Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fooking Killer Debuts

The recent postings on Top5 lists (albums & movies) certainly generated plenty of good natured debate & discussion as well as opening a few new vistas to check out. So me, like the anal-retentive characters in Hi-Fidelity & their neverending lists, decided to narrow the spectrum a bit.

Now me wants all you music addicts out there to scratch yer collective skulls to think of the five debut long players that fooking shook yer world like no other! As you can see from me list, a number of great/classic bands are not featured simply because their first audio outings were less than vintage. Hence, no Black Sabbath, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Misfits or Black Flag.

What the list is supposed to highlight is exceptional & fooking groundbreaking work by a band first time out. The sorta album that has you going 'what the fook is this?' & holding yer head in utter disbelief at the sheer brilliance of it all. Sorta like a young pre-afro Jermaine Pennant scoring a hattrick on his league debut fer the gooners v southampton. Well, maybe not quite the best analogy but you get me drift.

Again, the whole exercise is meant to be fun but not easy as you struggle to cram in yer fave debut albums into a minuscule list of five. So no cheating please, keep yer list to strictly five & look forward to reading yer recommendations. The weirder, the better!

Long live rock n roll! (Azer ( & Nick Mun (, you've been tagged, be a sport, do the piece & tag another two bloggers, ok?)

Me own selection (from top to bottom pix):

Rage Against The Machine: Rage Against The Machine (1992)
You could literally smell the incendiary fumes of revolution on this mighty debut. From the smouldering artwork featuring famed pix of a Vietnamese Buddhist monk serene in meditation despite being engulfed in flames (the monk's self-immolation was in protest against then President Ngo's oppression of Buddhism) to guitarist Tom Morello's far-out guitar effect, RATM is the sound of guerrilla warfare.

The first breakthrough artist to successfully meld metal & hip hop, the album had also thrown up a surprise when the single 'Killing In The Name' with its decidedly anti-social rallying call of "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me" hit the charts. Listen to this today & you'll realise that without RATM, there would have been no rapcore & its Linkin Parks, Limp Bizkits etc. Still sounds fooking dangerous after all these years.

ps: Me was lucky enough to catch this incredible outfit on its first UK tour & they played Liverpool the day after me exams finished!!! Suffice to say, t'was mind-fooking-blowing!

Scum: Napalm Death (1987)
Me recently burned this album fer a couple of unsuspecting victims. It was with mischievous delight me heard their complaints as they recovered from tinnitus! "What is this shit?" & "You can't hear anything" were the common grouses from one victim who didn't make it past track number two (Gavin, how's yer hearing?).

Thrash metal had reached its nadir with Slayer's Reign In Blood but Napalm Death took the shit to a whole new level. A revolving line up managed to fooking cram 28 "songs" in under 33 minutes of playing time. Grindcore was born. From the riffage to the sheer demented vocals, everything about Scum screams 'extreme'. And to think Side A of the album was apparently recorded on a budget of 50 quid!!! The sonic assault is fooking unbelievable.

The late great John Peel (BBC1 & hardcore Kopite) said in the same way Nirvana's Nevermind was the sound of the 90s, Napalm's Scum was the sound of the 80s. How fooking true . . .

Kill 'Em All: Metallica (1983)
Forget bout the Black album. Throw away Load & Re-Load. Bin St Anger. This album from quarter a century ago (yes, they have been around that long) is how best to remember Metallica & thrash metal. Full of urgency, energy & a rawness that makes this an essential listen fer all fooking metalheads.

I have lost count the number of times me has gotten whiplash after listening to this fantastic debut. Tunes such as 'Hit The Lights', 'Four Horsemen' & 'Seek & Destroy' ensure there is a nary a dull moment throughout this disc. This may have been the starting point of their trajectory but fer me this was as good as it got fer Bay Area thrash metal.

Just as it says on the sleeve:'"Bang That Head That Doesn't Bang"!!!

ps: The fact that so many ignoramus dickheads think the Black album is their first outing shows just how far down Metallica has slid. They used to be the people's band, now they are just a bunch of corporate cock suckers dishing out shite albums for posers.

Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin (1968)
The perfect synthesis of blues & heavy rock. The reason why me rates this so highly is that it wears its blues influences proudly on its sleeve (Willie Dixon has three songs covered here!). Plus heavy fooking metal's original carbon footprint probably began here. From the experimental 'Dazed & Confused' (the live & jam sessions of this song would form the template fer many future Zep classics) to the primal howl of 'You Shook Me', Led Zeppelin tore the competition apart (aside from Sabbath that is).

The majesty of rock n roll & the hammer of Thor indeed!

Ramones: Ramones (1975)
1-2-3-4 Gabba Gabba Hey Gabba Hey! Simple 50s rock n roll given a whole new twist of life with three chords, breakneck speed & a generous dash of Noo Yawk attitude. This was the ground zero fer punk. From opener 'Blitzkrieg Bop' to 'Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World', listeners found themselves induced into a state of pogo-mayhem. Fun, bubbly but yet inexplicably tunes from another world.

More than anything, Ramones taught generations of kids that with the right attitude (plus the right leather jackets & bowl haircuts, you could actually be in a band! The fakers will form boy bands while those with soul & passion will be cult legends (long after they have passed away) . . .

Who says the 70s was all about Disco? (And thanx to Previn fer getting the re-mastered & bonus track edition of this fer me b'day some years back. Cheers!)

ps: Sorry fer long posting. Look forward to seeing yer delicious debuts soon!


david santos said...

Good post. Thank you. I loved this blog.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whooa boss...tough one, this. need to dig deep and come back with me 5 debuts.

1 thing for sure, definitely not Nirvana's Bleach. heard Nevermind first before backtracking to their debut, which could have remained unknown if not for their groundbreaking 2nd outing.

anfield devotee said...

kerp: That's ok dude, order of discovery is no barrier to inclusion. You could have heard their later albums first then backtracked to the debut . . . & was completely blown away by its magic!

Look forward to reading yer list. Didn't tag you as am sure you've had enough . . . or have you?

Azer Mantessa said...

ooo man ... this is tough.

i'll do it anyway ... not at the moment as i might keep peeing thinking of ass anal.

shud be on my next posting.

Tinesh said...

Damn tough one Unker B!

senorita.. said...

i read this yest. but jus didnt know wat to say.... =)

Anba said...

Tough One..Need time to (S)Think, ...

anfield devotee said...

Haiyo, people, canna be that hard what? Me had to leave out some of me fave debuts. In fact, me changed a few at the last moment.

Fpr example, me removed Bob Marley & The Wailer's Catch A Fire coz technically it wasn't their debut as they had released stuff on previous Jamaican labels.

Iron Maiden's first album also didn't make it & Celtic Frost's Morbid Tales was left out despite being a death/thrash classic coz it was a mini LP rather than a full blown affair.

Still look forward to reading yer top5 debuts soon.

BTW, NickM has done the tag & you can see his choices at .

nanda666 said...

As debut album...I guess Tracy Chapman comes to mind for me....sorry la....was never into the super loud stuff..hehehe!!

Anba said...

Need to think thoroughly which i haven't done fer quite some time...
Lagipun mau bagi yg betul2...groundbreaking ...
Pantera-cowboys from hell is not elligble; coz it isn their proper debut
Deicide-Legion i guess this qualifies coz it is their first album released compared to Amon...which was officially released later
...Stiil thinking...

anfield devotee said...

nanda: Congrats again on yer new addition to yer family. Regards to yer wifey as well.

Tracy Chapman - very good choice. me remember being fooking blown away by it when it first came out as well. (adopts warbly tearful voice) "Driving in a fast car . . ."

Another four, bro?

ps: Ikut yer taste la, don't have to be lagu rock bising bro . . .

nick m said...

great picks! each and everyone well deserved. i thought you would have put sabbath on it. the only blemish as it were is metallica as you said so yourself. more for what they've become since. sigh ...

Lim said...

Hi AD,

Yes, had hearing problems after listening to like abt 60 seconds of what you gave me. Not to mention wifey asking : "Is Bala sane? Y is he listening to rubbish like this?" haha!

Once again AD, I m not ashamed to admit I have not heard any of your 5 listed albums or any of those that you mentioned in your previous discussions. Why? Simple. I just can't relate to them. Respect you and the others who love this kind of music but one man's meat may be another man's poison.(Senorita, back me up on this cos so far, i think you are the only one who prob has taste slightly closer to mine!) I love to dance and naturally i love dance music. Also a big fan of latin music.

Can't really participate in this discussion tho cos really donno what to say, like senorita.

At least I know names of some of the bands in this genre now. Got great names tho!

anfield devotee said...

anba: Yup, cowboys from hell isn't Pantera's debut. But c'mon, plenty of great first outings out there what?

Maiden's Iron Maiden? Venom's Welcome To Hell? Sabbat's History Of A Time To Come? Brutal Truth's Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses?

That's just metal, not including the great alt-stuff yet Counting Crows, Sonic Youth etc.

Boring la ini macam . . .

anfield devotee said...

Dear Gavin Lim,

Please read posting carefully. It asks that YOU name YOUR top5 debuts. So mine naturally would feature quite a few metal/rock acts. Its not about forcing you to like metal or whatever.

So what if you have never heard of em? I will probably never have heard of yer latin stuff. But that's the beauty about SHARING music.

So do recommend some good stuff via a top 5 debuts listings! That's what this posting is designed to do.

ps: At least you know posess a CD that you can terrorize any annoying neighbours with!!!

Anba: More great metal debuts are coming to mind - possessed's seven churches, death's scream bloody gore, Iced Earth etc etc . . .

Keep it coming!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Tough choice but did some thinking while taking a long dump this morning and managed to come up with these 5 fav debuts-

1. Stone Temple Pilots’ Core (1992) – was running away from the Nirvana-craze. Discovered this album while going through a friend’s collection who just got back from the US. Dubbed the whole album into a blank cassette.

2. weezer’s Blue album (1994) - I know, I know…not this one again. cant help it man. was totally blown away when first heard of their 2nd single, The Sweater Song.

3. the Queers’ Grow Up (1990) – Ramones-wannabes. Relatively unknown outside the US, their brand of punk very much influenced by the legendary NY band. They’ve even opened up for the Ramones.

4. Hepcat’s Out Of Nowhere (1993) – a third-wave ska band from southern California. Very soulful. Favourite tracks- ALL!

5. Ramones’ Ramones (1975) – again, this is a must-have in the list lah. Their influence and contribution to world music can never be denied. Ask all the rock stars today and they’ll sure to have at least, if not all, 2-3 of the Ramones records.

There you go boss. Actually I was doing my own post-mortem of this morning’s game when I had to sit longer on the WC….hehehehe…

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

and here's another one of Bala's Fave debuts that he intentionally left out;

Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinkin Rich- WARRANT...


nanda666 said...

Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill was a pretty good debut. Played it quite a bit during my sailor days. :)
Recently...I guess...Back to Bedlam James Blunt...hahahaha...cute la..You're Beautiful.....

nanda666 said...

Hah....Malaysian Rock group..Black Rose...I can still sing "penantian".."simfoni 14/2"..from their debut self titled album.

Bernard said...

In no order of preference :

1. Guns N Roses - Appetite For Destruction (set me down on the true rock & roll pathway)

2. The Doors - The Doors

3. The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses

4. Pearl Jam - Ten

5. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin

Close call : Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced; Weezer - The Blue ALbum

nanda666 said...

Lastly...A.R.Rahman's debut Movie soundtrack from Roja!! Hahaha!! Played it fot Mr. Muru one New Year party in Broadwalk!!!

premo said...

I've got my top 5 all wrapped in me pocket like a fookin Grammy nominee so here we go...

1) Pearl Jam - Ten

Each song on this album is indispensable. I still get goosebumps listening to it today, and when I do it's normally 3 in the morn when no one can get between me and that record. Everything from the liner notes, layout and even the goddamn scribbles resonate deep within and brings back a treasure trove of emotions and memories from days long gone yet forever cherished. Ten, for me, is a Bible for modern rock/grunge.

2) Machine Head - Burn my Eyes

This album renewed my long lost faith in metal (circa mid 90s) when cookie cutter nu metal shite (Coal Chamber, Godsmack, etc..) was beinged played and passed off as the new face of metal. Sure, bands like Korn and Soulfly were awesome AND new/different but nothing quite got my veins pumping with adrenalin when I first heard Davidian's killer line 'Let freedom ring wiht a shotgun blast...'. The rest of the album was taunted as the only worthy follow up to Slayer's landmark thrash metal album Reign In Blood and anyone who disputes it should take a listen - proceed to be demolished by Robb and co's 4 man aural wrecking crew.

3) Godflesh - Streetcleaner

Dark, forboding, eerie and ultimately crushing. The only record that has made me shit scared listening to it, much like how Exorcist did it for me when it came to horror movies. But there was nothing remotely satanic about the band nor teh record (even their name is a tribute to peyote, a herbal hallucinogen used by American Native Indian tribes). It was the prevailing lyrical theme of doom, despair and social collapse - the rot of humanity merged with subterranean basslines, distorted movie samples and unearthly vocals. Industrial music was never the same again.

4) Mad Season - Above

Comprising of bandmembers from Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam and Screaming Trees, this grunge supergroup's one and only release surprised the rock world with its depth, diversity and sheer creativity. It also gave the rest of the rock fans just a taste of more to come from Layne Staley's ever expanding pool of talent. Sadly that as not to be as with his demise.

The Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique

This was a tough one as I had to lug it out with DJ Shadow's Endtroducing. Paul's Boutique eclipsed the Shadow's moody hip hop beats in the en simply because of its originality. Nothing sounded quite like it in the hip hop world when it came out circa '81. Its like a bag of goodies all mixed in one big tumbler and you never knew what you were gonna get every time you stuck your hand in it, but you were sure you were gonna like it. Paul's Boutique successfully merged beats, rock, sampling, jazz, country and whole lotta fun together - resulting in a growingly addictive album and the future template for eclectic/crossover hip hop.

anfield devotee said...

nanda: well done. managed to get five. But Alanis? Just what does yer sailor boy life have to do with Jagged little Pill?!? Ha ha!

kerp: Warrant eh? Just fess up lar, their album is yer all time fave la.

Bernard: Just knew The Stone Roses would make it into yer top5. Great album though!

premo said...

Bernard: Damn! How could I forget GNR's Appetite?! Hell yeah!

nanda666 said...

yup GnR surely knocks A.R.Rahman out of my top 5 too!!!..hahahaha...

anfield devotee said...

premo: sorry to burst yer bubble. As me suspected the Beastie's paul's Boutique is not their debut. That was the no1 smash Licensed To Ill.

So how? Tukar to GnR?

Please change accordingly.

premo said...

AD : Just found out the Beastie's debut is actually License to Ill. Thanks for the tip dude! Guess GNR's Appetite will have to be No.5 on me list

anfield devotee said...

Anand "League Cup Champions" Balakrishnan (of Celcom) wouldn't join us riff raff; so he sent his top5 debuts via sms:

1) Please Please Me - The Beatles

2) The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill - Lauryn Hill

3) My Generation - The Who

4) The Clash - The Clash

5) Appetite . . . - GnR

Anba said...

Here's My Five...

1.Alice In Chains-FaceLift 1990
The first Song "We Die Young" is for me a really perfect Metal Song,Riff Wise, Theme Wise, and Lyric Wise..
An Underrated Guitarist,A Superb Vocalist,
This is the Band had profound impact on the current Rock Bands like GodSmack,Seether,NickelBack,Creed,and Staind,..etc..

2.Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath 1970
This line frm Black Sabbath's
"Could this be the End My Friend...
Satans' Come around the Bend..."
is enough fer me to place it among an influential debut..prior fer this any songs have mentioned Satan in their lyrics b4?
If there was a song i would love to jam it would be "The Wizard"...imagine harmonica intro fer a Metal Song...superb Drumming...
Other gems NIB, Behind the wall of sleep...

3.Dead Kennedys-1980
Fresh Fruit Fer Rotting Vegetables
One of the best..with Gems like "Kill The Poor", "California Ubber Alles", "Chemical Warfare"...and the great Holiday in Kemboja"...
The Humour was incisive,Sarcastic,Bitting and intelligent...East Bay Rays guitar playing is good mixture of surf, and punk rock...and Jello Biafra...what a name!!!

4.Venom -Welcome To Hell (1981)
Ii was hell indeed what they offered...a band that has influence a lot of bands that in turn has influenced a lot of bands...Metallica,Slayer,Kreator to name a few..
This is what Hellhammer wrote in the inlay one of their Demo
"Venom Kills Music...Hellhammer kills Venom"...sums it all...

5. Repulsion-Horrified 1986
An influential release frm a band that originally existed fer 10mths ..Blast Beat, Gutural Vocals...Chainsaw Guitars...Gore Lyrics...all explored and deplored to the max...
Bands that have mentioned their influence Napalm,Carcass,Entombed...

premo said...

Anand: Well done! The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill in my humble opinion was a gem of an album and a concept as well.

Anba: Dig yer list as well dude! Venom's debut was a welcome jolt to the senses the first time I heard it cos you always think the older stuff that inspired bands like Metallica etc only sounded awesome back then because it was considered extreme or heavy during those times. But how wrong I was - and pleasantly so! Its like listening to the Misfits Legacy of Brutality - in awe and utter disbelief that something so immediately raw and powerful could exist back then. Glenn is Evil!!

anfield devotee said...

anba: Repulsion!!!! Fuyoh, old skool hardcore thrash! Awesome stuff la.

Other albums of note that you guys brought back to mind was mad season & godflesh (premo's list).

All great stuff.

RE: Venom's Welcome To hell was probably the single reason fer thrash & other extreme metal to arise out of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene.

BTW, no one mentioned Diamond Head. How come?

senorita.. said...

finally. someone that i can connect with. i feel so lost here. =P

premo said...

AD and Anba: Apart from Repulsion's Horrified and Meathook Seed's Embedded, I think a strong contender in terms of being a classic influential extreme metal debut album would be Terrorizer's World Downfall. What do you guys think? I also favour Fudge Tunnel's Hate Songs in e-minor and Entombed's Left Hand Path as excellent but underrated debut extreme metal albums.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hey, there you go. i'm not alone on Weezer's eponymous debut. thanks, Bernard!

Anba said...

Premo i got 2 know both repulsion and terrorizer through earache's Grindcrusher Compilation aeons ago...and i do agree Terrorizer is often passed over..Pete Sandoval's drummer is crushing togehter with Jesse riffs...

juande raMOZisgod said...

the franchisikov, collective-music-farming sandinistas, anti-capitalistas, demented fashinonistas & brazened kaki-pestas...

comrade balakov/comarade "ahmed" kerpov - tied in unison again.. with an untimely draw *sigh - can't even afford a smirk at either of yu*

me "fooking" top asyik.. bikin pening kapla la bro..:)))
but stuff like this is good...y'know to tie up'em loose ends...particularly.. for folks with their thoughts/life/nostril hairs/clip-on earrings & mass-erotica permanently sprawled in t-o-t-a-l disaray; not unlike their day-to-day lives.

yes, yes. its probably only me... or that new lassie in the office - who've i've been itching to ask - "yu wearin' a girdle there or somethin' luv"'re right. shouldn't lump everybody in my cocoon should i now?

moz? / yah what?
need some xanax?

enough.inilah akibat orang yg banyok temenung & pikir taktentuhala.

ok. by the way.your concept of top 5 - superagreed. stuff that makes us go...
wahlaaaueeehehhhhwatdaaafarkkkkkisthissssss i.e. stuff that left a dent in our thick skulls first time pluggin' in:-

gua-eh top 5:-
1.asyik - amelina..
chehh..acah jeee..gelek banggg gelekkk..jgn tak gelekkkk

Yit: Walk Among Us - MISFITS,the.
bala. i know i'm probably gonna get this wrong. i know this is one of their first releases on caroline, but not sure whether they had LP's out on their own indie labels like Plan 9. so, correct me if i'm wrong. i will sub-it in later.

Jhi: White Blood Cells - White Stripes, the. loved the crudeness of it all. hell it even had that vinyl-hiss on some track. nice. anything with vinyl-hiss & that snap-crackle & pop..ME-LOVE-IT-LONGGG-TAIMMM. AGAIN,bro..i think this would have been their debut LP on a major label..bands like these are sure to have earlier stuff on indie imprints. again,if it is, i will super-sub it later.

Sa: SCUM - ND. death, napalm
MR.LIm, you should should ask the fella who gave yu a burnt copy of this seminal recording, ask him this.."YOU SUFFER, BUT WHY?"

Si: the smiths - SMITHS,the.
fav tracks - all of it. notably - this charming man..(ahem.ahem)

Gohr: mellow gold - beck, hansen.
why? - it made me go what da'fark. *sigh* knowing this dude, he probably released stuff on indie labels out of his bedroom. so i stand corrected.

ok.comrade balakov. hope that would suffice. in the event, i screwed it up, which is highly likely due to my blissful ignorance & limited record collection & awol LP's..dubbed worn-out tapes which i can't listen to super-subs are as follows:-
1. for misfits trade-off:
deep within my grief factory, milk runs red - infectious maggots, the. awesome stuff from our backyard.
2. for white stripes trade-off:
pablo honey - head,radio
3. for beck - soul of a new machine - factory,fear.
if all else fails. shoot me down and put any butthole surfers lp's on em (pref locust abortion tech-something)

what dat? technically i did not cheat. i'm just not sure these days due to out-of-touchness.

but some good stuff on the response.
godfleshh..hell yeah premo..PURREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
..and mr.bernard..stone*sighhh*..mucho excellente.
kerpov, ahmed - would you like to undo my sweaterrr...oiyoyoyoyoooooo...while i walkkk awayyyyyyy.. nice dude.

real nice. will check 'em all out.

p.s. for all you fans who are not part of the "big-4" conglomorate and way below the mid-table line...need a moral uplift? oh hey, just come over to the lane..white hart lane that is..
and give yerself a whiff of fresh air..there's goals galore for your in store..and pleny a-space to galvanize your dribbling skills..oh heck..why not just go ahead & run rings around a one-time
england keeper..or you could just stick yer hand out and hold alleged england-wingers with a touch of your palm to their heads.
come on, don't be malu-malu.
the lane is where confidence grows..
the visitor's confidence that is.

premo said...

Moz: Hahaha nice one la beb! Pablohoney may not have been groundbreaking but it did have heart, and whole lot of it... as for Scum, Soul of a New Machine - well they set the standard la! But yeah man - Maggots! Wooh... A really good local debut album, only comparable I think to Pilgrim's Perfume Garden or Butter's 1.2 Milligrams.

anba: Yep I remember the Grindcrusher compilation like it was yesterday man... old crusty mustard yellow sleeve and all! Remember Old Lady Drivers (OLD)? hehehe...

anfield devotee said...

Premo: Shit! Entombed's Left Hand Path! How could I fooking forget????!!!!?? Its one of me favourite all time albums. Oh dear, woe is me now that me seems to have gotten me top5 all wrong . . .!!!

Me would probably substitute Led Zep 1 as great as it is, it isn't the Zep's best work.

So sorry, Entombed's Left Hand Path makes it onto me list. Belatedly.

And yes, those Grindcrusher compilations, real gold.

Moz: Sorry, Misfots, White Stripes, Beck semua tak kira as they weren't their debuts. Haven't you heard of wikipedia?

senorita: No need to feel shy or akward lar. Its yer taste so tell us what YOUR top5 debuts are. Remember the desert island discs? When push came to shove you were able to name yer 5.

anfield devotee said...

and oh by the way, premo & the rest, please check out Nick M's blog at

He's done the tag & quite an impressive list it as well!

lester said...

different times, different fashion, different influences, different dreams.. tough question, easy answers.. tho' 5 limits the string of possible embarrassments..

here's les' 5 chosen debuts..(none of which am sure resides in uncle b's record collection, tucked neatly within his well organized cabinet in his livin' room..)

duran duran - duran duran, 1981

cooleyhighharmony - boyz ii men, 1991

the chronic - dr dre, 1992

doggystyle - snoop dogg, 1993

get lifted - john legend, 2004 (new, i know, but hey..)

of course, there be the likes of public enemy - tho' their debut, was "less than vintage" - nothin' like their second, "it takes a nation of millions to hold us back" (yeah baby!) - that be the bomb shiznit! .. hindraf could use 'em tunes for inspiration, maybe huh? ;o)

and you just cant ignore new edition's bobby brown man.. debut, "king of stage" sucked big time.. but then there was "dont be cruel" (cos' baby, baby, baby, i could never, hell no, be that cruel to you, no baby, never..)- brilliant for its time. it was all 'bout the moves, the wimmin and those lines-designs on the side of your head..

obviously sir, our taste in music be mighty diff.. like our taste in football huh? what's his name michael owen.. where he at? hahahaha..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


so you're a gelek fan. proud of you to have finally got out of the closet...hehehhe..

Lim said...


Shd pass that Napalm Death disc to the pub we go to. Think I will do just that the next time we r there. Makes no diff to me cos the drunks singing karaoke are just as bad! Can't make out what they are singing anyway and lots of screeching!!!Haha.... Either we get chased out of the bar or we will have the bar to ourselves!

Cheers to the Liverpool player in disguise : Bendtner!

anfield devotee said...

lester: Don't be so presumptous dude! Me actually has a copy of that first Duran Duran album on vinyl!!!
*sucks in cheeks & adopts whiny voice*) "Don't save a prayer fer me noooow, save fer it fer the morning afteeeeer . . ."

Also have the first three public enemy Lps as well & you are very right about the It Would Take A Nation of Millions . . . Awesome stuff.

Surprised that NWA didn't make yer list. Straight Outta Compton as you would say da bomb! Fooking rebel music as its very best. Dangerous, inciteful & full of revolutionary intent (as the LA riots would later prove)!

John Legend - yup, along with Kanye, these two have raised the bar fer soul and RnB which had fer too long been stale, staid & predictable. These two hark back to the days of Marvin Gaye & Otis Reading. Nothing wrong with that!

Bobby Brown & BoyzIIMen . . . sorry la, nay comment.

RE: Footie - you have inadvertently given me wifey ammo la. Everytime me kutuk her scum brethren, she says at least they don't go around asking people whether they can count to six. She also challenges you to get six stars tattooed on yer bod NOW (with 2008 under the 6th one)!

TQ fer yer posting.

senorita.. said...

AD,why didn't u know that girls simpan dendam? (sorry AD's wifey,i just gotta say this to him)


senorita.. said...

n u need to learn to enjoy other genres too laaa... boys2men nice laa...

lester said...

ah, dude, yes.. nwa was on the cards, but it couldn't make the draw, considerin' the chronic and doggystyle bein' still on me ipod playlist.. all the time, everytime.. hard to ignore til' today.

then there's also mr shawn carter and the late (or is he?) mr tupac amaru shakur and his list of superb releases with deep, deep, meanin'ful lyrics.. "..revenge is the sweetest thing, next to gettin' pussy.." classic!

as for wifey's dare.. i plead the fifth. might as well just tat on the 7th star and put 2009 on it as well then huh?! ;o)

as much as i despise 'em scum (for more reasons than i care to mention), we've gotta give credit where credit is due.. tho' it aint gonna be enuff to win 'em number 3. muahahahahahaha... (yes, yes, i know, i know.. many reds fans be thinkin'.."shut up les, just shut up!")

but yes, i still can count to six..and unlike 'em boyz ii men who be preachin'.. it aint the 'end of the road'.. its gonna be a very nice day in moscow come may.

anfield devotee said...

Lester: Noooooo, you are going to curse us all & the scum gonna win it this year.

Have you booked yer tickets fer Moscpw? Isa has! Ha ha, talk about optimistic fookers!

senorita: eh? Simpan dendam? Tok faham?

If you had seem me desert island discs, you would have noticed that me has very varied & eclectic taste!

nanda666 said...

hey...what about Milli Vanilli's debut "All or Nothing"????
Wasn't that the big thing during the 11LA, Phases and Picadilly Era..????....Anyone?? hehe!!

anfield devotee said...

yes, nanda, can just imagine you in yer fooking tights & doc martens combo . . . very fetching.

Knowing you, am sure you replicated all their dance moves as well !

premo said...

Les: Wah! Dre, NWA, PE and Snoop... quite hardcore man you hehe!! PE's Apocalypse 91... The Enemy Strikes Black was one of my first hip hop records along with LL Cool J's Mama Said Knock You Out, Run DMC's Tougher than Leather and of course NWA's Efil4zaggin. Yes I can hear Bals choking now... Haha! But they don't make hip hop like they used to thats for sure.

Nanda: I'm sure Bala had copy of the dreaded dreadlocked duo's debut sometime back - in an alternate universe perhaps! He he

senorita and the rest: Hey c'mon we're all waiting on yer top 5's! Don't let the turkey grow cold - pass the gravy around while its hots!

anfield devotee said...

premo: yeah, dude, thanx fer calling on the rest. Senorita, c'mon. Tinnesh mana lu?

re: Hip hop LPs, I actually have quite a few of those you mentioned you know . . .

Anba said...
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Anba said...

how come no one mentioned
Obituary's Slowly we rot..
Boney M Take the heat off me..
Police Outlando's D Amour
Mayhem's DeathCrush
Sodom's Sign of Evil
Stevie ray Vaughn Texas Flood
Search Cinta buatan Malaysia
The Keys Akkamage...
Nailbomb PointBlank
Husker du Everything Falls Apart
to name a few...

senorita.. said...

premo,i'll skip the dinner.

AD,means u shudn't say/do things to a girl that will get to her head and get stored in her hard disk. she rmbers it and u will not have as good a life as if u did not offend her in the 1st place.

sorry,i prolly shudnt tell u all this stuff. guys are meant to b guys n girls b girls. =P

Azer Mantessa said...


hokay, i've done my part but i think u'll be dissappointed


have a nice and victorious weekend.

Lim said...

OK AD,Here is my list :1)Backstreet Boys debut album2)Britney spears debut album3)Nsync debut album

Haha! Just joking!!!
My List in no particular order :
1)Appetite for destruction - G n RGotta love this with the iconic "Sweet Child O mine" being the club song of the 80's! Welcome to the jungle is another that still rankles in the mine. And Slash! What a talent!
2)Grease - Soundtrack n movieThis is what got me feet to start tapping and the body moving. Have listened and watched it countless times. This is the album that influenced me life the most!
3)Cooleyhighharmony - Boyz II Menjust loved this album with great vocals and good songs
4)Il Divo - Il DivoI thot the fusion of operatic voices and pop arrangements in this album was great. definitely opened my eyes to the fieldof opera and I quite enjoy it actually!
5)Songs from A Minor - Alicia KeysWhat can I say? A beautiful woman, with a raspy soulful voice who writes beautiful songs! Brilliant album. Come to think of it, someone borrowed my CD and has not returned it. AD, u the one?? haha..

anfield devotee said...

Lim: TQ fer finally posting the list although Grease doesn't qualify as a debut album does it? But nevermind four is cool. And no, me didn't take yer fooking Alicia Keys album.

senorita: Still don't understand. Has this got to do with that 'Fat'jibe?

anba: Obituary's Slowly We Rot is good but not as good as Entomed's first me thinks. Beisdes with the list limited to just five, yer bound to leave tons of great albums. Hence the lively debate.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


hey, believe it or not, all of us sure to have some reserve spot for the good ol' rock kangkang. ask mozz and he'll list down 50 band names...hehehehe.. glad you mentioned it tho and i'm taking the cue from you. favorite rock kangkang debut- wings' belenggu irama...hehehehhehe...

rok & roll pie, brader!

anfield devotee said...

Wifey is again having problemo logging into her gmail; so here's her top five debuts:

1) Pretty Hate Machine - Nine Inch Nails

2)Employment - Kaiser Chiefs

3) Korn - Korn

4) Appetite - GnR

5) Plastic Planet - G/Z/R

anfield devotee said...

Kerp: RE: Rock kangkang. Ha ha! Well, me fave is not the band's debut bit it was Lefthanded's Qabul.

Sigh . . . back in the day when me could actually squeeze into a pair of super tight jeans.

senorita.. said...

AD,it's the 'cannot count to 5' part..

and nine inch nails... woah... gothic/emo stuff

Anba said...

I miss my super tight jeans...
Bums expanded together with me tummy 2...
" all good things must come to an end..."
BTW..Just found out that Man U were held to a draw...thas a good sign..
Senorita, NIN emo ? hmmmm

anfield devotee said...

senorita: Oh, I see. But that's cheating. The whole point is by limiting it to five, it makes it a whole lot more difficult. Anyone can just rattle on bout their faves if there's no limit, rite? But to put just 5 albums requires some serious consideration.

RE: NIN - haiyo, pls don't stain Trent Reznor's reputation by calling him 'emo' la!

Where's yer list?

j or ji said...

arghhhh!!! no black sabbath?

me kenot pick my top 5.
what to have for bfast is sumtime difficult to think la.

nway..hello rival.

rooney! rooney!

anfield devotee said...

j or ji: Welcome to Fer Fook's Sake. Even Mancs are welcome here.

Why no Sabbath? As me pointed out that me does not think their debut (you did note that this posting was with regards to debuts not top 5 all time - fer that pls go to earlier Dessert Island Disc posting) is the greatest slab of doom.
The really hit their stride with paranoid & then masters of reality. Vol4 & Sabbath Bloody Sabbth were also awesome which made them one of the GREATEST bands on the fooking planet. Satisfied?

So what are yer top5 debuts? Pls share.

reena said...

industrial metal

ps: as i was saying yesterday bala, can i replace appetite with suede's self titled debut?

anfield devotee said...

reena/wifey: Ok. Suede hmmmm. . . Me thinks Supergrass's I Should Coco is a better debut.

Joe Kidd said...

well, here's my ten:

Die Kruezen - Die Kruezen (1984) - link

Butthole Surfers - Psychic... Powerless... Another Man's Sac (1984) - link

Bad Brains - Bad Brains (1982) - link

Killing Joke - Killing Joke (1980) - link

The Gang of Four - Entertainment (1979) - link

Public Image Limited (PIL) - First Issue (1978) - link

Void - Void/Faith split-LP (1982) - link

The Birthday Party - The Birthday Party Lp (1980) - link

Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan (1962) - link

The Stooges - The Stooges LP (1969) - link

BTW; go to my band's site and listen to our version of The Stooges' I Wanna Be Your Dog, and think of Lingam...

premo said...

Reena: Employment and Korn are worthy debuts by any standards/genre. But am elated that you featured Pretty Hate Machine in yer list! Finally a true NIN fan!! Stripped of all its predecessors metal posturing and art-noise sampling, I think NIN's PHM is Reznor's piece de resistance in terms of lyrics and song crafting.

Senorita: Yep, sorry but Trent is an industrial demi god. Can't blame you for thinkin he's emo tho with all his black eyeliner/clothing post With Teeth EP.

Joe Kidd: Apalah u pun tak tau kira ka boss?! But good to have you on the blog man - never thought I'd see the Birthday Party and Gang of Four on one list :)

anfield devotee said...

Joe Kidd: Yes, ladies & gents, this none other than thye world reknowned punk who canna count (F9 fer yer fooking ilmu hisab ah, bro?). Good to finally see you join us in the discussions yeah. Any new/good vinyl find its way to yer shop?

premo: you can have plenty of things in yer list when you canna count . . .

Bernard said...

Peter Pan of Punk-mah. When you're thaaaaaat young, surely fail Ilmu Hisab. But I think Joe should be an A++ for Ilmu Hisap...kehkehkeh...

Bernard said...

BTW Joe - dunno how to leave a comment for the Stooges cover as nothing seem to happen when the 'comment' button is clicked. Good cover!! HA! HA! HA!

Joe Kidd said...

aiyah bernard! there's this "click to comment" link on the top left of the page lah. or you can go here

BTW guys, if there's a new band worthy of your hard-earned lurve:


It's their debut album also, so it fits with this thread lah. and since I don't know math, it's no. 11 in my list.

put this on right after watching Floyd's Pompeii... and bliss out!

Joe Kidd said...

OH. Okay Bernard. I know why. You're still using windoze... Will sort that out soon.

Joe Kidd said...

sorted. apparently the theme is fooked! now ok already lah.

Bernard said...

Joe : sudah lama tak pakai 'tingkap'. Am using Firefox...

anfield devotee said...

Joe Kidd: Woi, any new arrivals in the vinyl dept? And thanx fer yer no11.

premo: do you by any chance have Pretty Hate Machine on CD. Wifey's copy is on wonly cassette & would appreciate if you could burn her a copy. Cheers!

Pramugh said...

Wow some really good choices all around. Thinking up top 5 is sure difficult. So since some of my fav's already mentioned, such as Doors, Jimi, NWA, Public Enemy, Rage, G&R, Metallica, Stone Roses, Beck, The Smiths & Pearl Jam - I'll leave them out. Makes my list a bit easier.

I also thought I'll narrow it to just the debut albums that I found out about and heard from personal interest rather than from hype, such as Coldplay (as I only listened to them from the influence of Travis)or being more influenced by their commercially successful albums, such as Smasking Pumpkins, Nirvana,The Verve, Alice in Chains.

So here goes ...

1. The Cure - Three Imaginary Boys

This was re-released in the States as Boys Dont Cry. This version had the amazingly crafted & original melodies such as 10.15 Saturday Night, Boys Dont Cry (of course), Jumpin Someone Else's Train and the superb Killing An Arab.

Robert Smith and his other 2 imaginary boys are just genius.

2. Radiohead - Pablo Honey

I first heard these guys when I went to see James in concert. Radiohead was opening for them. Imagine that, now they are one of the biggest bands in the world and James has been long forgotten (sad for James as they deserved better).

The concert opened with Creep. It immediately blew everyone away - particularly when the purposeful stuttered guitar riff starts. Then they play Anyone Can Play Guitar, Ripcord. SHIT what a mind blowing experience. Their textured guitar atmosphere and Thom Yorke's falsetto voice was a surprisingly warm combination. My personal fav was their last song of the night - Stop Whispering. Yorke's voice could be heard ringing in your ears till the next week.

The best praise was when Tim Booth of james came on and said 'Radiohead ! Fucking Brilliant'

3. Oasis - Definitely Maybe

After my first listen, I was definitely and not maybe feeling Supersonic. I would say it was Blur and Oasis that propelled the British Indie scene into the big time. Although all credit goes to Stone Roses for being the inspiration to it all. Only unfortunate thing about Oasis is that the Gallagher bros never learned to re-invent themselves. Thats why although I wouldn't count Blurs debut 'Leisure' as great but it was Parklife that truly showed their brilliance - particularly with its heavy influence from the Kinks. In the end, Blur lost out to Oasis in the 'Battle of the Britpop', but its Damon Albarn that is still making divine music. 'Gorilaz' and 'The Good, The Bad & the Queen' are pure genius.

Having said all that, Oasis was still a band that left a mark worth more than a drug and alcohol stained table cloth.

4. Chemical Brothers - Exit Planet Dust

You didn't need ecstasy to enjoy this british electronica duo that made the big beat dance genre pumping till today. What I loved was their use of talent in their songs, such as Beth Orten and Tim Burgess. Tim Burgess is front man for Charlatans, another band that influenced my taste in music. I didn't include their debut in the top five but I strongly believe 'Some Friendly' deserves a mention.

Back to Chemical Tom and Chemical Ed. They started touring with Orbital and Underworld and were up there with Prodigy. But this band has kept piping out big tunes that left big impressions.

Exit Planet Dust has one of my fav tunes - Life is Sweet.

5. Cypress Hill - self titled

Can I get aaaaaa ... hit from da bong! This album was just Insane in the Brain and made me wanna Just Kill a Man.

Actually no 5 was a close tie between Wu Tang Clan and the Hill, but that latin lingo from the phuncky feel one just inched ahead.

6. I have a couple more ...

The likes of Ice Cube, Peter Gabriel and George Michael deserve a mention for their solo debut albums. But shouldn't be included as they have had illustrious careers before hand.

Velvet Underground, the Clash and Simon & Garfunkel should be mentioned, I excluded them as I listened to their albums after being influenced by the era of floral shirts and poppy seeds.

I should also say that U2's debut album, though not their best, still deserves a rocking mention.

Then there are the Pixies, Jesus & Mary Chain, Black Crowes, Portishead that have left an indelible taste to the alternative music scene.

Lastly but not leastly, Joy Division and Depeche Mode. Need I say more !

anfield devotee said...

pramugh: Yes, the list is fooking endless isn't it. Regarding Pablo Honey, it seems it was more like one of the best gigs rather than one of the best debuts.

I meself left out Entombed 's Left hand Path, Paradise Lost's Lost Paradise & Sabbat's History Of A Time To Come. Just too many wonderful albums.

However, me is fooking suprised that despite the number of postings, nobody saw fit to list Culture Club's debut among their five. . .

Altogether now, "do you really want to hurt me, do you really waaant to maaaake meee cry?"

Ha ha!

Pramugh said...

Long list ... ha ha ha. I cheated and managed to include a whole host of other debuts.

On Radiohead, you're right its sounds like the best gig. But honestly that album is amazing. And like the godfather trilogy, it got better.

Just to note to other possible radiohead fans, they have released their latest album and are allowing free downloads from their site. Thats giving back to their fans.

Oh and how come theres no mention about Sepultura ???

Jed said...