Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fast Cars & Even Faster Women!

Here's a nice diversion from all the DrM & Makkal Osai political postings. The very lovely lady pictured above is Danica Sue Patrick. This American lass who is of Irish-Serbian parentage recently became the FIRST ever woman driver to win an IndyCar race (the recent IndyCar 300 series in Japan a couple of days ago).

Being the only woman on the starting grid is tough enough but to beat the boys at this very testosterone-driven sport . . . well, let's just say that takes some fooking balls!

To all you guys out there, here's a fantasy gal fer the ages. A grease monkey that's a faster/better driver than YOU! As fer the ladies, especially those who canna sidepark or get out of a junction, here's the perfect role model fer ya!


Tinesh said...

Pheewweeet!!! Damn man, that chick is hot! She races in INDY 500 tho, so we dont get to watch her much.Such a shame..

On a diff note, hopeless draws in both games.. Liverpool were very unfortunate and so was Ronaldo..

senorita.. said...

yeap,saw her in tv... she's hawt..!

anfield devotee said...

tinesh: You want to watch her race or do you want to see her in various stages of undress? If its the latter, that's what the world wide web was created fer.

senorita: What a stroke of marketing windfall fer team Honda.

mozisgod said...

tuan bolakov,

honda? not much of a fan though chief..(fair lady yu laikk?)

she can "horn-me-unda" anytime..

that is considering if she really is bothered even to in the
first place. *sigh*

ok dude, guess i'm backing to tweakin'the
later. (nice shots btw)

mozisgod said...

the franchise is not complete without the kerpov.

missing the company.


Azer Mantessa said...

but to those ladies who prefer guys who take it 'nice and slow' ... ehem ehem ... i'm the scouser for you.

hope my wife does not read this ... hehehe

*just kidding*

have a nice weekend

anfield devotee said...

moz: Google 'Danica Patrick + Swimsuit Illustrated' fer a whole lotta super sexy shots of the race driver in not much clothing . . .

weiyin69 said...

aiyo, at first i thought she was one of them payung girls ... she sure got balls huh? and she's hot of course. the guys on the track must have been distracted ...

anfield devotee said...

weiyin: he he . . . good one - payung girls! Hey, she's the perfect role model fer you la, Miss Cannot Sidepark!!!

Jon-C said...

Damn! Reminds me of a chick that i used to encounter at the mamak during my car modding days. Was told she was a grease monkey at Speedworks.

She can boost me turbo anytime! Kekekekeke.

anfield devotee said...

JonC: Eh, mana la this ciku? She can take care of me Monster any time!