Monday, August 20, 2007

Styles Over Substance

Fookin' ell man! Yet another wonderful sporting spectacle was ruined last nite by an over zealous referee. Fer the philistines among you, Chelsea escaped from Anfield with a valuable point thanks to the wanker ref, Rob Styles, awarding a late penalty for a foul that never fookin was.

When are FIFA gonna learn? Time fer TV replays. I am not just saying that in light of last nite's game but am a firm believer of the use of technology. I do NOT subscribe to the view that refereeing mistakes add to the human drama of the game. What bollocks!?!

Allowing the ref to view an incident on replay would, if anything, save time as players will refrain from surrounding him bickering bout the fookin decision. And why is Rob effing Styles still a premiership ref? He also awarded a non-existent penalty on the first day of last season against Sheffield Utd . . . v Liverpoool (don't ever say I am biased, blinkered etc). Costly mistakes from him on too many occasions.

Let's face it, the modern game is played at a lightning speed and gamesmanship is rampant. Refs are only human and will make mistakes. In fact, I am surprised they don't make more (especially linesmen & the near impossible task of offside calls). Isn't it time we give them a helping hand?

PS: Rob Styles's performance also raises the unavoidable suspicion of bribery (us Malaysians are masters of it & expect it as a matter of fact). The officials are after all the least paid members on the field of play but wield a disproportionate amount of power in determining the outcome.


SLACKER said...

fuck both styles and malouda.. bloody fucking french cheat!!!!!

Kopite78 said...

There should be consistency. If players are banned and fined when they commit terrible fouls or react to bad tackles, refrees should also be disciplined. Logically, we live in a world where prices are sky rocketing. So a club like Chelsea, which is owned by one of Russia's most corrupted business men, would not have the problem paying off a refree an amount which could change that person's life to make a few favourable decisions.

As far as I am concerned, Rob Styles should be under investigation. He should be suspended even if he did not take a bribe as his performance shows he is not qualified to officiate a Premiership match.

Anyway, I am a firm believer in karma. So what goes around comes around. Styles and Chelsea will get what is coming to them

nick m said...

scan the footage of the stands. you may see an oriental looking gentleman on his mobile phone. :)