Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Surgeon General's Warning

Fooking hell la! This morning's Champion's League q-final (the so-called Trilogy finale) was one of the most kan cheong & thrilling games me has had to watch (endure?) in a very long time. Me could seriously feel the bp steadily going up as the match progressed. Am sure me was not alone as Kopites everywhere felt their hearts skip a beat or two especially when we were on the verge of being knocked out.

Quick summary:

1st half - The Arsenal outplayed us fer the first 20 minutes with their trademark passing & incisive play. Goal came after a splendid 7-8 pass move that left us chasing fooking shadows & Diaby scoring opener with some aplomb. We finally got going later in second half when Big Sami was left to head in equaliser from a corner. From that point we bossed proceedings.

2nd half - We started well but then both sides fell into a period of cautiousness as the tension grew. The our kid turns on a six pence after a superb lay off from Crouchie. El Nino swivels & blasts a fooking ferocious shot into the top corner. 2-1!

The frenzied final 10 minutes - We were really bossing things around until the introduction of Van Persie & Walcott fer the gooners. The latter made an immediate impact as he robbed Gerrard of the ball in the arse penalty area & proceeded to do a Maradona as sped into our area leaving five players fer dead. A simple cross & an even simpler tap in fer Adebayor (who had missed some glorious chances earlier) on 84 mins! We were fooked! But almost immediately Bable sped into the arse pen area & went down after the slightest of touches. Penalty! Gerrard scores (me had me hands over me eyes!). More desperate pressure from the arse before babel sprinted away in injury time to slot in fourth.

Smoking kills? Fook that, try watching games like this!

ps: Commiserations to all gooner fans. Yes, the penalty was fooking harsh. Well played. All the best in overcoming the Scum this Sunday!


Anba said...

The Arse Bleeds Red ...

Jon-C said...

Talk about adrenaline rush mate! Next to the '05 Finals, this have got to be the one of craziest LFC match i ever watch.

The peno was a 50/50, some refs will give it while other won't. There was contact but its clear cut unintentional as Toure was trying to avoid cluttering to Babel. Lady luck was smilling on us, and we need all the help we can get.

Bring on Chelsea!

Lim said...

Me had like 10 heart attacks in the 2nd 45mins! Gosh, these kind of games just ain't good for the heart! It was a great match and I think Arsenal played very well too. Their passing in the first 20 mins was just out of this world!

Hope the heart recovers in time for the next big match against our traditional CL semifinal foe, Chelsea!

Hail the Reds! YNWA

anfield devotee said...

anba: sorry dude. Tough to swallow especially with the two controversial decisons over the two legs. Me knows how it feels.

But what a fantastic exhibition of football. Blood, guts & thunder footie. Really reminded why me fell in love with the game in the first place.

Shame refs weren't up to scratch.

anfield devotee said...

This what Vinesh (a gooner) said via sms:

"Very disappointing refreeing . . . denied pen in the first one and this one wasn't one la . . . still it was a great match."

lester said...

les' play-by-play rendition..

ah, must say, its started off a lil' scary..
when 'em gunners took the lead way, way too early..
reina beaten by kunta's cousin, abou diaby..
"no! no! no!".. we shouted, "this is not how its suppose to be.."
but hey, we be confident, sittin' comfortably pretty..
knowin' that like milan, we'll be back shortly..
and wahla!, stevie g corner, superb header by sami..
one-one, ahhh, very nice, gotta lite me a ciggi..
second half and things aint no longer funny..
trips on his own ankle, and its bye bye mr flamini..
el nino puts us in front, with a quick turn and what a beauty!
tho' we're up, and its all good, we still be a lil' weary..
theo then does a diego run, after a miss kick by stevie..
skips pass 18 players, like he's got some bionic knee..
centres to adebayor, who slots it in pass pepe, neatly..
by the way, aint that emmanuel fella seriously butt ugly?
i digress, back to the story, sorry..
so all seems lost, so thinks mr bala.. yes really.
starts to compose that sms to 'em arse-anal fans, slowly..
slow enough to know that it aint needed cos' we've got a penalty..
a penalty buddy.. the cheese is back baby!
3-2, and i'm singin' "can you count to six, honey?"
but ah, just to put arsene out of his misery..
babel wrestles whathisname and scores pass almuniandy..
its all over now, anfield's singin' like its some sparta party..
i lite me another ciggi, aint no longer sleepy,
wide awake, big smiles, tho' its four thirty..
sms comin' in, celebrations have started early?
its gonna be a great day ahead, dont matter if it be sunny or rainy..
go ahead now, bring on that damn drogba's chelsea..
confident as always, it'll be a final with fergie..
like me man, rod tidwell preached, "show me the money!"

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

based on 3 previous stalemates, this morning's showdown could have gone either way. Ade missed a sitter which could have made a difference to the nature of the game's remaining minutes. the gunner lads threw everything they could but still not good enough.

but personally we'd prefer losing to you guys than at the hands of them rich kid bastards.

as for this weekend's OT outing, it could officially spell the end of the season for us Gooners. and i am not counting anything on it.

another trophy-less season is very much on the card. Yay!

all the best to you guys. i can now look forward to saturday night outings with ma girl doing all the gay stuff.

Mark said...

After we won the pen, I proceeded immediately to the toilet. This is the first time I could not watch us take a penalty. It was late in the game and if Stevie had missed, you get the feeling that it would have been the end of our European conquest.

If Alonso keeps playing the way he did last night, perhaps a switch with De La Red isn't all that bad an idea.

Good to see Crouchy get a deserved start. Starting with 3 forwards was a bold decision and it almost backfired.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Adebayor may have been the most-improved Gunner this season but he aint good enough to fill in the slot left by a certain Thierry.

i think the quality of Torres, G and Babel made the difference this morning.

but am lookin at the brighter side. woke up in time for lunch. can drown my sorrow with a plate or 3 of mom's chicken curry.


j or ji said...

when adebayor tap in, i was like...yeahhh! goodbye the champions league this seasons and next season too.

great game!damn it!

Anba said...

The Cup's a Goner for the Gooners...
I'm with you Kerp...
All the best Guys..i hope you guys win the cup..
I'm lookin forward to a Man U vs Reds finals...

Ryan said...

tot everything was over when arsenal scored their second goal, "penalty" me it was a clear penalty, cecs pull ryan and toure got in his way, and cecs pulled ryan again when he broke through for da last goal...

anyway, it was great football n great spirit from our lad...


Bernard said...

My heart just came back down to normal, almost 10 hours after the end of the match. Must make appointment to see heart specialist at IJN soon. Anyone care to join me? Maybe if we gather enuf weak hearted Reds, maybe we can get a group discount......

anfield devotee said...

Les: very impressive ryhume but "kunta's cousin, Abou Diaby"?!? Treading on thin ice here, aren't you?

j opr ji: ya lah, ya lah, we should all step aside fer the mighty mancs to come & sweep all before them rite?

mark@becky: me couldn't watch the spot kick either . . .

JonC: Sorry la, the penalty should NOT have been given. Objectively speaking there was virtually no contact but that didn't stop me from breathing a huge sigh of relief when me heard Gerrard had scored (me eyes were closed - too tension)!

Tinesh said...

One of my friend's said that Crouch was the best thing that happend to Liverpool last nite..He was taken off and a goal goes in haha...Liverpool and MU in Moscow perhaps?

anfield devotee said...

tinnesh: ahh, so you're back. Still no sign of yer killer debuts? Given up ah?

Crouch did a good job la last nite, leave him alone.
But sorry to say, canna see us beating CSKA London three times on the trot at this very same stage of the competition . . .

Bernard: Join the queue . . .
BTW, (off topic) have found a really good interior specialist who does vintage cars in puchong. Call me fer contact no.

kevo said...

that was some game! when i read the line-up iwas thinkin here we go again. with Kuyt on the right and Crouhie in the starting XI, Stevie had to be roaming in from the left. i was skeptical, i mean this is the fookin gooners! what marbles has Rafa got jeez. anyways had expected a long night with a nail-biting 1-1 with penalties beckoning. but whatta! agree with you last ten minutes was damn kan cheong chee kek man. but then, no disrespect to the arses performance, our lucky stars were just definitely brighter. and some dodgy decisons has to go our way sometime don't it? its only professional what. just couldn't contain meself when SG whacked the pen in. such a lovely boy he is. brilliant game! a bit worried about chelsea this time though. after previous nerve wreckin semi meetings, afraid our CL luck might just wear out.

theALBERTUS said...

All i have to say is that last nite other than the nite in 2005, was extremely amazing. It looked like a battle of attrition between two good sides.

I swear to you my blood pressure was very high but it was worth it. The joy of seeing me mates around me at Al-Meerasa jumping for joy was enough. Also, Hasry! Seeing you runnning around Al Meerasa was one heckuva stunt and damn cools! at 3:30AM!

@dam said...

Better take some rest man!

Two weeks may be a long time but may not be long enough for some of us to recover before facing Chelsea!!!

Go Yoga class!!! 2-week course!!!

Kopite78 said...

Come on Roma!!!!!!!!

I really felt my heart beat become irregular. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

The problem now is that we have to face Chelsea next. Damn, our success in Europe making us too many enemies.

I better have paramedic on standy during the Chelsea tie next.

mozisgod said...

comrade balakov, scousers & kindred (to you of course) scouse paesanos/paisans - congrats;

comrade kerpov, gooners & spurs-hating muchachos & machachos - better luck next time.

losing a brawl without throwing that one farkapunch back - senseless; losing a brawl with full blooded uppercuts & yelping fuckyours - respectable.

despite my convoluted & inexplicable disgust at the mere sight of cannons & a certain four-word-sentence (..or does the apostrophe swallow the silent 5th word?) - i have & must say this.. i had previously stated expectance of the clash...

pure magik dudes.
eletkriko fussball
to the hilt.

Mr D said...

These matches are not good for those with heart problems. Especially football watchers!

But we were lucky with the penalties, I def give that to the Gunner fats out there.

Talking about the "gooners", their response just shows why i like them a lot. They are not over the top or arrogant. They took it on the chin, congratulated us and got on with it. They have every right to feel done given the penalty decisions but they applauded us.

True sportsmen, in a way they are like the Liverpool fans of london.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

mozzzzzzzzzzz,...and all friends here...

believe it or not i wont be watching much football for the next 4 months or so, till the next season commences. since i'm a brazilian fan, nothing to look forward to in the up-coming version of Euro tournament. thought i could root for Croatia since they're one of the underdogs but with Eduardo out injured, the team suddenly looks very ordinary.

heck, its gonna be a looong summer for me.

Bala, get the barbeque pit ready.

Kopite78 said...

Mr d: Right on. Among the 3 teams above us in the league, Arsenal are probably the most gracious and down to earth. Chelski and Manure are bunch of arrogant wankers. Obviously they are envious of Liverpool's success.

It will be sweet if we were to win the UCL by beating Manure in the final. But I am not sure if my heart will be able to take it.

BTW who said it was not a penalty. Are you calling Ryan a diver????

mozisgod said...

liverpool fans of london???
you have got to be joking
nice one dude.
i needed tide over the week..still a painstaking buttwretching wait for the weekend.

from a rather narcisstic viewpoint & joyfreak luv of the passing game - i have found yes, probably merseysiders, fans north of the border (rangers excluded), up on tyneside & down on yorkshire a little bit down to earth & last but not least fans of the once mighty saints & forest (in majority - very down to earth)

In all candour - every team has its share of arseholic support.
every team.
and i am party to that.

monsieur kerpene - on la macha. same here bro, save for one last visit from the reds at the lane, nothing much to look forward to.
viva la brazil.
"saye akan letak jawatan jika perlu"

senor balanso - very sorry for the mild tirade (where applicable) had to butt my head in.
the altruism nauseated me. hope yu get me.


mozisgod said...

p.s. that line "saye akan letak jawatan jike perlu" has nothing to do with whatever i was trying to say. this is what happens when a work screen is open side-by-side FFS..mwahahha

Pramugh said...

Fuck that fler Senderos
'Cos of him Arsenal lost
Missed da game as alarm turned off by boss
Gonna catch the replay of course
So I can shout Fuck that Senderos

ISA said...

The Red Square awaits the huge tidal wave in the form of the RED ARMY...

Enuff debate on whether it was a penalty or not. You block someone going for goal, without challenging for the ball : foul. Minimal or excessive contact : irrelevant. Those defenders were just in the way, trying to do a tag team on Babel. On the same note, KUYT fouled Hleb in 1st leg. We were lucky then.

Sorry gooners...shit does happen and it has happened to us as well (Pippo's handball for the 1st goal in Athens, Finnan's so called obstruction for Chavski's penalty, Maradona's Hand of God, Henchoz's blatant hand ball in the Owen final..etc)

But well played anyway...Gooners are OK in my books...we were lucky. But then again, Lady Luck must be a Scouser on European Nites...

AND Bala, CSKA London/Chavski is there for the taking...not impressive at all against the Turks...And Scums were lucky against a very ordinary Roman side.

Ok...busy sorting out potential travel arrangements...Visa : 1 day, flights via Dubai (shithole)..Hotel : hmmm....fooking expensive...Tickets: must call in my favours already...

anfield devotee said...

pramugh: Welcome to Fer Fook's Sake Dude! By way of introduction, Kerp & Anba are yer fellow Gooners. So you all can go form a little huddle somewhere.

moz: Nay worries mate. Speaking of oppossing fans, sorry to say Spurs fans aren't exactly the nicest bunch of people around . . . he he. Shebbie Sings talks too much cock, me friend Rajvinder Singh also talks too much cock, Prashant (Pramugh's brother) talks too much cock, Moz talsk too much cock . . . ha ha . . . only (half) joking!

Isa: If chelsea were crap, they wouldn't still be in with a shoiut fer the league title. And lest not forget, many of them will be playing fer revenge & fer jose!

muststopthis said...

Man....I must have woken up the whole floor in Orchade Hotel!
Me had me hand over me eyes too! Fooking A, Stevie G did not look confident on his walk up...
What the heck, fantastic game, and them gunners fought hard man!