Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hardtalk & Bullshit walks . . .

Some of you may have saw The Mighty Tun on BBC's Hardtalk last nite. Suffice to say the old man just badgered his way thru the interview in his usual manner.

As usual, anything the interviewer said was dismissed as misinformation, lies or twisted truth. When faced with his abysmal human rights record & the fact that he regularly imprisoned his opponents, he said, "What hundreds of people. Who are they. You tell me? I don't know where you are getting your information from".

Er . . . Tun . . . Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Anwar, Chandra Muzzafar, Abuya & gang, to name but a few?

But when he is quoted regarding his anti-Jewish statements from a few years ago where he said that "the Jews are ruling the world by proxy. They have become arrogant & will make a mistake. Our opportunity will arise soon." This was FACT according to him.

Other example of "fact"according to the Mighty Tun include :

The judiciary? No, the Mighty Tun did not appoint the judges. He merely installed those who were recommended to him by the CJ. And the whole VK Lingam episode was a blackmail tactic by Anwar.

Anwar himself? No, The Mighty Tun did NOT crucify him & let him rot in jail fer trumped up charges. The court impartially decided that he was guilty. And oh, the black eye was not a serious injury meted out by the IGP. Besides it was a good electoral ploy!!!

Fooking hell. He sat there with a forced smile on his face putting on a brave front while he was attacked on all fronts.

Now, to me it was a pitiful sight of an old man trying to pull some political weight in an arena where he is no longer considered important. But a quick perusal of some blogs, you will see that quite a few still are in awe of him. They say, "waaah, pity that dumb mat salleh la, kena from our Tun".

Ladies & gentlemen, me presents to you the Deluded Malaysian(s), first, the one that featured on Hardtalk & those who thought his performance was nothing short of sterling. See fer yerself & me look forward to reading yer comments.


nick m said...

frankly, i'm not even gonna bother watching the video clips. i mean we all know the legacy he left behind. as some enlightened protester said with his placard: Mahathir Mudah Lupa. he's past his sell by date. only a weak PM is giving him another a new lease of life in the political arena. but we all know what a joke all this is with BN.


Lim said...

This old geezer shd just zip his gap up and fade into obscurity for all i care. He takes hypocrisy to a new level! I actually watched the interview on TV and another comment that enraged me was he claimed Bodohwi had enriched his family and relatives!!!! Talk abt pot calling the kettle black! For everyone's info, Mokhzani Mahathir is now the 9th richest man in Malaysia according to M'sian Business magazine. And yes Dr M, your son is a self made billionaire and you had nothing to do with it. fook off!

Jon-C said...

Wow! Fall from grace for the "all" powderful Tun. Maybe turning senile have made him lost his marbles.

Lim said...


Think we shd all chip in, get sponsors, list the names of all the fooking people the old geezer imprisoned during his 22 yrs of dictatorship and publish it in the newspapers so as to remind him! Think we can work s'thing like that out AD? Maybe w the SUN newspaper?

anfield devotee said...

Lim: Cukup ke dua page advert? Ramai tu . . .

nick: You should watch. Its a good laugh.

JonC: Lost his marbles? Not according to some. He still is da man & champion of Malaysia. Apparently . . .

premo said...

Ha. Tried watching but couldnt stomach so much bullshit so stopped midway thru the 2nd vid. This coming from an ad man, mind you!

All I gotta say about politicians and their weaving web of wank:

Metallica's Holier Than Thou

No more!
the craps rolls out your mouth again
haven't changed, your brain is still gelatin
little whispers circle around your head
why don't you worry about yourself instead

who are you? where ya been? where ya from?
gossip is burning on the tip of your tongue
you lie so much you believe yourself
judge not lest ye be judged yourself

holier than thou
you are
holier than thou
you are

you know not

before you judge me take a look at you
can't you find somethig better to do
point the finger, slow to understand
arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand

it's not who you are it's who you know
others lives are the basis of your own
burn your bridges build them back with wealth
judge not lest ye be judged yourself

holier than thou
you are
holier than thou
you are

you know not

'Nuff said.

anfield devotee said...

premo: hear ye, hear ye . . .

As fer DrM, he should just piss off before he destroys his beloved UMNO further la.

ps: Yo people, our dear premo is going wild boar hunting soon; so pls place yer orders here. make mine a large cut of leg & loin!

Kopite78 said...

Totally agree with Nick. That wanker made a total mess. He made corruption, cronyism and nepotism a culture of Malaysia.

I don't even want to ruin my fucked up day after watching Riise give fucking Chelsea a huge lifeline this morning.

The day Tun kicks the bucket, I will be dancing and singing as he will be facing his maker. Then he will pay the price.

SLACKER said...

1. firstly in the tun's defense, he spoke well and defended himself and answered the questions. Unlike the way our previous MINISTER OF (mis)INFORMATION did on Al Jazeera same goes to Nazri... the tun also fought fact with fact. he was clever with his choice of words... however facts are facts... LKS and gang were put in ISA everytime they open their mouths... i enjoyed the interview as at least it was more of a debate instead of name calling on both sides... and i still think Pak Lah is the biggest moron..

2. I think the Tun had enjoyed 22 of power and was a good politician. What's important is that he defended the country first. He did modernise the country though i felt he could've achieved much more... if only he had realised that his NEP and KBSR systems dont work..

3. I think with his stepping down in 2004, he should've stayed out of the scene. It would've been the best for his health and everything with it.

4. At the end of the day, there is no able leader better than the Tun. think about it.. if the Tun had handed the baton to Anwar, i think the country would have worse racial issues. LKS for PM? we'll end up a CINA country... LKS to me is the biggest hypocrite in the politcal arena. I may be proud to be a DAP member but in truth LKS needs to step down too.. LKS get rid of ppl who challenges his power (Lee Lam Thye) and promotes cronynism (his son)... i really wonder if bangsa Malaysia will become a reality. I truly believe that DSAI is a true politician, he will change his manifesto in order to gain power. Maybe DSAI is the way forward? hard to say... (but i hate his guts for what he was when he was the DPM)

5. Premo: I WANT KATHIPANDI too!

6. Kopite78: Riise didnt give chelski a fucking lifeline.. he handed them a bloody fucking huge advantage...

anfield devotee said...

kopite78 & slacker: I fear our Euro dream is no more . . .

But with regards to DrM's performance on Hardtalk, you could hardly say his anti-semitic statements were fact rite, slacker?

A lot of the problems that exists today is down to his handiwordk. Have said many times during his reign that the shit really gonna hit the fan when he hands power over to some pricks who canna control their greed & who are morally bankrupt like the current lot of fookers.

premo, looks like you gonna have shoot two boars!!!

titoki said...

He's a hypocrite. He's a clown. He's a racist. He's history. And he's soooo out and over.

The more he opens his mouth to yakity yak yak away, the more he exposes himself as a liar and a corrupted PM.

premo said...

Dear Wild Pandi lovers

As I've mentioned earlier, I'll try to bring the cooked curry version over - and not the slaughtered raw. Aint gonna be luggin over frozen meat in an ice box.

And that is if the 2 other pandi's (my cousins) dont finish the food first.

anfield devotee said...

titoki: Try telling that to some of his more loyal, hardcore supporters living on past glories.

premo: Bro, DHL the whole damn carcass over here la!

senorita.. said...

i think the interview is pure entertainment.. he's a politician and God knows how good politicians are with twisting words and facts..

and he hardly gives any concrete answers to all the questions thrown to him...

and to sit in the middle of London and admit to all the western name-callings... did he get out of the studio unhurt?

Azer Mantessa said...

"As a manager you are important sometimes and you make mistakes, but the most important people are your staff and your players. Never call me the special one!" Rafael Benitez.

This is what I call ... "A True Legacy" ... thank you very much.

The pro-mahathir bloggers and their legacy himself can talk the cock, cock the talk, walk the cock, cock the walk or whatever cock they wanna cock about and in case they never knew ...

At Anfield, we'll never walk alone. Certainly for a devotee :-)

SLACKER said...

please note... I AM NOT PRO-MAHATHIR... however i agree with him on ONE thing.... the west should mind their own fucking business....

i felt that he handled himself well given his age and the manner at which he was being bombarded. Similarly, as much as i HATE KJ... i felt he handled himself well during the al jazeera interview.

More importantly when leaders are placed in such an international forum, they have to portray that malaysia has leaders that are strong and capable of defending their stands and policies.

lastly - its true that i hate the tun's policies... he was an UMNO outcast which inspired him to write the book the malay dilemma which in turn forms the basis of the NEP... because of that we are fucked. however in his defense, he LED the country to some form of success and development during his 22 years. he could've and should've achieved more (without the NEP)... but what has pak lah done in the last 4 years? let me tell you - JACK SHIT... he is unable to control the money politics, the corruption, etc etc.. and what has he achieved? improved ties with s'pore but left an eyesore at the causeway? send a monkey to space? tell me what has he done?

he should be smart to understand the sentiments of the ppl today.. and get rid of the tun once and for all by reversing all the tun has done....the only person actually doing that is DSAI.. cept that he is challenging both paklah and the tun...

anyhow.. hope no one's offended... what's important is that we now have completed STEP 1: deny BN 2/3... now for STEP 2: creating a govt for the rakyat.. i do hope Penang, Perak and Selangor can achieve that! it would be cool!

to premo: where u going hunting?

'just because liverpool hasnt scored at the bridge... doesnt mean there's no hope.... we should've won that match... but shit happens... the ball dipped too fast and riise is left footed.. he had already made up his mine to head the ball out but the ball kept dipping and dipping and he couldnt adjust in time...

anyhow... liverpool can make history again... i would love to see rafa create 3 new records...
1. beat chelsea @ the bridge
2. score against chelsea (1&2 goes hand in hand i guess)
3. record his first win over Monkey United

anfield devotee said...

azer: The pro-Dr M Bloggers really need to wake up & smell the coffee. He is gone. Accept it.

slacker: "The West should mine their own business." Ok. Fine. Then who is he to fooking talk about the Jews & the way they run the media, banking etc in the West. Shut the fook up la. Mind yer own business la.

How bout the name calling? Yes, the Brits called all sorts of people all sorts of names. But this was 50-plus years ago; not the beginning of the 21st century.

Him trying to compare the situation here with that of the Irish conflict. What the fook la. The IRA & UDA are bona fide terrorists who have killed thousands. N Ireland has been locked in a civil war fer decades. How can he compare la?

Anyways, enuff bout this old man la. Penat.

Am sorry but me thinks the game is up. We'll probably lose the game at the bridge 1-0.