Monday, August 6, 2007

Poor crowd for Community Shield

Well, there you have it, one all draw and a three nothing pen shootout with Van Der Saar the hero. But nuff bout that, what I found perplexing was the huge amount of empty seats all round the new Wembley. Losing interest so early . . .?

Its a shame as money raised from this game is used in various community projects. And given this was the curtain-raiser & quite a full on encounter between these two foes, I am indeed surprised it was not a sell out.

Perhaps it is a clear indication to English FA, the fans are getting choosy bout when & where they shell out their hard earned cash. If they are not careful, the once electric atmosphere at English grounds could go the way of Seria A - where bums on seats rival M-league attendances.

Perhaps the fans thought that both teams would be tired after their respective treks round the globe selling the brand . . .?

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revedigital said...

poor crowd? Of Course! U'v got 2 of d worst fanbased clubs playing each other.. their supporters are shite.. dats Y they couldnt care less abt fund drive competition.. thy probably need d cash to buy many more expensive jerseys and match ticekts! ask the fans there if thy know how to appreciate visiting team playing well on their own pitch - thy'd kno f*** all! coz by d time thy know their team's beaten, thy wud'v walked off their own pitch n even start booing some of their own playrs.. Us at Anfield? mmmm we never say die and we do play d game very gentleman-like.. which is Y i can never have another club ever again.. Kop Rules! :)