Thursday, August 30, 2007

The face of terror . . . or stupidity?

As we gear up fer our nation's highly anticipated big five-O, here's another bunch of wankers in the mould of Awang Selamat (see previous posting). It's ok fer certain parties to postulate violence and bloodshed but should anyone else dare speak up . . .

This is no laughing matter as many tend to forget Malaysia has supplied its share of grim reaping extremists. Anyone remember a certain Dr Death aka Azahari Husin. This unassuming engineering lecturer at UTM was responsible fer the JWMarriot as well as the Bali bombings. Worse of all, he was also behind the church bombings at Pekanbaru and Medan on X'mas eve, 2000. Can you imagine, these Jihadians sent explosives wrapped as gifts!

Sure, many will dismiss these fookin arseholes (in the above video) as infantile fantasists but the fact remains there are enough retards out there to think they are doing God's work . . . and defending tanah Melayu (note, NOT Malaysia).

PS: Many of me Muslim friends have also expressed utter disgust at these fookin pricks.

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Bernard said...

Retards are what they are and in an institution is where these cowards belong. If namewee is bold enough to creatively post his thoughts, right or wrong, he at least have the balls to not have to cover his identity unlike these morons who shelter behind the guise of "Islamic Freedom Fighters". You can't call them anything but shallow morons if their only riposte to namewee's creativity if you will, is violence.