so, especially with some of the views expressed on this blog; but rest assured I prefer to leave the bigotry to the experts at the United Malays Nazi Organisation.

I can proudly say I easily pass the muhibbah litmus test which is how many people (of other races) can you count as friends? Now, I am talking bout real member ketat ok. Not some passing acquaintance or colleagues you are forced to share space with. Yes, my friends include Punjabis, Keralans, Ceylonese (ok la, little racist Indian joke here - these people usually have no friends that's why I put em first!), Hakka and quite a few Bumiputras. Most of the latter I met while at University and these guys are sociable, easy-going, open-minded, extremely hard-working intelligentsia (yes, take a bow Messrs Kiaq, Wan, Sasha & Pure - real identities hidden to protect possible future UMNO membership - just joking!).

Was talking to some of them bout the current predicaments facing our nation as it prepares fer the big five-O as well as chewing the fat on some of me recent postings. In relation to the destruction of Hindu temples, Kiaq tells me of the problems facing Muslims in many villages around the country. It seems fer a person to be on the Mosque committee, he has to be an UMNO member. Sorry, but no ties to the opposition if you want to carry our religious duties on behalf of the local community. Kiaq contends that similarly the integrity of these mosques/suraus have been compromised.
Agreed, but what I want to point out is that this problem is an internal issue whereas Hindu temples being torn down by a self-proclaimed Islamists govt is quite another. (Note: PAS in Kelantan has not only preserved all its tokongs & kuils but has even allocated state funds for the building and upkeep of these places of worship.)

But point taken on the fact that everyone is affected by some form of political hypocrisy, Muslim or otherwise.

With regards to the NEP and the betterment of Malay businesses, Pure tells of the hardship he has faced in the construction industry for the last few years. 'Living nightmare' is how he describes it. While he is not expecting any handouts he is fookin pissed off at how a select number of cronies get bailouts and other assorted freebies from the govt. He can't see the light at the end of the tunnel simply because of the few greedy pricks who are hoarding everything fer themselves while the masses struggle on.

I fer one believe if that the NEP was properly administered to actually help underpriviliged Bumiputras (including the Eurasians, Orang Asli etc), most citizens wouldn't complain. Right now, it is mainly benefiting those at the top of the food chain and that's what causing a lot of resentment (from all races, mind you).

Pure also recounts some tales of reverse racism. When he first started out on his own, he told me how he would go meet clients . . . in his not-so-luxurious Honda Intergra. He told me the predominantly Chinese clients wouldn't take him seriously. He was forced to go & buy a Benzo fer some bling factor to wow his potential clients. It went against his usually prudent financial principles (but at least he got to impress his future wife with some flash wheels, so worth it lah!).
He also recounts how he recently had his loan restructuring plans turned down by a bunch of Chinese bankers but when he sent a Chinese contractor friend of his to renegotiate - approved!

It would seem it has become a game of tit-for-tat among the races. You give out special priviliges to your kind, we hold back certain benefits etc.

What we as a people need to rediscover is the sense of brotherhood. This Merdeka, instead of the empty symbolism of covering yer car with hundreds of flags; why don't you get reacquainted with yer fellow Malaysians of various ethnicities. A Bangsa Malaysia can only exist when we start being friends again instead of members on the opposite side of the NEP fence. On that Hallmark (& slightly sacchrine) note, I bid you all a happy Merdeka celebrations . . .


weiyin69 said...

you know, the "top guns" - malays, chinese, indians, regardless of their race - they benefit all the time. as long as they have their pockets full at all times, they don't really care what happens to those below them. yes, sometimes they appear to be helping the less privilege groups, but only for show. Progress after 50 years? we have a long way to go ...

nick m said...

you definitely pass the muhibah test. in fact i'd be hard pressed to find another person with such a varied racial composition among friends.

pure. sorry to hear of your experience with Chinese bankers. i think all Malaysians regardless of race and creed must do the right thing in standing up to racism and discrimination in all its forms/guises.

zewt said...

it's a long way before this bangsa malaysia thing will come to existence... if at all.