Saturday, June 7, 2008

All Hail Viking Metal!

Viking metal fooking rules! Me has been totally immersed in a blog called The Dark Factory which has tons of FREE downloads as well as links to similar sites. (Thanks Premo!). It was like stumbling upon the proverbial Aladdin's Cave & me has been busy burning piles of stuff, especially of bands that are new to me ears.

First band me saw upon entering the site was this lot from (obviously) Finland. So as a test run me decided to download the LP Nattfodd. Fooking hell, me was well impressed. Combining the widdly twiddly melodic sense of In Flames with the brutal sledgehammer death metal licks of The Haunted & Entombed; Finntroll takes you on an odyssey when the Vikings ruled the waves. With a blend of anthemic warrior tunes (brought to vivid life with some nice accordion & violins); Finntroll manage to blend heavy death metal with a sense of . . . dare I say it . . . FUN!

This really does sound like the unofficial soundtrack to the movie Beowulf! Me urge you to download the album by clicking on the link below. Fer those who want a sample, me has posted the video as well. Fooking brilliant this. They are like a modern day combination of Helloween & Running Wild; albeit a much heavier version.

Go on, what have you got to lose? Click, download & fooking headbang!!!

ps: Look forward to reading yer comments on what you all think of Finntroll!


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i like, i, since you said you gonna bakar me a few CDs, how abt you stuff in fintroll aswell? eh why suddenly everything's abt the freaky elementals la?

and one more, i thought all these while viking metal was all about burzum/darkthrone and that crazy varg vikernes fella. and talking about black metal, i'd name my band The Elementals if i had one...hehehhehe...

anfield devotee said...

kerp: No problemo dude. Condier it done.

Yeah, once upon a time Burzum & Varg Vikernas was all the rage. Quite a few of these humourless gits still around am sure; but hey, Finntroll sure puts the fun in black/death metal scene!

The Elementals sounds more like a gay disco thing . . .

mozhasbloodshoteyes said...

tuan balakov/tuan kerpov (i will cease when the andygarcialookalikeone finally and existentially leaves),


no, this is not me, after eurofootie (although any footie tournament sans inglanterra is sure well worth watching; AND

NO, this is not me, after a bingin' bout of dirge drinkin' either..regardless of whether:
a)it is brought about by one's self-decapitation of self no..self-deprecation;to the point of walkin' the brink of the plank; the whole fringe-ey
yard of sanity - OR
b)to the point of self-proselytiz-ing outwhoring of self to the drugderies of work and the suckofarko term that has inundated many a workskag - "deadlines"

*sigh* in the words of mr. paulie weller -
work, work, till yu die;
many more fish in the sea to fry.

right. *staringsemieyed*

where were we? wot's that? get me own blog mates to fornicate my own inner longings? i'd rather fark meself if i could. but the point is i can't.
and plus. insofar as blogs are concerned; the dynamism of 2 in particular has, for some utter unknown reason has clawed its
tendrils into me (as it is already warped)
head. (note the blatant prostitution of the word "me" when referring to self-prefixes..:))

i will shut up.

tuan bkov/kpov: julai 12?
the thought
of volatile company
all the left, right, and smackbang front and line centre..and the spectre of possibility
of snapping camerashots of namely
1 gooner in particular; &
1 scouser in particular
drapped in the blue and white of
a spurs scarf..all
in drunken splendour...yer askin' me to pass up that opportunity?

will be there mate. f88k the place. suma jalan. gua prebet sapu. its the companythat counts.
egodicks will spoilthe

tbkov/anba: thankyou for the remedies on the dog scabs. really appreciate it. will try the neem leaves as well. (it's only recently what "neem" leaves were really were.whilst..all along having a tree right in front of me house. shows, ignorance is not bliss. ignorance is darren bent.

tkerpov: hey, rockstar:)). told ya mate. write.

mr.Bernard:'re so farkin right about a LYNCHMOB waiting if it were to be that damn sonofabiyotch :)))

and lastly, tuan balakov: finntroll? and you discern it from manowar how? :))) (ACHILLES!!!)
i get it though, at least these dudes actually sound like they ARE joking, unlike manowar - is that it?

OK. see ya nextaweek. dunno wherela i'll kena campak. all the places seem to have a knack for rhyming with the term "pengsan".

take care dudes. see ya 12th july. no changing the dates. i will fit the schedule.

now where is the goddamned specials cd. need some jerky
rhythms now to sunrise. before i passouthead onkeyboard.

mozhasbloodshoteyes said...

thanks for the invite. regret any inconvenience caused by late reply in full aplomb.

btw, manowar still rocks.
"stannnnnnnnnddd and by yer..bla.bla
and bla.."

senorita.. said...

what have u done to me? i am downloading the song now...

thank God i am in the library... free dl

senorita.. said...

oh,i said song.. i thot it's only one song.. it's one freakin album.. cool


senorita.. said...

off topic

AD,in regard to what u said in my friend (Rachel)'s blog....,i'm looking forward to seeing u cycle from Puchong to Nilai okay? =P


u blog hop alot huh... did u read k0k's blog.. his travelogues of India are just awesome

Bernard said...

What??? The fat fook Bala, the poster boy for anti-healthy living campaigns, actually said he'd cycle from Puchong to Nilai? It'd be a cold day in hell when that happens I tell you. Yes stranger things have happened but I don't see it happening, not even with an Istanbul-style miracle. Maybe in a parallel universe, there may be a slim chance of that...

AD : your personal anthem or for this site from Finntroll - Beer Beer!

anfield devotee said...

Moz: Bro, Finntroll's brand of death metal is more me cup of tea la. And yes, the Viking warrior flourishes add to the music unlike ManOWar who just parade around in their loincloths!
But we've been thru that & have admitted what's the diff between MaoWar (me no likes) with the equally ridiculous (& gay!) Judas Priest (me likes)?
Glad to see you will be able to make it on 12 JULY (not next week la).

bernard: Did you download the album? Hope you are headbanging in the car/office to it.

senorita: Me cycling remarks were a sarcastic retort to out gomen's suggestion we use pedal power to save costs.
Ok, will check yer friend's India travelogue.
Glad to see you downloading this album! All hail Finntroll! Hope you like it!

senorita.. said...

eh.... it's a good advise... Malaysians will be fitter and less pollutions and more money saved... good what.... please do it.. cycle! then all of u can gang up, have a cyclists' meet up... =)

that friend of mine is currently studying in Indian doing Medic.... man, India sure is beautiful

and haha, my bf listens to Finntroll to study =P

anfield devotee said...

senorita: like me said, me was being fooking saccastic la.

India, yes, me is hoping to do a prilgrimage one day.

Finntroll - so Mr Teh digs it, do you?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

woohoo...Mad Mozz was in da houzeeee...monday couldnt get better than news of mozz joining the orgy. awesoome lah brader..


need your respective email adds.

premo said...

Wow! Am well surprised that so many have taken a liking to Finntroll and the free metal downloadsl site (esp senorita!). Am always glad to be of assistance in the quest to further musical palates:)

I myself have yet to download said band/album but will do so once I get work outta the way. Burzum and Darkthrone rule btw but should never be confused wit the tag 'viking metal' despite their pro-paganistic views and such.

For a more severe ear bashing, may I humbly suggest Bathory' s release of their fourth album in 1988, Blood Fire Death. The album blended the aesthetics of black metal with an atmosphere of war and Norse mythology.

Azer Mantessa said...

nearly 54 MB and my notebook can't handle it... LOL

nice song bro!

i like the gothic sound of it ... thanks for sharing this one :-)

anfield devotee said...

Premo: Muchos gracias! Have downloaded about 30+ albums so far. Will vet thru & highlight the outstanding albums fer the good folk at Fer Fook's Sake. Among them thus far are Satyricon's black metal classic - Dark Mediaval Times from 1993 & a more gothic-tinged outfit Darzamat. Will post shortly! And pls do fooking download Finntroll. Excellente!

RE: Bathory. Yup, great sound but many people including me wifey finds some of the lyrics questionable.

azer: Yer most welcome dude. BTW, we are organising an ionformal get-together at Fatty Crab on 12 July. Care to join us?

Anba said...

care to give examples of the questionable lyrics ...hehehe
i just downloaded Finntroll...took me roughly 4-6 listening to it..
so far so good...

senorita.. said...

anba,it took u 4 to 6 hours to dl the album? i got it in like 5 mins in the library... =P

anfield devotee said...

anba: Yeah, why so long fer download? Hope you'll find it worthwhile as you listen to this Viking romp.

As fer questionable lyrics, me must admit me never once looked at the inner booklets of the albums me once had. But me wifey isn't the only one to say it. A mat salleh metalhead who drank at Broadwalk also said the same thing. Me got the impression it was all racial purity kinda thing.

Other stuff that has caught me ear - Daath "The Hinderers", Ragnarok "In Nomine Satan" & Folkearth "Father of Victory". Am averaging about 5-6 downloads a day. He he . . . the collection expands!

senorita: So what do you think of Finntroll?

senorita.. said...

if i can make myself click the mouse to download it, i think it kick-ass la bro.....


anfield devotee said...

senorita: How I know? Some people will download just coz its FREE - KIASU mah!

Glad you like it!

Pls tell Mr Teh me is lining up another great adrenaline pumper ideal fer studying soon!

Achilles said...

AD: Good fooking shit man...but i must say Manowar is a tad bit more to my taste-lah. I love this stuff as i am a sucker for anything medieval but Manowar is still a bit better fer me.

You should also check out Korpi Klani (i think thats how you spell it) Another finish folk type band that is very similar, heavy with melodic folk music. Dr. Rajinder introduced us to it. I think you will like that a lot too.

So bala can we call you a death metal loin cloth warrior? hehehehee.

Bala cycling from puchong to Nilai...You know how to ride bicycle or not macha?? hehehehe

Anba said...

Me literally staying in a jungle mah...that's y sometimes it so download
by the way since most of you have a better bandwith and speed than check out headbangers journey in youtube. It's a documentary...
they have broken the thing into ten watch an interesting view on heavy metal culture..

There's an interesting site for those who want to see scenic pictures in foreign countries can chose for regions and countries...

Senorita:- you have a very long middle finger...

anfield devotee said...

anba: nevermind. janji dapat download.

achilles: Glad you like it! As fer folk & medieval themes, have got just the perfect tonic just fer you. Stumbled across this band called Folk Earth & its all sword, sorcery & knights of the round table kinda metal. Will post it up here soon fer yer benefit.


senorita.. said...

hahahhahaha... am sure folks here dun mind chipping in some Ringgit Malaysia to buy u one tricycle.... janji u ride it to work... LOL

anba,long middle finger comes in times >.<

Achilles said...

AD: Wow... Folk Earth Sounds awesome man. Do post it up fer me and the rest of the loin cloth warrior clan to enjoy.

Anba said...

Aiyah...i dunno y me pc got problem downloading frm rapidshare...halfway thru disconnect ready...dam sial...
wanna download again rapidshare saying me still downloading this album...haiyah...
Was downloading paradise Lost ... got 2 songs only...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


if you didnt know yet, bala also lives in the jungle part of puchong.

anfield devotee said...

anba: way fooked up la. keep trying bro.

achilles: Link to Folk Earth download is: . (pls note password). This is surely yer cup of tea. me wifey alos likes this album.

kerp: He he . . . welcome to the (concrete) jungle!

senorita: Pls include electric motor . . .

mozisfawlty said...

here's something to re-live history:-


later dude. and yes got it.
12th july.

senorita.. said...

off topic:

i would like to direct some traffic to a friend's blog...

anyone here in the design industry or is into design stuffs... multimedia etc a friend of mine would appreciate it if she can get any help/advise/critics to help better her work..

check her stuffs out at

ps:sorry AD, u blog seems to be the best place to do this... =P

Pramugh said...

Definitely great to listen to after a fooked up day at verk.

You guys should give Colour of Bodom a listen as well. I think they also a scandinavian band.

anfield devotee said...

pramugh: Bro, its the Children Of Bodom la dei!