Monday, April 21, 2008

Same Old Shit

Please don't be fooled by the PM recently paying lip service to the Bar Council. He agreed that an independent judiciary was much needed to restore public faith in the system. Soon after that speech, the NST loudly proclaims that the ACA might also soon be given more independence to carry out its duties impartially.
Could it really be that the BN were seriously getting to the roots of their election debacle by actually addressing real issues?
Fook that fer a laugh. Why?

While Badawi (tries to) play renaissance man, his administration revert to the old fear tactics of yore. They get a Clown Prince to declare in no uncertain terms that the privileged position of Bumiputeras can NEVER be questioned and that non-Malays should be grateful fer having been given citizenship in the first place. Typical shit-stirring which the rakyat had rejected in the last GE and yet they persist with inflamming racial sensitivities.

Now, they've gone & closed down popular Tamil-daily Makkal Osai. Permit not renewed. Why? This paper had been brave enough to report & champion the Hindraf & Makkal Sakti movement.
Why should BN fooking care, its just a few hundred Indians left without a livelihood overnite. So what?
On top of that, Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar had the cheek to say that Makkal Osai's permit was not renewed because it had continually brought up racial issues. Fook off! The biggest cuplrit of racial politics is BN (see royal Kelantanese example above).
The bald fook also went on to say that a free press was needed to ensure a system of checks & balances against the executive!!! More fooking lip service while closing down the Tamil paper. See the trend here?

Smacks of OPs Lalang innit? Wonder who's next? The Sun? Sin Chew? . . . Al Jazeera?!?

Do NOT be fooled by BN & its outmoded scare tactics. Self-interest is rarely a good incentive fer good governance. The closing of Makkal Osai is probably just the first step before they start wielding that ace up their sleeve . . . the ISA
This just as they were talking about respecting the rule of law & an independent & empowered judiciary at the Bar Council shindig.

The war against BN & its morally & ideologically bankrupt regime goes on even after the GE. Be strong, me fellow Malaysians, be very strong . . .


senorita.. said...

sadly,this has always been the way... say one thing n does another..

check n balance? that's funny..

Lim said...

Looks like the same old shit is happening. It's disgusting. Looks like these fookers will never learn!

anfield devotee said...

senorita: You would have thought they'd realise by now. But despite their terrible GE results, there are nowhere near to re-connecting with the rakyat. They are just too set in their ways to understand the machinations of democarcy.

Lim: Quite glad that these pundeks continue to shoot themselves in the foot. Digging their own grave. The point is that Malaysians have to be strong-willed to see this through. Not least the staff of Makkal Osai who lost their jobs. More will have to suffer before real change is affected. Am quite sure they will reosrt to more dirty & strong arm tactics to intimidate the general populace. From the closing dowm of media to using police brute force, BN will use it. Be prepared . . .

anfield devotee said...

from En Pure via sms:

"Fuck the bladi botak. Makkal Sakti".

senorita.. said...

i think they are not that 'bright' to come up with another 'scheme' to corrupt and win the people at the same time...

seriously.. i think we lack a 'clever management head' up there

nanda666 said...

i just wrote something on my to comment Sifu?
Starting out mild a bit la....

Kopite78 said...

Well, a leopard never changes its spots. Just because BN has ruled for decades on fear, they think they can still do this.

Sad dumb fools!!!!

WE SHALL OVERCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anfield devotee said...

nanda: Have commented. Why didn't you open yer mouth earlier & said you had a blog?

kopite78: Barisan Najis . . . truly a stinking composition of shite, garbage & other unmentionables.

Anba said...

Hear Nothing...
Say Nothing...
See Nothing...
The BN Way...

Tinesh said...

Botak can suck my dick la..Free press it seems..ROFLMAO!!!

anfield devotee said...

anba: yup, precisely.

tinesh: you would like that wouldn't you, he he . . .

nanda666 said...

check this link to see the full freedom of press index:

we come in at 122!!! Ireland in no1 together with all the Scandinavians.

nanda666 said...

On the same note, here's the corruption index:

Singapore's no4...we're #43

anfield devotee said...

nanda: Have said this before la, FOOK S'PORE!!!

If they were such a perfect society, why do they also still need the ISA & OSA?

And do you really think they have the balls to achieve a similiar GE result there?

A parliament with two opposition members?

To think corruption does not exist in S'pore is a triffling naive. Its a country full of Chinaman la, what do you expect?

Free press? Oh yeah, S'pore is a bastion of free speech rite.

Sorry but one thing that really riles me is when people talk about S'pore like its heaven. Fer Fook's Sake, they don't even know how to make a proper plate of wantan mee la!!!

ps: pls note NOT all arguments here are rational . . .

senorita.. said...

hmmm... u know... my bf came across some Kiwis here who made remarks la.. " i don't understand why Singapore is doing so well but Malaysia is not.."

dunno what to respond

anfield devotee said...

senorita: How to respond? We can afford two or even three cars on half their salary. But fooking S'pore fellas talk big, earn mucho mullah but struggle to afford ploton saga & live in the "luxurious" HDB flats.

Not everything is about pure economics. If it was, Kiwis are well behind S'pore as well rite. Wha The Fook? Their wonderful paradise of a country would count fer fook all.

To run an island state is way different from running a country with 22million and a far more diverse population.

j or ji said...

Expect the worse coming fr em'.

anfield devotee said...

senorita: Just ask yer bf to say,"Canna understand why Australia is doing so well but NZ is not . . ."

Am sure that will get rite under their skins !!!

senorita.. said...

lol.... yeah... the thing between NZ n Aus is like Msia n Spore...

and nah... we wudnt wanna appear snobbish like 'em sporean...


nick m said...

everything is done to preserve the status quo, which was kind of easy when you have a 2/3rds majority. but the current scenario is something BN isn't used to. Despite forming the government, I'm sure they feel they are playing catch up. so on one hand makkal osai loses its license, while PKR gets theirs. it's going to be one hard juggling act.


mozisgod said...

tuan balakov,

dude, interesting write-up on the osai shutdown. it caught me by suprise particularly as to why such a predicament should befall osai; eschewing the others.

after a while of pondering (meagre),the lighbulb finally clicked & the coins finally dropped into the slot.
i remembered something of similar nature happening to the star a coupla years back..well you're right it's not exactly similar. they got banned & not their permits revoked (i.e. this is more like outplayed on an issue of technicality read: suckered)

the thing is this. i read the osai once in a while when i get the chance. now, although my command of this richly textured language is well, almost next to nothing & pitiful to say the least (enough to qualify as a disgrace to the community), i'd have to say, well they do write reasonably good stuff. and what i personnally would term as "good" in terms of a newspaper would be in comparison with the concept of "neutrality" - i.e. basically reporting shit as shit happens, now was how it is pefurmed or covered up in sand.
(btw - that was triggered with the advent of "barisan najis". nice one :) )

they are opposition-pined paper. no doubt about that. but here's thing as a reader, what i find is there's not outright lambasting of of the ruling party by purposefully portraying the negative elements.

oppo-propaghanda - yes;
negative ruling party dissin' - no.

now compare this scenario with an other daily or media of your choice (excluding THE SUN, THE edge, kerPLUNK, fer fook's sake,maybe aliran & other U/G zines with a political slant that you may come in contact with)..
that's right any choice of local mainstream daily/political media..what do you have?

what it did was give some reading space for what's going on with the opposition; pray tell me dear avid followers of the FFS - what is so wrong with that? it confounds the dumbfounded.

oh for those of you who had the mere inkling of "that" particular thought - no, this viewpoint does not merely boil down to the fact that i'm a native speaker of the tongue.

senor balanso, just of the curve a wee bit here now. just interested to hear your yellin thoughts on something inadvertently brought up - i.e. regarding s'pore.
agreed dude. it's different managing a country as diverse as malaysia with the many diasporas, cultures, way of life & mode of thought prevalent here; a whole different ballpark; its like managing spurs & managing those damned reds. (go figure la which one is supposed to resemble malaysia..dun make me say it:)) )

the personality traits of a msian is so different, heck i would go so far as to say that, you can almost tell a singaporean by the way he walks down the street and looks at stuff (not to be too judegmental of course). but i would love to hear your views bro on the following:-
a) during the separation of 65 - if it had been the reverse situation, with singapore bein the peninsula and LKY in-charge, would it have been any different or worse? taking into account all matters discussed, corruption index, freedom of press and importantly economic progress?
screw the freedom of the press mate. in s'pore it is probably shittier than here. but in terms of overall management?
b) would they're concept of a malaysian malaysia have resulted in a better scenario i.e. of a well-balanced/well rounded society with less radical viewpoints?
c) would they have a u/ground thugs formally masking themselves as part a special unit deemed as pertinent for national safety?
d) would farkin chewing gum be banned on the peninsula as well? :)

fark macha. strike of c & d. not important. would love to hear for you and the fellas on (a) & (b).

p.s. btw i'm dun get shitfaced when i write in either the mighty kerplunk or's due to stress la bro..mwhahahah
take care.

anfield devotee said...

moz: whoooaaa . . . Ladies & gentlemen, a coherent ramble by mr moz!!! Fooking hell la! Pertinent & well said.

RE: Makkal Osai
Tis a true reflection of BN. All this trying to put the ACA & judiciary rite is fooking sandiwara la. Same old bollocks!

But as nick pointed out, bladi botak has said he has no problem with granting PKR a permit to print a newsletter.

Thing is, they know that a political newsletter has far lesser reach than a national daily, even a vernacular one such as Osai.

RE: S'pore
First off, pls note that me did add the proviso that not all me arguments were rational with regards to the tiny republic. Its to do with having met one too many kiasu & snobbish prats from schooldays (ie school trip fer Interact club) to working fer two sporean publishng companies. Both utterly shite experiences!

Yer questions:
a)Again, me does not think it possible fer anybody to achieve what spore did on a larger level.

By virtue of their circumstance, s'pore was forced into doing what it had to do - become a regional import/export hub. M'sia had to consider its many other industries -agriculture, rubber, tin mining & palm oil. Couldn't just abandon it rite? So who knows how LKY would have handled it.

Overall management? Sure, we are really fooked up. But it just riles me to hear people go on bout S'pore. It ain't half hot as they say. A Starbucks culture of mass consumerism isn't exactly what we are looking fer issit?

Economically? They haven't been completely isolated from world tremors either have they?
Japan aside, the Tiger economies of the 80s was limited to mainly small island states such HK & Taiwan.

We haven't done too badly otherwise we wouldn't be largest car market in SEA. Sure, we should be miles ahead but me is happy to be M'sian & not sporean.

Yes, their police force & other govt oranisations are what m'sian counterparts should aspire to. But it is always easier to do when you're managing a small number. How would LKY redress the economic imbalance? How about the millions of rural folk back in the day who needed a step up?

While in principle a practice of meritocracy from the 60s would have been ideal & a Malaysian Malaysia is what we are striving fer, the fact is tis too late to cry over spilt milk. We have to move on from here.

Heck, if LKY & S'pore had not demanded a seperation, the non-Malays would have been the dominant number here & as such, the dominant political force. What many people don't realise, them fooking off benefited the ruling powers by tipping the numbers game in their favour. Classic divide & conquer tactics. Many Malays are profoundly hurt by TAR's allowance of S'pore to leave the Feeration. But in me humble opinion, it has benefited the Bumis in the long run. Am certain this imbalance in racial political power-sharing would not have occurred otherwise.

c) The thuggery. We allowed it to happen. We are at fault fer many of the ills. Too many people stood to gain from the status quo. Now its time to start making the changes.

d) Gum? Probably become the main import item in this part of the world.

Another point, how is learning mandarin any diff from having to learn BM? Why didn't they make english the first language if race didn't play a part in their thinking?

End of the day, me will admit that much of the animosity is down to yer typical neighbour syndrome ie UK-France / Spain-Portugal / Belgium-Holland / laos-Vietnam. What differs slightly is how two peoples who share some much common lineage, ancestry, custom & culture can come to be so divided.

Me thinks is just down to the sporeans hidung tinggi attitude. No wonder so many of em are scum supporters . . .

Jon-C said...

Welcome to Boleh Land! Semua boleh! Let's see where all the "independent" judicial and anti-corruption board talks go to? My bet, very likely the longkang 6 months later. Just look at SUHAKAM and SPR.

premo said...


moz: Eh! You're making sense... in English! Off the meds then? :) Otherwise well done. You should consider writing for Nanban! Haha!

Nanda/AD: Fuck Singapore? Yes please, and up the gary glitter too. Sorry I'm from JB. Dont try to tell me otherwise about our piss-drinking neighbours.

"Makkal Osai shut down/freedom of speech/selective censorship/oppression of basic human rights/bla bla bla bla bla..."

While a healthy and lively diss-cussion of current issues is all good in promoting self awareness and education, sitting on yer ass and doing nothing about it won't bring about any real change. Yes I know - I'm one to talk since I haven't even registered (Bala dont throw a hissy fit - I will!) but that is fact.

Changes are happening slowly and surely. But it will NOT happen smoothly.

What am trying to say? Well may be its time to be a bit more bloody minded and proactive in our protests, rather than 'going thru the proper governing channels in the system' i.e., writing in the locals, submitting petitions, voicing greviances via available media.

How? I dunno yet. I for one have decided to protest by going to the jungles of Chiang Mai this weekend to hunt for wildboar with live ammo. I'm sure the squeals of bleeding pigs will drown out all the worlds troubles for awhile... and put some well deserved mojo back into the wussy paintballers joining the trip.

Will try to save some spicy goanese boar curry for ya AD! That is if my cousins don't finish it first la...

anfield devotee said...

premo: Don't get eaten by the boars ah . . .

Lim said...

Premo, make sure you don do a Dick Cheney as well and shoot a fellow hunter!

mozisgod said...

tuan balakov,

dude, grotesquely(hehehe) appreciate yer response (& the time taken) on the m'sia/s'pore issue - a scenario of role reversal of sorts; a stimulating read by any measure.

having said that, i'd have to admit although i'm not on the same page - i do however succumb to the same bottom line. who knows what could have been done if there had been a flipside of '65.

there is most definitely (without a fartin doubt), an immense difference between managing an entreport (with reserved/acute focus on trade & commerce at ports) & diversified array of natresources & industries to gel & bond into an economy. in its entirety, the risks itself a greater. yes, being diversified does help in minimizing the trade-off of risks - but hell, a fact remains, bukan calang-calang orang boleh bikin kerje macam nie.
another fact remains. spore is still shite (aside from the rare gems i have the rare countenance to have met). just ask a fella from jaybee. :)))

premo: to quote an enigmatic icon of the 21st century..much revered & almost a godlike persona (at least in my warped head la)..homer
have a blast dude. yu farkin deserve it. just make sure yu blast the boar ok:))

see ya later dudes.

p.s. tuan, may 11th dun forget. the lane awaits. battle of the 2 spaniards :)))